• Kuedo – ant city
    • Kuedo – onset (escapism)
    • Kuedo – truth flood
    • Kuedo – reality drift
    • 1. visioning shared tomorrows
    • 2. ant city
    • 3. whisper fate
    • 4. onset (escapism)
    • 5. scissors
    • 6. truth flood
    • 7. reality drift
    • 8. ascension phase
    • 9. salt lake girl
    • 10. vectoral
    • 11. as we lie promising
    • 12. memory rain

    Dreamlike, emotive electronic futurism from Jamie Teasdale aka Kuedo with his highly anticipated debut album. Kuedo comes with a more stripped-down, spatial style to what we have been used to from him. Inspired a mash up of contrasting themes; the futurist synth soundtrack music of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, energetic fully-charged Chicagoan Footwork and the drum machine grids of 'Coke Rap' such as The Clipse.

    Other Releases by Kuedo

    KuedoSlow KnifePlanet Mu
    New release by Berlin-based producer, Kuedo, inspired heavily by Japanese and US sci-fi. Airy synth tracks combined with body-popping...
    • Kuedo – Hourglass
    • Kuedo – Under The Surface
    • Kuedo – In Your Sleep
    • Kuedo – Bending Moon
    • Kuedo – Slow Knife
    • Kuedo – Floating Forest
    • Kuedo – Approaching
    • Kuedo – Love Theme
    • Kuedo – Broken Fox - Black Hole
    • Kuedo – Breaking The Surface
    • Kuedo – In Your Skin
    • Kuedo – Warmer Light
    • Kuedo – Halogen Light
    • Kuedo – Lathe
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    Other Releases on Planet Mu

    Rian TreanorATAXIAPlanet Mu
    Angular, experimental and asymmetrical club tracks from Arcola / The Death Of Rave's, Rian Treanor, making his anticipated album debut for Planet Mu.
      Silk Road AssassinsState Of RuinPlanet Mu
      Instrumental grime experiments from Silk Road Assassins, who drop their anticipated album debut via Planet Mu. Features extra production from Kuedo and...
      • Silk Road Assassins – Overgrown
      • Silk Road Assassins – Split Matter (feat. Kuedo)
      • Silk Road Assassins – Armament
      • Silk Road Assassins – Vessel
      • Silk Road Assassins – Familiars
      • 2×LP£20.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Mr. MitchDevoutPlanet Mu
      Grime, pop and electronic soul music from the hugely-tipped, Mr. Mitch! 
      • Mr. Mitch – Intro
      • Mr. Mitch – Priority
      • Mr. Mitch – Lost Touch
      • Mr. Mitch – Fate
      • Mr. Mitch – If I Wanted
      • Mr. Mitch – VPN
      • Mr. Mitch – My Life
      • Mr. Mitch – Pleasure
      • Mr. Mitch – Honor Oak
      • Mr. Mitch – Our Love
      • Mr. Mitch – Black Tide
      • Mr. Mitch – Oscar
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      HervaHyper FluxPlanet Mu
      Herva's second album for Planet Mu channels more futurist chaos, expanding upon the smashed, processed rhythms that we've heard previously.  
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        • CD£11.99
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        KuedoSlow KnifePlanet Mu
        New release by Berlin-based producer, Kuedo, inspired heavily by Japanese and US sci-fi. Airy synth tracks combined with body-popping...
        • Kuedo – Hourglass
        • Kuedo – Under The Surface
        • Kuedo – In Your Sleep
        • Kuedo – Bending Moon
        • Kuedo – Slow Knife
        • Kuedo – Floating Forest
        • Kuedo – Approaching
        • Kuedo – Love Theme
        • Kuedo – Broken Fox - Black Hole
        • Kuedo – Breaking The Surface
        • Kuedo – In Your Skin
        • Kuedo – Warmer Light
        • Kuedo – Halogen Light
        • Kuedo – Lathe
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        AntwoodVirtuous.scrPlanet Mu
        Antwood lands on Planet Mu with an album of sharp sounding, electronic futurism. 
        • Antwood – a.l.i.c.i.a
        • Antwood – Anthracite
        • Antwood – Overlay Network
        • Antwood – Lung
        • Antwood – Interlude Part II
        • 2×LP£18.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        HervaKilaPlanet Mu
        The Italian producer put together 'Kila' for Planet Mu using modified software and hardware to explore a smeared, dubby brand of house and techno. It's...
        • Herva – All Good On Your Side
        • Herva – Trying To Fix Invisible Textures
        • Herva – Seat Behind Mirrors
        • CD£10.99
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        • 2×LP£16.99
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        Venetian SnaresMy Love Is A BulldozerPlanet Mu
        Planet Mu veteran Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares first long-player since 2010's  'My So-Called Life'. Meshing sometimes sonically thunderous...
        • Venetian Snares – 10th Circle Of Winnipeg
        • Venetian Snares – 1000 Years Play
        • 2×LP£16.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        HeteroticWeird DriftPlanet Mu
        Mike Paradinas and wife, Lara Rix-Martin follow-up ‘Love & Devotion’ with the added talents of Vezelay, a.k.a. French singer...
        • Heterotic – Self-Importance
        • Heterotic – Rain (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Boxes (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Lumber (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Liverpool
        • Heterotic – Sultana
        • Heterotic – Triumph (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Florence (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Shoe Soul"(feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Foghorn
        • Heterotic – Amniotic
        • Heterotic – Empires (feat Vezelay)
        Venetian SnaresHospitality (2013 Reissue)Planet Mu
        Classic breakcore EP from Aaron 'Venetian Snares' Funk! 
        • Venetian Snares – Frictional Nevada
        • Venetian Snares – Beverly's Potatoe Orchestra
        • Venetian Snares – Cabbage
        HeteroticLove & DevotionPlanet Mu
        Heterotic is husband and wife production team Mike Paradinas and Lara Rix-Martin. Mike is the boss and founder of Planet Mu, and a celebrated producer...
        • Heterotic – Bliss
        • Heterotic – Wartime (ft Gravenhurst)
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        • LP£14.99
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        Rudi ZygadloTragicomediesPlanet Mu
        Wilfully perverse as ever, Rudi took this second album "Tragicomedies" on a different trajectory, dumping the Dubstep chassis, while leaving its faint...
        • Rudi Zygadlo – Kopernikuss
        • Rudi Zygadlo – Melpomene
        • Rudi Zygadlo – Russian Dolls
        • Rudi Zygadlo – An Introduction
        Rudi ZygadloMelponeme / ArrowsPlanet Mu
        Arresting, hybrid songwriting from Rudi Zygadlo, tracing a line between tense electronic balladry and delicate, dramatic acoustic tracks.
        • Rudi Zygadlo – melpomene
        The HostThe HostPlanet Mu
        Impressionistic electronic nostalgia on The Host's awesome debut, mining Web 1.0 aesthetics, 70s cosmix and 90s beatworks. Inticately-programmed percussion...
        • The Host – neo-geocities
        • The Host – internet archaeology
        • The Host – second life
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        • LP£11.99
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        Chrissy MurderbotWomen's StudiesPlanet Mu
        'Women’s Studies' is an album of party starting, populist mutations with vocal contributions from dancehall emcees MC Zulu, Rubi Dan and Warrior...
        • Chrissy Murderbot – break u off
        • Chrissy Murderbot – new juke swing ft rubi dan
        • Chrissy Murderbot – bussin down ft dj spinn
        • Chrissy Murderbot – nice lookin bwoy ft mungo's hifi & warrior queen
        OptimumMax PowerPlanet Mu
        Optimum is Malcolm Chen, a new producer from South East London. He's collaborated with Ikonika recently but Planet Mu are very happy to be releasing...
        • Optimum – max power
        • Optimum – crash riddim
        • Optimum – lily
        Rudi ZygadloGreat Western LaymenPlanet Mu
        New on Planet Mu! ‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn’ starts by growing into shape, before Rudi’s double-tracked harmonies drop into place,...
          IkonikaSmuckPlanet Mu
          'Smuck' follows in the tradition of Ikonika's sweet and sour, curdled sound, with ever changing off-key melodies and metal-like synth guitar lines over...
          • Ikonika – Smuck
          • Eero johannes – We could be ikons (Ikonika remix)
          BurnkaneYou KnowPlanet Mu
          This is a new 12 from Washington DC's Burnkane, a new signing and a new artist morphing the dubstep template beyond recognition. Across these two tracks...
          • Burnkane – you know

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          Aka ShaicAin't No Big Thang Do / Swave Villi UsBackatcha Records
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          • Aka Shaic – Swave Villi Us
          The NassauviansSlacking Off / The Time Is NowBackatcha Records
          Reissue of the sought-after 1973 Bahamas recorded 45 by The Nassauvians; a breezy percussion-led gem that has been at the top of the 'wants-lists' for...
          • The Nassauvians – Slacking Off
          • The Nassauvians – The Time Is Now
          Frankie Jones / Phillip FraserCompany / Mr Wicked ManFreedom Sounds
          Two strong vocalist, one rhythm by The Soul Syndicate , dubs by Scientist at King Tubby's around 1979/80 released by Freedom Sounds..What more do you want..
          • Frankie Jones – Company
          • Phillip Fraser – Mr Wicked Man
          Jonny De AmbassadorCountry BoyDig This Way Records
          Second release on Dig This Way after Abeng's "Crying Time" dropping this deep roots vocal & Dub cut from Jonny De Ambassador. For fans of Burning Spear..check...
          • Jonny De Ambassador – Country Boy
          • Daniele Casarotti – Country Dub
          Vivian WeathersHangin' On / What Is ManJah Fingers Music
          Originally released on a obscure Trojan 12" in the late eighties, Vivian Weathers tale of dread in Thatcher's Britain of 1987, dark brooding roots with...
          • Vivian Weathers – Hangin' On
          • Vivian Weathers – Pull Up 38
          • Vivian Weathers – What Is Man
          • Vivian Weathers – Joe Blake
          DayzeroOrbit DubZamZam Sounds
          Okayama’s Tsuyoshi Hamada, better known as Dayzero, launches the new decade’s next wave of ZamZam releases with two sides of 140 sound system wreckers....
          • Dayzero – Orbit Dub
          • Dayzero – Theory Du
          The Disciples ft Don FeRevelationJah Fingers Music
          Heavy U.K. Steppers from The Disciples with four mixes of "Revelation" and featuring flute player Don Fe.
          • The Disciples ft Don Fe – Revelation
          • The Disciples ft Don Fe – Revelation Dub Mix 1
          • The Disciples ft Don Fe – Revelation Dub Mix 2
          • The Disciples ft Don Fe – Revelation Dub Mix 3
          Mafia & FluxyShocking SkankRiver Bank
          Taken from 2005 album "Oriental Dub" upbeat roots instrumental with another mix on the flip.
          • Mafia & Fluxy – Shocking Skank
          • Mafia & Fluxy – Mix 2
          The ParagonsThe World Is A GhettoParagon
          The Paragons killer tuff cut of War soul funk classic "The World Is A Ghetto" with stripped down funky dub on the flip.
          • The Paragons – The World Is A Ghetto
          • The Paragons – The World Dub
          Vivian Copeland / The Poindexter BrothersChaos (In my Heart) / What I Did In The Streets (I Should Have Done At Home)Soul Junction
          Reissue of Vivian Copeland's sought-after soul gem from 1968 backed with The Poindexter Brothers' 'What I Did In The Streets (I Should Have Done At Home)'.
          • Vivian Copeland – Chaos (In my Heart)
          • 7"£10.99
            Out of stock
          Radioactive ManDoors To Manual 1999-2019Asking For Trouble
          Deluxe, 4xLP, self-engineered retrospective from UK electro/techno hero, Radioactive Man! Features some early Rotters Golf Club material right up to the...
            • 4×LP£59.99
              Limited 4xLP vinyl-only release
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            Pablo GadBeggerman's ChildNo Label
            Superb 12" reissue of Pablo Gad's vocal roots tune "Beggerman's Child" from the early eighties with killer dub version "Poor Man Vs Rich Man Dub"on the...
            • Pablo Gad – Beggerman's Child
            • Pablo Gad – Poor Man Vs Rich Man Dub
            • 12"£10.99
              Out of stock
            Aba-AriginalsOne Massive Horn / WarRuff Stereo Records
            "One Massive Horn" Aba Ariginal has been recorded in Montpellier (France) Riddim by High Rockers (Geneva - Switzerland) Mix By Iron Dubz. "War"Derrick...
            • Aba-Ariginals – One Massive Horn
            • High Rockers – Massive Dub
            • Derrick Parker – War
            • The Digital Brothers – War Dub
            • 12"£10.99
              Out of stock
            Derdiyoklar İkilisiOyun Havaları Ve HalaylarTürküola
            Reissue of the Turkish band's cassette-only release from 1985! Wild, hypnotic, psychedelic Anatolian disco-rock!
            • Derdiyoklar İkilisi – Çiftetelli - Mavillim - Ankara Oyunu
            FrederickReal LoveIzipho Soul
            New soul music from Frederick Davis via the Izipho Soul imprint. Sumptuous blend of real soul and jazz
            • Frederick – Real Love
            • Frederick – I Can't Help But Love You
            The Soulites, Youth Man Erron & African SonRise & Shine ShowcaseHornin'Sounds
            Top quality 70s deep roots music recorded at Federal Studios between 1971-78 by the late Stare McCallum. Four tracks complete with discomix dub versions....
            • The Soulites – Rise & Shine [Extended]
            • Youth Man Earron – A Poor Man's Life [Extended]
            • African Son – Dread Red Dread [Extended]
            • African Son – Repatriation Song [Extended]
            • 1. The Soulites – Rise & Shine [Extended]
            • 2. Youth Man Earron – A Poor Man's Life [Extended]
            • 3. African Son – Dread Red Dread [Extended]
            • View full info and tracklisting
            • 12"£16.99
              Out of stock
            Satoshi & MakotoSemi-VintageSound Of Speed
            Wicked EP of disco-techno from Japanese producers Satoshi & Makoto (discovered via Young Marco who subsequently their album 'CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences'...
            • Satoshi & Makoto – New Dawn
            • Satoshi & Makoto – Mabuquiri
            • Satoshi & Makoto – β-Wave
            • Satoshi & Makoto – Capricio
            • Satoshi & Makoto – After the Rain
            • 12" EP£13.99
              Japanese import 12"
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            Raspberry BulbsBefore The Age Of MirrorsRelapse Records
            Featuring members of black metal band Bone Awl and ex-members of defunct NJ powerviolence/hardcore legends, Rorschach. First album for Relapse following...
            • Raspberry Bulbs – Spitting From On High
            • Raspberry Bulbs – They're After Me
            • Raspberry Bulbs – Interlude I
            • Raspberry Bulbs – Missing Teeth
            • Raspberry Bulbs – Doggerel
            Buster All StarsCharles Street Cowboy (Unreleased)Rock A Shacka
            Killer unreleased ska instrumental from Busters All Stars with Slim Smith rare vocal cut "Only Soul Can Tell" on the flip. All new Rock A Shaka 7" come...
            • Buster All Stars – Charles Street Cowboy
            • Slim Smith – Only Soul Can Tell
            • 7"£12.99
              Out of stock
            CollocutorContinuationOn The Corner Records
            The London based ensemble, led by Tamar Osborn, delivered another essential album release for On The Corner. 'Continuation' is a "sublime work that converges...
            • Collocutor – Deep Peace
            • Collocutor – Continuation
            • Collocutor – Pause
            • Collocutor – The Angry One
            • Collocutor – Lost and Found
            • Collocutor – Pause Reprise
            Robert GlasperFuck Yo FeelingsConcord / Loma Vista
            Hip-hop/jazz pianist Robert Glasper releases a new mixtape 'Fuck Yo Feelings'. Features contributions from Herbie Hancock, Yasiin Bey, Rapsody, Mick Jenkins,...
            • Robert Glasper – Intro
            • Robert Glasper – This Changes Everything
            • Robert Glasper – Gone
            • Robert Glasper – Let Me In
            • Robert Glasper – In Case You Forgot
            • Robert Glasper – Indulging In Such
            • Robert Glasper – Fuck Yo Feelings
            • Robert Glasper – Endangered Black Woman
            • Robert Glasper – Expectations
            • Robert Glasper – All I Do
            StormzyHeavy is the HeadAtlantic
            Second album from grime/UK rap star Stormzy. 'Heavy is the Head' features guest spots from Aitch, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran, Headie One, H.E.R., Tiana Major9...
            • Stormzy – Big Michael
            • Stormzy – Audacity (feat. Headie One)
            • Stormzy – Crown
            • Stormzy – Rainfall (feat. Tiana Major9)
            • Stormzy – Rachael’s Little Brother
            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£21.99
              Limited gold vinyl edition
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            • CD£11.99
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            Prince BusterHigh Blood PressureRock A Shacka
            Prince Buster's take on the New Orleans classic by Huey Smith & The Clowns with the unreleased "Raindrops Falling" by Derrick & Patsy on the B-Side.
            • Prince Buster – High Blood Pressure
            • Derrick & Patsy – Raindrops Falling (Unreleased)
            King KruleMan Alive!XL Recordings
            After two feverishly received albums as King Krule, plus another low-key outing under his own name, this extraordinarily gifted 25-year-old from Peckham...
              • LP + 7"£21.99
                Limited white vinyl edition inc. a 7" flexi-disc
                Out of stock
              • CD£9.99
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              GrimesMiss Anthropocene4AD
              Grimes releases her anticipated 'Miss Anthropocene' via 4AD. Includes the singles 'So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth' and 'Violence'. The album also features...
                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£15.99
                  Limited, translucent pink vinyl edition.
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                • CD£9.99
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                Buster All StarsSummer Time (Unreleased)Rock A Shacka
                Unreleased version of the standard "Summer Time" by unknown vocalist with Busters All Stars while the flip is a version of Duke Ellington's "Take The A...
                • Buster All Stars – Summer Time
                • Buster All Stars – Hey Train
                • 7"£12.99
                  Out of stock
                Tony TuffThank you Jah JahLegsman
                LegsMan records kick off the new year with a scorcher from the great TONY TUFF. On THANK YOU JAH JAH - Tony gives thanks & praises to Jah – in his sweet...
                • Tony Tuff – Thank you Jah Jah
                • Tony Tuff – Melodica Mix
                • Tony Tuff – LegsMan Thankful dub
                • Tony Tuff – LegsMan step the dub
                Omar-SYou WantFXHE Records
                Detroit house and techno don returns with a brand new collection of bass-bin thumping, club jams. Serious DJ tools - don't sleep!
                • Omar-S – You Want The Best
                • Omar-S – A Toast To Momma Rose (Crowd Claps Jacked By Norm Tally)
                • Omar-S – That's Lil'Boy
                • Omar-S – Second Life
                • Omar-S –  The Sound Of Neptune
                • Omar-S – Don't Get In My Way
                • Omar-S – This Love Is 4 Real
                • Omar-S – Oops
                • Omar-S – Mandela's Gold
                • Omar-S – Hear Me Out
                • Omar-S – Ambiance
                • Omar-S – Coming Home Mum
                • Omar-S – 1993
                Marcos ValleBraziliance!Mr Bongo
                'Braziliance!' takes things back to the early heady days of Marcos' career with the bright and optimistic sound of Rio's Bossa Nova scene. It includes...
                • Marcos Valle – Crickets Sing For Anamaria
                Fred A.De Angst VoorbijStroom
                Stroom focus in on the music of artist Fred Angst, who was key in the underground new-wave/synth scene in early/mid 80s Netherlands.
                • Fred A. – Russische Roulette
                • Fred A. – Groene Weduwen
                • Fred A. – Faits Divers
                • Fred A. – Usurpation
                • Fred A. – Monster
                • Fred A. – De Donkere Dans
                • Fred A. – November
                • Fred A. – Nachtschade
                MillsartEvery Dog Has Its Day Vol. 5Axis
                Millsart, aka Jeff Mills, revives the 'Every Dog Has Its Day' series with the fifth volume focusing on the darker, ambient side to his production, employing...
                • Millsart – Ultimo
                • Millsart – Forever And A Day
                • Millsart – Big City Fish
                • Millsart – Apex The Curve
                • Millsart – Sunday
                • Millsart – Northwest Of Paradise
                • Millsart – The Passenger
                • Millsart – Josephine
                • Millsart – With
                The James Hunter SixI Can Change Your Mind / Who's Fooling WhoDaptone Records
                The James Hunter Six return with another killer 45. 'I Can Change Your Mind' with 'Who's Fooling Who' - a one-two punch of sultry, soulful rhythm and blues!
                  • 7"£7.99
                    Out of stock
                  Movements Vol. 10Various ArtistsTramp Records
                  Tramp Records land with the tenth volume of their excellent 'Movements' series, covering a wide spectrum of genres: early Rhythm & Blues, Soul-Jazz, Latin-Soul,...
                  • Frankie Greer Quartette – Spooky
                  • The Bill Beau Trio – Early In The Morning
                  • Eunice Haze – String Around My Heart
                  • Phylis Hendricks – My Man
                  • Eddie Buster – Kitchen Cookin'
                  • Satin Sound – Coming Home Baby
                  • The Kats – Under The Covers
                  • The New Philadelphians – The Mustang
                  • The Lido – Evil Ways
                  • Brazada – El Mexicano
                  • Herb Crawford Jazz Ensemble – Title Town
                  • The Runningboards – Louisville Assembly Plant
                  • The Headliners – Little Sister
                  • Victoria – Body Wave
                  • Maxwell – Radiation Funk
                  Andriao o o o oPhase Group
                  Phase Group (helmed by Mr TC and Lo Kindre) are on a roll with their WICKED second release! Cold, slow, moody, EBM and tribal/industrial techno vibes from...
                  • Andria – Osion
                  • Andria – 6H of Sna
                  • Andria – o o o o o
                  • Andria – Komina
                  Ryu TsuruokaOmaePeoples Potential Unlimited
                  Gloopy, electronic funk / neon soul vibes via PPU!
                  • Ryu Tsuruoka – Omae
                  • Ryu Tsuruoka – Wagamma
                  Priscilla ErmelOrigens Da LuzMusic From Memory
                  Music From Memory release a retrospective of material from an artist long-loved by the label, Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Priscilla Ermel....
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Luar
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Martim Pescador
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Campo De Sonhos
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Origens Da Luz
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Meditação
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Americua
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Cine Mato Grafico
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Cristal De Fogo
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Sete Quedas
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Corpo Do Vento
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Meia Noite
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Sonho De Cacador
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Folia Do Divino
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Floresta
                  • Priscilla Ermel – Mensageiro
                  KutimanSaluf / BadaweeSiyal Music
                  Kutiman return with more psychedelic, Anatolian rock vibes with block-rocking breaks - one for the b-boys/girls!
                  • Kutiman – Saluf
                  • Kutiman – Badawee
                  SandozSandozSecond Circle
                  Sought-after, bass-heavy techno from visionary Richard H Kirk aka Sandoz! Originally released on his own Intone label in 1992 and now getting the necessary...
                  • Sandoz – Human Spirit
                  • Sandoz – Beam
                  • Sandoz – Chocolate Machine
                  • Sandoz – Steel Tabernacle
                  MinosSorry I'm Late (inc. Claude Young remix)Don't Be Afraid
                  Dublin's Minos makes his debut on DBA with a mini-album/EP covering the techno and electro diaspora; backed with a remix by Detroit legend, Claude Young!
                  • Minos – Brown Sauce
                  • Minos – Coaxial Drive
                  • Minos – Mammoth
                  • Minos – They're Here
                  • Minos – Aquaplaning
                  • Minos – Brown Sauce (Claude Young Remix)
                  Maximum JoyStation M.X.J.Y.1972
                  **First ever vinyl reissue of the the band's only album from 1982** Bristolian post-punk legends Maximum Joy mixed up punk, funk, disco and dub on their...
                  • Maximum Joy – Dancing On My Boomerang
                  • Maximum Joy – Do It Today
                  • Maximum Joy – Let It Take You There
                  • Maximum Joy – Searching For A Feeling
                  • Maximum Joy – Where's Deke?
                  • Maximum Joy – Temple Bomb Twist
                  • Maximum Joy – Mouse An' Me
                  • Maximum Joy – All Wrapped Up!
                  • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£28.99
                    Limited red vinyl edition
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                  TimelineThe Conscious Dream EPUnderground Resistance
                  **Repress!** Deep techno vibes from Underground Resistance's Timeline. Smudged jazzy tones with that snappy UR funk!
                  • Timeline – Light My Fire
                  • Timeline – Moment In Marseille
                  • Timeline – Next Step 4wrd
                  The JammersThe JammersPast Due
                  Reissue of the classic Salsoul boogie album from 1982 featuring bonus tracks and mixes!
                  • The Jammers – Be Mine Tonight
                  • The Jammers – And You Know That (Mix By Shep Pettibone)
                  • The Jammers – Straight Down To The Bone
                  • The Jammers – What Have You Got To Lose
                  • The Jammers – Just For You
                  • The Jammers – Just For You (Unreleased 12" Mix)
                  • The Jammers – Funky You, Funky Me
                  • The Jammers – I Didn't Mean To Fall In Love With You
                  • The Jammers – Out To Get You
                  • The Jammers – And You Know That (Richie Weeks Mix)
                  Mamas GunThis Is the DayLegere
                  Ace 45 from five-piece outfit, Mamas Gun. Sweet, contemporary blue-eyed soul music.
                  • Mamas Gun – This Is the Day (Full Band Version)
                  • Mamas Gun – We
                  • 7"£7.99
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                  Timmion Records Singles Box, Vol. 5Various ArtistsTimmion Records
                  Timmion Records collect some of their favourite 45 they've released on the label with the fifth volume of their boxset series. Features gems from Carlton...
                  • Pratt & Moody – Words Words Words (Vocal) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                  • Pratt & Moody – Words Words Words (Instrumental) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                  • Thee Baby Cuffs & Cold Diamond & Mink – My My My Baby
                  • Cold Diamond & Mink – My My My Baby (Instrumental)
                  • Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators – Cold Turkey Time
                  • Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators – Trackin' Down
                  • Willie West & The Soul Investigators – I Just Can't Leave You Alone (feat. Jimi Tenor)
                  • The Soul Investigators – I Just Can't Leave You Alone (Instrumental) [feat. Jimi Tenor]
                  • Carlton Jumel Smith – This Is What Love Looks Like! (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink)
                  • Cold Diamond & Mink – This Is What Love Looks Like! (Instrumental)
                  • 1. Pratt & Moody – Words Words Words (Vocal) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                  • 2. Pratt & Moody – Words Words Words (Instrumental) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink]
                  • 3. Thee Baby Cuffs & Cold Diamond & Mink – My My My Baby
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  Andrew WeatherallUnknown Plunderer / End Times SoundByrd Out
                  The great, peerless Andrew Weatherall bows out with one of his final productions (alongside co-producer Nina Walsh); exploring even further, for the last...
                  • Andrew Weatherall – Unknown Plunderer
                  • 12"£9.99
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                  Village Of The Sun (feat. Binker and Moses)Village Of The SunGearbox Records
                  London jazz trailblazers Binker and Moses collaborate with Simon Ratcliffe (Basement Jaxx) on this deep, expansive, meditative, spiritual jazz piece!
                  • Village Of The Sun (feat. Binker and Moses) – Village Of The Sun
                  • Village Of The Sun (feat. Binker and Moses) – Ted
                  Tabansi Studio BandWakar Alhazai Kano / Mus’en SofoaBBE
                  BBE focus in on Tabansi Studio Band's 'Wakar Alhazai Kano / Mus’en Sofoa' - four incredible slices of almost-undiscovered late-70s/early-80s Afrobeat...
                  • Tabansi Studio Band – Wakar Alhazai
                  • Tabansi Studio Band – Lokoel Azumi Ta Wuce
                  • Tabansi Studio Band – Kama Sofoa
                  • Tabansi Studio Band – Aka Ji Ego Ga Anu Nwam
                  Weeks & Co.Weeks & Co.Past Due
                  Reissue of the classic Salsoul boogie album from 1983 featuring bonus tracks and mixes!
                  • Weeks & Co. – If You're Looking For Fun
                  • Weeks & Co. – Go With The Flow
                  • Weeks & Co. – Rock Your World (Long Version)
                  • Weeks & Co. – Knock, Knock
                  • Weeks & Co. – Tunnel Of Love
                  • Weeks & Co. – Rockin' It In The Pocket
                  • Weeks & Co. – Rock Candy
                  • Weeks & Co. – If You're Looking For Fun (Original Shep Pettibone 12" Master Dub Version)
                  • Weeks & Co. – Good To The Last Drop
                  LolinaWho Is Experimental Music?Not On Label
                  Inga Copeland (Hype Williams) under her experimental Lolina guise. Self released, six track EP.
                  • Lolina – Let Go
                  • Lolina – Good Or Bad
                  • Lolina – Skipping
                  • Lolina – Glitching
                  • Lolina – Strobing
                  • Lolina – Who Is Experimental Music?