Jack J Thirstin' / Atmosphere

    Future Times
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    • Jack J – Thirstin'
    • Jack J – Atmosphere
    • 1. Thirstin'
    • 2. Atmosphere

    As one half of Pender Street Steppers, Jack J caused a stir with that killer Mood Hut debut feat. 'Something (On My Mind)' - one of the big, big tunes of 2014 - now he's back with some of that deep house magic for Future Times. Don't miss this! 

    Other Releases on Future Times

    Repetentes 2008BoulderballFuture Times
    Reissue of the 2008 video game inspire album on Future Times. The LP is made up of fizzing Brazilian fusion, video game music, virtuoso keyboard playing,...
    • Repetentes 2008 – Olimpiadas Pizza Hut
    • Repetentes 2008 – Avenida Maluca
    • Repetentes 2008 – Andre Gomes Tour de Force
    • Repetentes 2008 – Boulevard Internacional
    • Repetentes 2008 – Patota Pedreira
    • Repetentes 2008 – Bruno Penna Funk
    • Repetentes 2008 – Nene Gets Hilario
    • Repetentes 2008 – Fazenda Sacrificio
    • Repetentes 2008 – Unemployment Grand Prix
    Vibe 3EP 1Future Times
    Future Times is back in the mix, expanding the sound and vision of the label with the latest in their compilation series, 'Vibe 3'. This first part features...
    • OV – Junk Funk
    • Juju & Jordash – Soggy Bottom
    • Max D – Octopus
    • Grapes & Isle O' Man ft. The Wino Boys – Up The Dubs (It Can't Rain Forever)
    • Raica – Makmba
    Vibe 3EP 2Future Times
    Future Times is back in the mix, expanding the sound and vision of the label with the latest in their compilation series, 'Vibe 3'. This second part features...
    • Beautiful Swimmers – Primo
    • Edy Alta – First Sign Of Artifice
    • Protect-U – Krums
    • Jeremy Hyman – Machine Stops
    Jordan GCZDigitalis EPFuture Times
    Jordan GCZ, aka Jordash from Juju & Jordash graces the Future Times label with three tracks of swung, deep house brilliance! 
    • Jordan GCZ – Swingonoguitaro
    • Jordan GCZ – Digitalis
    • Jordan GCZ – Fusionfuk
    Protect-U Free USA Future Times
    Protect-U first ever full-lenth lands on the ever-brilliant Max D imprint, Future Times! The Washington, DC-based duo of Aaron Leitko have recorded...
    • Protect-U – Needs
    • Protect-U – Time 2 Technique
    • Protect-U – Distored
    • Protect-U – F-USA
    • Protect-U – Down the Tubes

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      Church records regular, Ishmael drops what could be his finest production to date - landing the gospel-tinged doozy, 'Mercy, Mercy Me' on Wolf Music!...
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      • Ishmael – Doldrums
      • Ishmael – Matilde
      • Ishmael – Doldrums (SoulPhictions Burnin Mix)
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      Jazz Not JazzMakin' Luv, Makin' Music... (1994)Peace Records (2)
      Jazz house 94
      • Jazz Not Jazz – Makin' Luv, Makin' Music... (Vocalese Mix)
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      IshmaelWOLFPROMO002Wolf Music
      WOLF Music return with another limited promo run from the super talented, multi-instrumentalist - Ishmael. Anyone who's seen his recent live boileroom...
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      • Ishmael – Want You '16
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      Henry WuGood Morning PeckhamRhythm Section International
      After a string of well received releases on the likes of 22a and Alexander Nut’s Hotep, Henry Wu steps forth with his most bold statement to date...
      • Henry Wu – Intro (Rhythm & Rice)
      • Henry Wu – Dubplate Special
      • Henry Wu – Croydon Depot
      • Henry Wu – Neezy (Wok)
      • Henry Wu – Yellow Brick
      • Henry Wu – Good Morning Pecknaam
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      DJ Slym FasMemories / Hula Hoop DanceIntangible
      Now better known as Ibex (Planet E), he produced this back in the day and like his other Intagible EP, some super Detroit house burners, also getting Terrence...
      • DJ Slym Fas – Slym Fas Mix
      • DJ Slym Fas – Hula Hoop Dance (Terrence Parker Groovestrumental)
      • DJ Slym Fas – Memories (Terrence Parker Lifted dub)
      • DJ Slym Fas – Memories (Slym Fas Workout mix)
      Seb WildbloodSW004Seb Wildblood
      Church label boss Seb Wildblood continues his catalogue with SW004. The release follows Wildblood’s much sought after cassette from earlier this year...
      • Seb Wildblood – Everybody Looks Good At The Restaurant
      • Seb Wildblood – I Will
      • Seb Wildblood – Lifestyle w/ James Booth
      • Seb Wildblood – I Won't
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      Chaos In The CBDMidnight In PeckhamRhythm Section International
      Long-awaited Chaos In The CBD on Rhythm Section! Born in New Zealand and now living in sunny Peckham for the last few years. "Midnight In Peckham" is on...
      • Chaos In The CBD – Trust Is Key
      • Chaos In The CBD – Observe
      • Chaos In The CBD – Midnight In Peckham
      • Chaos In The CBD – Luxury Motivation
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      DJ SotofettDrippin' For A TrippHonest Jon's
      Freestylin' leftfield house and techno experiments and full-on psychedelic workouts from DJ Sotofett, featuring extra production from the likes of Jaakko...
      • DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Ibiza Dub (with Thomas "Paleo's Buddy" Mende)
      • DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Main Bar Mix
      • DJ Sotofett & Phillip LauerJEKS – Space Dub
      • DJ Sotofett & Phillip LauerJEKS – Nimbus-Mix
      • DJ Sotofett – Spaced Outtro
      • DJ Sotofett & Karolin TampereMaimouna Haugen – Nondo Original Mix
      • DJ Sotofett & Karolin TampereMaimouna Haugen – Nondo Riddimix
      • DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R – Drippin' For 97 Mix
      • DJ Sotofett & Gilb'R – 97-Riddim-Run
      • DJ Sotofett – 97-Drop-Outtro
      • 1. DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Ibiza Dub (with Thomas "Paleo's Buddy" Mende)
      • 2. DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Main Bar Mix
      • 3. DJ Sotofett & Phillip LauerJEKS – Space Dub
      • View full info and tracklisting
      • 2×12"£12.99
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      DJ HeureFirst HourDistant Hawaii
      DJ Heure parachutes in from Adelaide with four ethereal slabs of beach-coasting, synthed out house on the excellent Lobster Theremin off-shoot...
      • DJ Heure – First Hour
      • DJ Heure – Sunny Jam
      • DJ Heure – Bon Heur
      • DJ Heure – The Meantime
      • 12"£9.99
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        Blludd Relations Cold Like The BaronSounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records
        WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! Only available here, right now! Blludd Relations Sounds of The Universe Art+Sound 12” release no. 5! REMEMBER –...
        • Blludd Relations – Cold like the baron
        Rhythms Of The Pacific: Volume 2VariousPacific Rhythm
        Pacific Rhythm do it again with a KILLER four track deep, deep house trip with Neo Image, Flørist and D. Tiffany providing rhythmic psychedelia....
        • Neo Image – So
        • Neo Image – JR East
        • Flørist – 112712
        • D. Tiffany – Orange Crush (Plush Managements Mix)
        • 12"£7.99
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        TenderloniousNobody ElseYoruba
        Yoruba Records invite multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and 22a label owner, Tenderlonious to the family with this magnificent six-track EP! 
        • Tenderlonious – Nobody Else
        • Tenderlonious – Sula
        • Tenderlonious – Brother Yusef (Interlude)
        • Tenderlonious – Mind That Widow
        • Tenderlonious – Without You
        • Tenderlonious – You Were My Number 1
        • 12"£7.99
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        Wicked Jamaican Lovers rock tune from 1985, original copies go for a song, grab a bargain!  
        • Pep – Crisis
        • Pep – (Crisis) Version
        • 7"£8.49
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        DJ WaveAbove The CloudsDJ Wave
        First release from DJ Wave on his own 'Dj Wave' imprint, a Lobster Theremin offshoot. Absolute dance floor destruction on the A-side with 'Do It', followed...
        • DJ Wave – Do It
        • DJ Wave – Above The Clouds
        • DJ Wave – Mad About You
        • 12"£9.99
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        Afro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves Ghana & Togo 1972-1978VariousAnalog Africa
        Amazing compilation of 70's African music from the ever-excelllent Analog Africa camp! Organ-driven Afro-beat, cosmic Afro-funk and raw, psychedelic...
        • Uppers International – Dankasa
        • Apagya Show Band – Ma Nserew Me
        • K.Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – Me Yee Owu Den
        • Marijata – Break Through
        • Ebo Taylor & The Sweet Beans – Odofo Nyi Akyiri Biara
        • Orchestre Abass – Awula Bo Fee Ene
        • Itadi – Live In Other World
        • Apagya Show Band – Mumunde
        • Rob (with Mag-2) – More
        • Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya
        • De Frank Professionals – Afe Ato Yen Bio
        • African Brothers Band – Ngyegye No So
        • Uppers International – Neriba Lanchina
        • Ebo Taylor & The Pelicans – Come Along
        • 2×LP£20.99
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        Peggy GouDay Without Yesterday / Six O SixPhonica White
        Smudged boogie and dubbed out house vibes from the excellent Peggy Gou. Top release from our friends just about the corner. Big love, Phonica crew! 
        • Peggy Gou – Day Without Yesterday
        • Peggy Gou – Six O Six
        • 12"£8.99
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        Oribata / Banda De Pifanos De CaruaruBatuki / Cavalinho Cavalao (Tahira Edit)Tiff's Joints
        Tiff's Joints presents it's debut release here in the form of two Afro-Brazilian dancefloor cuts. The A-side, "Batuki", from Oribata is...
        • Oribata – Batuki
        • Banda De Pifanos De Caruaru – Cavalinho Cavalao (Tahira Edit)
        • 12"£7.99
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        Rhythms Of The Pacific: Volume 3VariousPacific Rhythm
        Canada's Pacific Rhythm continue to lead (alongside their peers, Mood Hut) in the realm of the deep, psychedelic house sound with another absolute...
        • Slim Media Player – Dappled Love
        • Slim Media Player – Pink Hues, Bad News
        • ESB – Waverunner
        • Khotin – Nimbus (Tomi's Pad Mix)
        • 12"£7.99
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        Image ManGlance1080p
        Illusory house and techno from New York native 'Image Man', following up a release on crucial newcomer label Sunal/Perabob with another four-track 12”...
        • Image Man – More
        • Image Man – Else
        • Image Man – Glance
        • Image Man – Goobye
        • 12"£7.99
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        Thompson & LenoirCan't Stop The HouseHouse Jam Records
        In terms of "legendary" House records, it doesn't get any better. Originally released in the golden year of 1987 the Chicago duo of Larry Thompson...
        • Thompson & Lenoir – Can't Stop The House (vocal Mix)
        • Thompson & Lenoir – Can't Stop The House (Basement Mix)
        • Reissue 12"£7.99
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