• Kuedo – ant city
    • Kuedo – onset (escapism)
    • Kuedo – truth flood
    • Kuedo – reality drift
    • 1. visioning shared tomorrows
    • 2. ant city
    • 3. whisper fate
    • 4. onset (escapism)
    • 5. scissors
    • 6. truth flood
    • 7. reality drift
    • 8. ascension phase
    • 9. salt lake girl
    • 10. vectoral
    • 11. as we lie promising
    • 12. memory rain

    Dreamlike, emotive electronic futurism from Jamie Teasdale aka Kuedo with his highly anticipated debut album. Kuedo comes with a more stripped-down, spatial style to what we have been used to from him. Inspired a mash up of contrasting themes; the futurist synth soundtrack music of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, energetic fully-charged Chicagoan Footwork and the drum machine grids of 'Coke Rap' such as The Clipse.

    Other Releases by Kuedo

    KuedoSlow KnifePlanet Mu
    New release by Berlin-based producer, Kuedo, inspired heavily by Japanese and US sci-fi. Airy synth tracks combined with body-popping...
    • Kuedo – Hourglass
    • Kuedo – Under The Surface
    • Kuedo – In Your Sleep
    • Kuedo – Bending Moon
    • Kuedo – Slow Knife
    • Kuedo – Floating Forest
    • Kuedo – Approaching
    • Kuedo – Love Theme
    • Kuedo – Broken Fox - Black Hole
    • Kuedo – Breaking The Surface
    • Kuedo – In Your Skin
    • Kuedo – Warmer Light
    • Kuedo – Halogen Light
    • Kuedo – Lathe
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    Other Releases on Planet Mu

    Rian TreanorATAXIAPlanet Mu
    Angular, experimental and asymmetrical club tracks from Arcola / The Death Of Rave's, Rian Treanor, making his anticipated album debut for Planet Mu.
      Silk Road AssassinsState Of RuinPlanet Mu
      Instrumental grime experiments from Silk Road Assassins, who drop their anticipated album debut via Planet Mu. Features extra production from Kuedo and...
      • Silk Road Assassins – Overgrown
      • Silk Road Assassins – Split Matter (feat. Kuedo)
      • Silk Road Assassins – Armament
      • Silk Road Assassins – Vessel
      • Silk Road Assassins – Familiars
      • 2×LP£20.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Mr. MitchDevoutPlanet Mu
      Grime, pop and electronic soul music from the hugely-tipped, Mr. Mitch! 
      • Mr. Mitch – Intro
      • Mr. Mitch – Priority
      • Mr. Mitch – Lost Touch
      • Mr. Mitch – Fate
      • Mr. Mitch – If I Wanted
      • Mr. Mitch – VPN
      • Mr. Mitch – My Life
      • Mr. Mitch – Pleasure
      • Mr. Mitch – Honor Oak
      • Mr. Mitch – Our Love
      • Mr. Mitch – Black Tide
      • Mr. Mitch – Oscar
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      HervaHyper FluxPlanet Mu
      Herva's second album for Planet Mu channels more futurist chaos, expanding upon the smashed, processed rhythms that we've heard previously.  
        • 2×LP£20.99
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        • CD£11.99
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        KuedoSlow KnifePlanet Mu
        New release by Berlin-based producer, Kuedo, inspired heavily by Japanese and US sci-fi. Airy synth tracks combined with body-popping...
        • Kuedo – Hourglass
        • Kuedo – Under The Surface
        • Kuedo – In Your Sleep
        • Kuedo – Bending Moon
        • Kuedo – Slow Knife
        • Kuedo – Floating Forest
        • Kuedo – Approaching
        • Kuedo – Love Theme
        • Kuedo – Broken Fox - Black Hole
        • Kuedo – Breaking The Surface
        • Kuedo – In Your Skin
        • Kuedo – Warmer Light
        • Kuedo – Halogen Light
        • Kuedo – Lathe
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        AntwoodVirtuous.scrPlanet Mu
        Antwood lands on Planet Mu with an album of sharp sounding, electronic futurism. 
        • Antwood – a.l.i.c.i.a
        • Antwood – Anthracite
        • Antwood – Overlay Network
        • Antwood – Lung
        • Antwood – Interlude Part II
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        • CD£10.99
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        HervaKilaPlanet Mu
        The Italian producer put together 'Kila' for Planet Mu using modified software and hardware to explore a smeared, dubby brand of house and techno. It's...
        • Herva – All Good On Your Side
        • Herva – Trying To Fix Invisible Textures
        • Herva – Seat Behind Mirrors
        • CD£10.99
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        • 2×LP£16.99
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        Venetian SnaresMy Love Is A BulldozerPlanet Mu
        Planet Mu veteran Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares first long-player since 2010's  'My So-Called Life'. Meshing sometimes sonically thunderous...
        • Venetian Snares – 10th Circle Of Winnipeg
        • Venetian Snares – 1000 Years Play
        • 2×LP£16.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        HeteroticWeird DriftPlanet Mu
        Mike Paradinas and wife, Lara Rix-Martin follow-up ‘Love & Devotion’ with the added talents of Vezelay, a.k.a. French singer...
        • Heterotic – Self-Importance
        • Heterotic – Rain (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Boxes (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Lumber (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Liverpool
        • Heterotic – Sultana
        • Heterotic – Triumph (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Florence (feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Shoe Soul"(feat Vezelay)
        • Heterotic – Foghorn
        • Heterotic – Amniotic
        • Heterotic – Empires (feat Vezelay)
        Venetian SnaresHospitality (2013 Reissue)Planet Mu
        Classic breakcore EP from Aaron 'Venetian Snares' Funk! 
        • Venetian Snares – Frictional Nevada
        • Venetian Snares – Beverly's Potatoe Orchestra
        • Venetian Snares – Cabbage
        HeteroticLove & DevotionPlanet Mu
        Heterotic is husband and wife production team Mike Paradinas and Lara Rix-Martin. Mike is the boss and founder of Planet Mu, and a celebrated producer...
        • Heterotic – Bliss
        • Heterotic – Wartime (ft Gravenhurst)
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        • LP£14.99
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        Rudi ZygadloTragicomediesPlanet Mu
        Wilfully perverse as ever, Rudi took this second album "Tragicomedies" on a different trajectory, dumping the Dubstep chassis, while leaving its faint...
        • Rudi Zygadlo – Kopernikuss
        • Rudi Zygadlo – Melpomene
        • Rudi Zygadlo – Russian Dolls
        • Rudi Zygadlo – An Introduction
        Rudi ZygadloMelponeme / ArrowsPlanet Mu
        Arresting, hybrid songwriting from Rudi Zygadlo, tracing a line between tense electronic balladry and delicate, dramatic acoustic tracks.
        • Rudi Zygadlo – melpomene
        The HostThe HostPlanet Mu
        Impressionistic electronic nostalgia on The Host's awesome debut, mining Web 1.0 aesthetics, 70s cosmix and 90s beatworks. Inticately-programmed percussion...
        • The Host – neo-geocities
        • The Host – internet archaeology
        • The Host – second life
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        • LP£11.99
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        Chrissy MurderbotWomen's StudiesPlanet Mu
        'Women’s Studies' is an album of party starting, populist mutations with vocal contributions from dancehall emcees MC Zulu, Rubi Dan and Warrior...
        • Chrissy Murderbot – break u off
        • Chrissy Murderbot – new juke swing ft rubi dan
        • Chrissy Murderbot – bussin down ft dj spinn
        • Chrissy Murderbot – nice lookin bwoy ft mungo's hifi & warrior queen
        OptimumMax PowerPlanet Mu
        Optimum is Malcolm Chen, a new producer from South East London. He's collaborated with Ikonika recently but Planet Mu are very happy to be releasing...
        • Optimum – max power
        • Optimum – crash riddim
        • Optimum – lily
        Rudi ZygadloGreat Western LaymenPlanet Mu
        New on Planet Mu! ‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn’ starts by growing into shape, before Rudi’s double-tracked harmonies drop into place,...
          Raffertie7th DimensionPlanet Mu
          Raffertie steps up for another neon mash up of ravey 4/4 beats, hip-hop bumps and bleeps and hard bass on Planet Mu! Ace!
          • Raffertie – 7th Dimension
          IkonikaSmuckPlanet Mu
          'Smuck' follows in the tradition of Ikonika's sweet and sour, curdled sound, with ever changing off-key melodies and metal-like synth guitar lines over...
          • Ikonika – Smuck
          • Eero johannes – We could be ikons (Ikonika remix)
          BurnkaneYou KnowPlanet Mu
          This is a new 12 from Washington DC's Burnkane, a new signing and a new artist morphing the dubstep template beyond recognition. Across these two tracks...
          • Burnkane – you know

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          • – Doug Willis – Dancin’ 2020 (Joey Negro Extended Rebuild)
          • – Sunkids feat. Chance - Rescue Me (Joey Negro’s In Full Swing Mix)
          • – Double Exposure – Everyman (Joey Negro’s Salsoul Strut)
          • 1. The O’Jays - Put Our Heads Together (Joey Negro Re-Organised Master Mix)
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          • Mac Miller – All Around The World
          • Mac Miller – Down The Rabbit Hole
          • Mac Miller – In The Air
          Garfield FlemingDon't Send Me Away (7" Version)Beckett
          Classic release that has transcended most dance scenes from Modern Soul, Rare Groove, Crossover and Boogie to become perhaps the most in-demand '80s tunes...
          • Garfield Fleming – Don't Send Me Away
          • Garfield Fleming – You Got Dat Right
          Billy CobhamDrum 'N Voice Remixed (inc. Motor City Drum Ensemble, Villalobos & Danny Krivit remixes)Rebirth
          Acclaimed as jazz-rock fusion's greatest drummer, Billy Cobham has dedicated his whole life to musical exploration and creative expression. Throughout...
          • Billy Cobham – Stratus (Max Loderbauer & Ricardo Villalobos aka Vilod Remix)
          • Billy Cobham – Sensations (Lexx Remix)
          • Billy Cobham – Shining Sun (Motor City Drum Ensemble Winter Sun Remix)
          • Billy Cobham – Raised (Folamour Remix)
          • Billy Cobham – Psychologic (Khidja Remix)
          • Billy Cobham – The Vibe Inside (Gerd Janson Acid Dub)
          • Billy Cobham – Africa's Sounds (S.A.M. Remix)
          • Billy Cobham – Interactive (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
          • 1. Stratus (Max Loderbauer & Ricardo Villalobos aka Vilod Remix)
          • 2. Sensations (Lexx Remix)
          • 3. Shining Sun (Motor City Drum Ensemble Winter Sun Remix)
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Junior DelgadoGim Mi Your LoveIntelitec Muzik
          On the same rhythm as White Mice "Step By Step" rare dancehall version from Junior Delgado.
          • Junior Delgado – Gim Mi Your Love
          • Junior Delgado – Gim Me Version
          StormzyHeavy is the HeadAtlantic
          Second album from grime/UK rap star Stormzy. 'Heavy is the Head' features guest spots from Aitch, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran, Headie One, H.E.R., Tiana Major9...
            Paketo WilsonImmigrationArchive Recordings
            Unreleased roots vocal cut from Paketo Wilson recorded with The High Times Players, two vocal mixes plus dub version on the B-Side.
            • Paketo Wilson – Immigration (Vocal)
            • Paketo Wilson – Immigration (Alternative Vocal)
            • Paketo Wilson – Immigration (Version)
            Aaron SilkLosing BattleArchive Recordings
            Produced by Roy Francis at Mixing Lab on the "Cuss Cuss" riddim
            • Aaron Silk – Losing Battle
            • Aaron Silk – Version
            White MiceMr Bossman (Acetate mix)Intelitec Muzik
            Wicked late 80s dancehall bizness from White Mice with Acetate mix
            • White Mice – Mr Bossman (Acetate mix)
            • White Mice – Dub
            White MiceStep By StepIntelitec Muzik
            Killer late 80s dancehall tune with superb dub that's well worth checking..
            • White Mice – Step By Step
            • White Mice – Version
            AishaWar On CrackArchive Recordings
            Hard to find digital roots originally released in 1987 produced by High Times members Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Robbie Lyn.
            • Aisha – War On Crack
            • Aisha – Version
            Reggae Regular ft. Allan KingpinWhere Is Jah / Black Star LinerArchive Recordings
            Two killer extended tracks from the late 70s from The Reggae Regulars featuring vocalist Allan Kingpin & Tony Benjamin. Both tune mixed by Dennis 'Blackbeard'...
            • ft. Allan Kingpin – Where Is Jah
            • ft. Tony Benjamin – Black Star Liner
            12 Bombazos BailablesVarious ArtistsVampi Soul
            Vampi Soul compile twelve, killer dancefloor tracks from the legendary Discos Fuentes catalogue - feat. Cumbia, hard salsa, descarga and more!
              Flørist4 Letter WordThe Trilogy Tapes
              Flørist spices up the the production game with these reinforced, double-jointed techno wares for the the ever inimitable The Trilogy Tapes!
              • Flørist – 4 Letter Word
              • Flørist – Sail
              • Flørist – Horn
              • Flørist – Bonus Beats
              Throbbing GristleA Souvenir Of Camber SandsMute
              In 2004 Chris Carter, Peter Christopherson, Genesis P- Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti reformed - 23 years after their 'mission' was originally terminated...
                • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£21.99
                  Available for the first time on vinyl!
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                • 2×CD£12.99
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                Fela KutiArmy ArrangementKnitting Factory Records
                Fela Kuti stories Nigeria’s attempt at ‘democracy’ in 1979 after more than a decade ofmilitary rule told through this album, originally released...
                • Fela Kuti – Army arrangement (vocal)
                Bells Of KyotoBells Of KyotoMitsuko & Svetlana Records
                Reissue this of rare 1984 jazz-funk fusion album by German/Australian/British ensemble, Bells of Kyoto. Produced by Ollie Marland of De-Lite and Jah Wobble's...
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Swiss Air
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Asho II
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Temple
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Unterschwelliger Durchblick
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Swiss Air (Easy Teenage Version)
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Vistas
                • Bells Of Kyoto – Asho I
                Fela KutiCoffin For Head Of StateKnitting Factory Records
                Fela Kuti made some frantic albums in his career--ones that popped with his enthusiastic political disobedience and ones that roared with fury at the Nigerian...
                • Fela Kuti – Coffin For Head Of State part 1
                Apiento feat. Harriet BrownDown That RoadWorld Building
                Heavy Balearic / soul vibe from Apiento with L.A.'s Harriet Brown taking the vocal lead. Ace afterhours session from the excellent World Building label!
                • Apiento feat. Harriet Brown – Down That Road
                • Apiento feat. Harriet Brown – Down That Road (Apiento & Tepper Dubbed It)
                Underground ResistanceInspiration / TransitionUnderground Resistance
                Reissue of the early 00s, hi-tech funk classic 'Inspiration / Transition' from Detroit's legendary techno crew, Underground Resistance!
                  Fela KutiJ.J.D (Johnny Just Drop!!) Live!! At Kalakuta RepublikKnitting Factory Records
                  Originally released in 1977, ‘Johnny Just Drop (J.J.D.)’ features Fela lampooning Nigeria’s ‘been-tos’, people who had been to Europe or America...
                    Hugh Masekela and CompanyLive in LesothoMatsuli Music
                    Hugh Masekela and Miriam Makeba’s double-bill Lesotho concert was a daring, defiant and ultimately dazzling act. For the first time since its limited...
                    • Hugh Masekela and Company – Ashiko
                    • Hugh Masekela and Company – Ha Le Se Le Li Khanna
                    • Hugh Masekela and Company – Stimela
                    • Hugh Masekela and Company – Part of a Whole
                    • Hugh Masekela and Company – Sister Fania
                    • Hugh Masekela and Company – The Healing Song
                    London Is The Place For Me 7&8Various ArtistsHonest Jon's
                    The latest volumes in this much-loved, highly-acclaimed series from Honest Jon's, presenting the music of the Windrush milieu: the post-war, London recordings...
                    London Is The Place For Me 7: Calypso, Mento, Joropo, Steel & String BandVarious ArtistsHonest Jon's
                    Still deeper forays into the musical landscape of the Windrush generation; a dazzling range of calypso, mento, joropo, steelband, palm-wine and r’n'b....
                    • – Lord Beginner - Sons And Daughters Of Africa
                    • – The Lion - Royal Wedding
                    • – The Mighty Terror - The Hydrogen Bomb
                    • – Dai Dai Simba - Modern Telephone
                    • – Willie Payne & The Starlite Tempos - Wa Sise
                    • – The Mighty Terror - The Emperor Of Africa
                    • – Louise Bennett - Bongo Man
                    • – Marie Bryant - My Handy Man
                    • – Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - Tortoise Mambo
                    • – Calypso Rhythm Kings - Boul Ve Se
                    • 2×LP£16.99
                      • Gatefold sleeve
                      • Full-size booklet, with full notes, and previously-unseen photographs, including a set from the family archive of Russ Henderson (who led the first, impromptu Notting Hill Carnival march in '66).
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                    London Is The Place For Me 8: Lord Kitchener in England, 1948-1962Various ArtistsHonest Jon's
                    In this volume devoted to his post-war London recordings, Lord Kitchener plays his many roles with signature aplomb and poised subtlety; first there is...
                    • – Carnival Road March
                    • – No More Taxi
                    • – Mango Tree
                    • – Food From The West Indies
                    • – Alphonso In Town
                    • – Come Back In The Morning
                    • – Too Late Kitch
                    • – Drink-A-Rum
                    • – Constable Joe
                    • – Pirates Of Paria
                    • 2×LP£16.99
                      • Gatefold sleeve
                      • Full-size booklet containing superb, specially-commissioned sleevenotes by Lord Kitchener biographer Anthony Joseph and previously-unseen photographs.
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                    Leon Thomas ‎Love Each Other / L.O.V.ESoul Brother Records
                    First ever reissue of these two Leon Thomas classics! Both come from his time at Flying Dutchman in the early 70s and fully reflect the individuality and...
                    • Leon Thomas ‎ – Love Each Other
                    • Leon Thomas ‎ – L.O.V.E
                    Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu, Somalia 1972-1991Various ArtistsAnalog Africa
                    Amazing new compilation from Analog Africa, compiled via trawling through piles of cassettes and listening to reel-to-reel tapes, in the dusty archives...
                    • – Dur-Dur Band - Daradaa Muxibo (Because of you Muxibo)
                    • – Omar Shooli - Hab Isii (Hug Me)
                    • – Mukhtar Ramadan Iidi - Check Up Your Head
                    • – Bakaka Band - Geesiyada Halgamayow (Brave Fighters)
                    • – Fadumo Qassim & Shareero Band - Waakaa Helaa (I like you)
                    • – Iftin Band - Sirmaqabe (No Secrets)
                    • – Mukhtar Ramadan Iidi - Baayo (Hey Woman)
                    • – Shimaali & Killer - Hoobeya (Somali traditional chant)
                    • – Dur-Dur Band - Shaleedayaa (By Myself)
                    • – Dur-Dur Band - Ladaney (Woman's Name)
                    • – Bakaka Band - Gobonimada Jira (Choose Freedom)
                    • – Iftin Band - Ii Ooy Aniga (Cry For Me)
                    • 1. Dur-Dur Band - Daradaa Muxibo (Because of you Muxibo)
                    • 2. Omar Shooli - Hab Isii (Hug Me)
                    • 3. Mukhtar Ramadan Iidi - Check Up Your Head
                    • View full info and tracklisting
                    Throbbing GristlePart Two - The Endless Not / TG NowMute
                    Throbbing Gristle returned to the studio after deciding they had unfinished creative business outside of the live arena. Released in 2007, over 25 years...
                      • 3×LP£35.99
                        Limited coloured vinyl version - first time on this format.
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                      • 2×CD£10.99
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                      Sassy JPatchworkRush Hour
                      Top selector and SOTU favourite Sassy J curates her faultless 'Patchwork' compilation for Rush Hour, featuring exclusives from the likes of Ron Trent under...
                      • Farrah Boulé – Mother Of Mantras
                      • Warm – Blue Sunrise
                      • 2000Black – Plastic Jam
                      • Hanna – Spaceland
                      • Alex Attias & Sassy J present OJA – Jelly Bubble Rise
                      • Nu-Era – Mirror Images
                      • GB – The Projector
                      • Aardvarck – Aap Noot
                      • Mr Finger – Survivor
                      • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Always
                      • Carlos Niño & Friends feat. Jamire Williams & Josh Johnson – Mushroooooomslive [7" BONUS]
                      • Ivan 'Mamão' Conti – Amazon Orison [7" BONUS]
                      • WaH-ChU-KU – Phereo In The House [7" BONUS]
                      • 2xLP + 7"£18.99
                        • One per customer!
                        • Limited gatefold edition of 500 copies, including bonus 7"
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                      KoffeeRapture E.P.Columbia
                      Back in stock...At last, vinyl of Jamaica's newest rising star Koffee, with this 5 track E.P. featuring the killer tunes "Raggamuffin" & "Throne" "Rapture"...
                      • Koffee – Throne
                      • Koffee – Blazin
                      • Koffee – Raggamuffin
                      • Koffee – Rapture
                      • Koffee – Toast
                      Jai HoShort Story from Tabla, Drums & Trumpet / Oye MaiaJazzman
                      Wild jazz workout via Jazzman from Jai Ho who, through their music, embrace the idea of "jazz is spontaneity and the freedom it gives to improvise".
                      • Jai Ho – Short Story from Tabla, Drums & Trumpet
                      • Jai Ho – Oye Maia
                      Shanti CelesteTangerinePeach Discs
                      Shanti Celeste drops her album debut via her own Peach Discs label. Killer mix of steely techno and electro vibes interspersed with spacey, ambient interludes....
                      • Shanti Celeste – Infinitas
                      • Shanti Celeste – Sun Notification
                      • Shanti Celeste – Sesame
                      • Shanti Celeste – May The Day
                      • Shanti Celeste – Natura
                      • Shanti Celeste – Want
                      • Shanti Celeste – Voz (Instrumental)
                      • Shanti Celeste – Slow Wave
                      • Shanti Celeste – Aqua Block
                      • Shanti Celeste – Moons
                      Jeff MillsThe Director's Cut Chapter 6Axis
                      Heavyweight vinyl edition of Mills' continuing 'Director's Cut' series featuring previously unreleased tracks and remixes of productions from the Detroit...
                      • Jeff Mills – The Bells (Original Version)
                      • Jeff Mills – The Bells (Blue Potential Version)
                      • Jeff Mills – The Homosapien Sapiens
                      Theatre WestTheatre WestBackatcha Records
                      Backatcha doing it again with, technically, and issue of music from Washington D.C band, Theatre West. The group recorded and album's worth of music for...
                      • Theatre West – Children Of Tomorrow's Dreams
                      • Theatre West – No More Junk
                      • Theatre West – Cool Out Your Mind
                      • Theatre West – Searching For Ourselves
                      I Marc 4Thrilling MortaleVampi Soul
                      Cult Italian library music reissued from the vaults of Nelson Records, recorded between 1970 and 1976. Expect drum breaks, breakneck bongo rhythms and...
                        Fela KutiV.I.P. (Vagabonds in Power)Knitting Factory Records
                        Performed by Fela and his Afrika 70 at the renowned Berlin Jazz Festival in 1978, this live recording of V.I.P. is possibly Fela’s most profound vilification...
                          Night ScoopsFalse Robotics / No WaterRiddim Chango Records
                          Riddim Chango Records finishes 2010s with their 9th vinyl release. The brand new 4 track EPfeatures contemporary Stepper sound by a new project “Night...
                          • Night Scoops – False Robotics
                          • Night Scoops – False Robotics Dub
                          • Night Scoops – No Water
                          Augustus PabloFeeling MoodyAndy's
                          Rare 1974 instrumental cut to Paragons "Left With A Broken Heart" Limited edition of 300 only all copies come in thick cardboard sleeve.
                          • Augustus Pablo – Feeling Moody
                          • Augustus Pablo – Feeling Moody (Version)
                          The ParagonsLeft With A Broken HeartAndy's
                          Classic early 70s cut from The Paragons with the rare I Roy toast on the flip.comes in printed "Andy's" cardboard sleeve. Limited edition of 300 only!
                          • The Paragons – Left With A Broken Heart
                          • I-Roy – Devil's Brother In Law
                          The ParagonsQuiet PlaceAndy's
                          The original "Man Next Door" all time classic from The Paragons with a killer version from I Roy on the flip. Limited edition of 300 onlyall Andy's records...
                          • The Paragons – Quiet Place
                          • I-Roy – Noisy Place
                          Time UnlimitedRight Time ComeFruits Records
                          Time Unlimited were as brilliant as they were obscure back in the 80s. Long forgotten for some reason, they are now brought back to life by Fruits Records...
                          • Time Unlimited – Right Time Come
                          • Time Unlimited – Dub Time Come
                          Augustus Pablo & The AggrovatorsRockers StyleThird World
                          Back in stock.. Tuff rockers late 70s style from Augustus Pablo, rare tunes & dubplates from King Tubby all surrounded in great repro 10" sleeve.
                          • Aggrovators & Augustus Pablo – Rockers Style
                          • King Tubby – Rockers Style Dubplate
                          Rudolph "Garth" DennisSlow CoachAndy's
                          Don't miss...sought after solo tune from former Wailing Souls / Black Uhuru singer Rudolph "Garth" Dennis recorded in the mid 70s with The Barrett Brothers...
                          • Rudolph "Garth" Dennis – Slow Coach
                          • Andy's All Star – Stage Coach Rock
                          Oscar WeathersWe're Running out of Time / CountdownFantasy Love Records
                          Reissue of the stunning 'We're Running out of Time / Countdown' gospel-disco double-header from US soul singer, Oscar Weathers. These breezy, disco steppers...
                          • Oscar Weathers – We're Running Out Of Time
                          • Oscar Weathers – Countdown
                          Donovan King JayChantingRailroad Records
                          Donovan King Jay meets Jah Schulz on this new roots 7" only release.
                          • Donovan King Jay – Chanting
                          • Donovan King Jay – Dub Chanting
                          Timothy Fife & Repeated ViewingRepeated Viewing And Timothy Fife Explore Paranormal Sounds Of The SynthesizerBurning Witches Records
                          Electronic music composers Repeated Viewing and Timothy Fife have created a record to take you into the world of the paranormal, the unexplained, and what...
                          • Repeated Viewing – An Evaluation Of Unexplained Events
                          • Repeated Viewing – The Olde Time Religion
                          • Repeated Viewing – Bleak Knoll, Near Coplow Dale
                          • Repeated Viewing – Haunted Technology
                          • Repeated Viewing – The Borley Rectory Confession
                          • Repeated Viewing – Testing The Void
                          • Repeated Viewing – The Knocking Ghost
                          • Repeated Viewing – Establishing Contact With The Dead
                          • Timothy Fife – Intro/Jamais Vu
                          • Timothy Fife – Incipiency Of The Seance
                          • Timothy Fife – Projection To A Former Life
                          • Timothy Fife – Spectral Evidence
                          • Timothy Fife – Entering The 6th Dimension
                          • Timothy Fife – Deadly Evocation
                          • Timothy Fife – Deja Vu
                          • 1. Repeated Viewing – An Evaluation Of Unexplained Events
                          • 2. Repeated Viewing – The Olde Time Religion
                          • 3. Repeated Viewing – Bleak Knoll, Near Coplow Dale
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                          • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£27.99
                            140g ruby coloured vinyl w/ insert print and download card
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                          The FrightnrsSharon / AdmirationThe Full Hundred
                          Limited repress of The Frightnrs 2015 double header of lovers rock & rocksteady, produced by Victor 'Ticklah" Axelrod..Don't miss
                          • The Frightnrs – Sharon
                          • The Frightnrs – Admiration
                          Akae Beka / Fikir AmlakStability / Walk With JahAkashic Records
                          Rhythm recorded by Noel Zebulon which was a big Shaka tune from the time, now with new roots vocals from Akae Beka but the killer cut here is from Fikir...
                          • Akae Beka – Stability
                          • Akae Beka – Stability Dub
                          • Fikir Amlak – Walk With Jah
                          • Fikir Amlak – Walk With Dub
                          Hugh MundellJacquelineVP Records
                          Wicked early 80s roots vocal cut from Hugh Mundell with Scientist tuff Roots Radics dub on the flip. Comes in printed sleeve.
                          • Hugh Mundell – Jacqueline
                          • The Roots Radics – Dangerous Match Three
                          Vincent TaylorJah ChildrenRiver Bank Records
                          Limited repress of sought after new roots tune with version on the flip.
                          • Vincent Taylor – Jah Children
                          • Vincent Taylor – Jah Children (Version)