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    • Hieroglyphic Being – the lost transmissions
    • Hieroglyphic Being – cosmic bebop
    • 1. the lost transmissions
    • 2. cosmic bebop


    Demented, transcendent tracks from one of our favourite producers, the unique Jamal Moss...

    Way overstepping the bounds of Ron Hardy-inspired, tracky house, and venturing into trancelike atonal zones, overlaid with pounding VHS tape saturation and the high-frequency output of an array of music machines...


    Other Releases by Hieroglyphic Being

    Hieroglyphic BeingA Synthetic Love Life Vol. 2Mathematics Recordings
    Raw, analogue techno jams done Chi-Town style from the one and only Hieroglyphic Being!
    • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 9
    • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 10
    • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 11
    • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 12
    Hieroglyphic BeingThe Language of StringsMathematics
    Freeform electronic master Hieroglyphic Being (JAMAL MOSS) lays down some more cosmic bebop & experimental house experiments on Mathmatics.
      Hieroglyphic BeingThe Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series)Moog Recordings Library
      Pioneering synthesiser manufacturers, Moog launch their 'Moog Recordings Library' with an album of experimental material from Hieroglyphic Being!
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 1
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 2
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 3
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 4
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 5
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 6
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 7
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Seq 8
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      • CD£11.99
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      Hieroglyphic BeingThe Red NotesSoul Jazz Records
      "Hieroglyphic Being translates five years of experimentation into his best LP to date" Vinyl Factory "Album of the week" BLEEP "Chicago dance music hero...
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Youth Brainwashing and The Extremist Cults
      • Hieroglyphic Being – The Melody Lingers
      • Hieroglyphic Being – The Seduction Syndrome
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Awake and Energize
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Video Jazz
      • Hieroglyphic Being – The Red Notes (Original)
      • Hieroglyphic Being – The Emotional Listener
      • Hieroglyphic Being – The Red Notebook
      • Hieroglyphic Being – The Tone Bather
      Hieroglyphic BeingThe Acid DocumentsSoul Jazz Records
      Current Wire magazine front cover artist Hieroglyphic Being’s debut album for Soul Jazz - The Acid Documents - is an album made up of tracks first...
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Culdees
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Dualism
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Fabian Society
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Gematria
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Jacobites Order
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Aurum Solis
      • Hieroglyphic Being – E Clampus Vitus
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Hollow Earth
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Illuminates Of Thaneteros
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Burlesque Degrees
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      • Antonio Castro – why can't i have you
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      Jason FineK-M-Mixes (Heinrich Mueller & A Made Up Sound)Kontra-Music
      All about the mix from Drexciya's Heinrich Mueller (aka Gerald Donald / Dopplereffekt / Der Zyklus...)!!! not to detract from AMUS's lovely skipping techno...
      • Jason Fine – Puttin It Out (A Made Up Sound Remix)
      • Jason Fine – Human Need (Heinrich Mueller Celestial Sphere Mix)
      I RoyTougher Than ToughDub Store
      Killer cover version of an Isaac Hayes' classic. I Roy is blasting an heavy-weight toasting over the Chosen Few's vocals on the A-side "Tougher Than Tough"....
      • I Roy – Tougher Than Tough
      • Chosen Few – Do Your Thing
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      Doug CarnInfant EyesBlack Jazz
      MONSTER deep jazz with vocals from Jean Carn. Recommended.
      • Doug Carn – Little Bs Poem
      • Doug Carn – Acknowledgement
      • Reissue LP£12.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Musik For AutobahnsCompiled by Gerd JansonRush Hour
      Gerd Janson compiles an exciting ambient-not-ambient compilation of kraut pleasers and codeine house, industrial and new age tracks by Âme,...
      • Âme – Erkki
      • Tom Trago – Next Fase
      • Roman Flügel – Duck & Cover
      • Move D – The Incorrigible Heartthrob
      • Marco Passarani – White Chocolate
      • CF & Daywalker – 115 BPM
      • Maxxi & Zeus aka Quiet Village – Passion
      • Tensnake – Bliss
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        Robert Williams & Ron Hardy Present: The Muzic BoxLimited Album SamplerRush Hour
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        • Unknown – let no man jack (mayday's rescued from acetate edit)
        • gene hunt – sound drome
        • 12"£6.99
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          Basic ChannelPhylyps TrakBasic Channel
          Repress for this seminal 12" from Basic Channel . Absolutely essential, seminal, dub techno. Second release in the influential series.
          • Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak
          • Basic Channel – Phylyps Base
          • Basic Channel – Axis
          • 12"£7.99
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          Paperclip People The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich Planet E
          ALL TIME CLASSIC TECHNO from Carl Craig Polished up, remastered edition of this 1996 classic compilation from Carl Craig under one of his many aliases,...
          • Paperclip People – oscillator
          • Paperclip People – paperclip man
          • Paperclip People – the climax
          • Paperclip People – floor
          • Paperclip People – throw
          • Paperclip People – steam
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          Robert Hood / MotorNighttime World 3Music Man
          Melodic, sci-fi techno from Detroit craftsmen Robert Hood - back with the third album in his long-running"Nighttime World" series! The first "Nighttime...
          • Robert Hood / Motor – black technician
          • Robert Hood / Motor – hate transmissions
          • Robert Hood / Motor – slow motion katrina
          • 3×LP£31.99
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          • CD£11.99
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          Omar S Triangulum Australe (Say It Space)FXHE
          Deep space acid belter from the one and only Omar S! "Triangulum Australe (Say It Space)" mixed by Luke Hess, sees Omar S engaging his 303 against a...
          • Omar S – Triangulum Australe(Say It Space)
          • Omar S – Mayall II
          • 12"£10.99
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          Karthala 72 Diable Du Feu!Electric Cowbell
          Super tough psychedelic Afro-noir grooves from mysterious band Karthala 72. Dark, psychedelic, eastern and african influenced heavy percussive rhythm,...
          • Karthala 72 – Diable Du Feu
          • Karthala 72 – Marche De La Mort
          • Karthala 72 – Triomphe Dieu De La Mer
          • LP£12.99
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            Levon VincentStereo Systems / Together Forever / Speck's JamNovel Sound
            Absolutely killer package of saturated kicks, intense space echoes and triple jointed rhythm tracks, running from Chicago house to Berlin techno via 23...
            • Levon Vincent – stereo systems
            • Levon Vincent – together forever
            • Levon Vincent – speck's jam
            • 12"£8.99
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            Karl Hector & The MalcounsTamanrassetNow Again
            *Exclusive vinyl-only EP by the world-psych-funk ensemble; original artwork by Kevin Lyons screen printed by Hit & Run. Limited to 1000 copies* Karl...
            • Karl Hector & The Malcouns – El Gusto
            • Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Tamanraset
            • Karl Hector & The Malcouns – M'Hammath
            • Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Girma's Lament
            • Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Wajeer Ta Hoose
            • LP£15.99
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            Rick Wade Hard Full EP Holic Trax
            *Chocolate-coloured vinyl* Sublime, warm top-grade deep house from the master Rick Wade on Holic Trax.  No tricks - this is typically Wade,...
            • Rick Wade – hard full
            • Rick Wade – deep subliminal
            • Rick Wade – pyro dynamics
            • 10"£8.49
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            DVAFly Juice EPHyperdub
            A choice cut on every side of this new double pack by DVA! The drums are forefront - techno flavoured, funked, and deadly simple, coiled with riotous...
            • DVA – Fly Juice
            • DVA – Do It
            • DVA – Walk It Out
            • DVA – Long Street
            • 2×12"£11.99
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              Rick Wilhite Vibes New & Rare Music Part F (ANDRES/RICARDO MIRANDA REMIXES)Rush Hour
              Fresh remixes from Rick Wilhite's Vibes compilation on Rush Hour... Dez aka Andres (La Vida, KDJ, Mahagony) & Ricardo Miranda stepping up and delivering!...
              • Rick Wilhite – Analog Love (Dez Andres Remix)
              • Marcellus Pittman – In Due Time (Ricardo Miranda Remix)
              • 12"£6.99
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              OssieIgnore EPHyperdub
              Ossie back on Hyperdub with two fresh, housey takes on broken beat. 'Ignore' features vocals from Tilz set against little flourishes of synth, but...
              • Ossie – ignore
              • Ossie – find it
              • 12"£5.99
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              House Music: The Real StoryBy Jesse SaundersPublish America
              A true insiders view of the story of Chicago House music and how it took over the world! Jesse Saunders ( who wrote 'On and On', the first ever house record),...
              • Book (250g)£24.99
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