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  • 1. Rise Vision Comin'

A breathtaking self-conscious free-jazz masterwork, 'Rise Vision Comin'' summarizes pre-facto 30 plus years of musical and theoretical/political expression from renowned activist/scholar/free-jazz pioneer Haki R. Madhubuti. Situated squarely in the uncomfortable strata between rigid return-to-Africa nationalism & integrationist reformism, Madhubuti chose to spread his complex & dynamic philosophical systems through the disarming & indelibly impressive poetic musicality of the new burgeoning spiritual jazz aesthetic, and his music, despite being absolutely impossible to acquire, remains timeless & unforgettable over 30 years after it's creation---the dawning of his musical and literary career. The disarming quality of Haki R. Madhubuti & Nation's music lends it's social proclamations a disarming, harmonic beauty without watering-down it's intended message---a bizarre fusion that, at once comfortable, never quite resolves itself in the dichotomy of it's choosing. Here 'Rise Vision Comin',' Madhubuti's magnum opus, finally receives the respect it deserves with this single-sided 12" pressing with Japanese Obi from NYC's Slow To Speak---a perhaps overdue but nevertheless imperative recognition of this perfectly crafted private jazz landmark.

Highly Recommended!