• CD JMANCD015£9.99
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      • 1. Robert Moore – Everthings Gonna Be Alright
      • 2. Brother Williams – Cold Sweat
      • 3. Pearl Dowdell – Good Thing
      • 4. Little Beaver – Everybodys Got Some Dues To Pay
      • 5. Little Beaver – Do Right Man
      • 6. Pearl Dowdell – Its All Over
      • 7. Brother Williams – Right On Brother
      • 8. Robert Moore – Cant Help Myself
      • 9. Little Beaver – Blind Man
      • 10. Little Beaver – Do It To Me One More Time

      Few record labels have garnered the feverish attentions of soul & funk collectors and DJs as much as the Saadia imprint of late ‘60s Miami, Florida. In a collecting world dominated by oddball one-offs, random indie obscurities and the occasional major label mishap, a local independent label with a small but consistently impeccable musical output is a truly rare thing. Saadia sets the benchmark for rare, local, independent funk and sets it very high indeed. Never before put together, this 10 track CD compilation selects the highlights from the small but perfectly formed Saadia catalogue and offers an opportunity to shed some light on the story behind these outstanding recordings for the first time.

      Other Releases on Jazzman

      The Greg Foat GroupDark Is The Sun (Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition)Jazzman
      Recorded in Sweden, 'Dark is the Sun' is a concept album based on themes and variations by British pianist/composer/arranger Greg Foat, who has created...
      • The Greg Foat Group – Time Piece 1 (Harpsichord Bugalu)
      • The Greg Foat Group – Dark Is The Sun Part 1 (Main Theme)
      • The Greg Foat Group – Dark Is The Sun Part 2 (Interlude)
      • The Greg Foat Group – Hello Old Friend
      • The Greg Foat Group – Dark Is the Sun Part 3 (Reprise)
      • The Greg Foat Group – Dark Is The Sun Part 4 (Harpsichord Waltz)
      • The Greg Foat Group – Yeah You Are
      • The Greg Foat Group – Uncle Bessie
      • The Greg Foat Group – Bright Is The Sun
      • The Greg Foat Group – Time Piece 2 (Epilogue)
      • LP (180 gram)£22.00
        10th anniversary edition:

        • 180g audiophile vinyl
        • Tip-on gatefold sleeve including archive pics & new liner notes
        • Inc. download card
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      Spiritual Jazz 13: Now! Pt. 1Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman present their overview of the contemporary exponents of Spiritual Jazz; musicians who are intent on bringing something personal to the table, as...
      • – Benjamin Herman - Lizard Waltz
      • – Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - An Angel Fell
      • – Nat Birchall - The Black Ark
      • – Chip Wickham - Shamal Wind
      • – Jimi Tenor and Kabukabu - Suite Meets
      • – Black Flower - Winter
      • – Darryl Yokley - Echoes of Ancient Sahara
      • – Damon Lock's Black Monument Ensemble - Sounds Like Now
      • – Oiro Pena - Nimeton
      • – Cat Toren - Soul
      • – Shabaka & the Ancestors - Nguni
      • – Makaya McCraven - Gnawa
      • 2×LP£25.00
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      • CD£12.00
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      Spiritual Jazz 12: Impulse!Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman delves deep into the catalogue of legendary label, Impulse! for the 12th release in their crucial 'Spiritual Jazz' series. This compilation features...
      • John Coltrane – A Love Supreme - Pt 1 Acknowledgement
      • Elvin Jones – Fantazm
      • Max Roach – Lonesome Lover
      • Yusef Lateef – Sister Mamie
      • Freddie Hubbard – The 7th Day
      • McCoy Tyner – Three Flowers
      • Elvin Jones – Half & Half
      • McCoy Tyner – Groove Waltz
      • Archie Shepp – Le Matin Des Noire
      • Michael White – The Blessing Song
      • Alice Coltrane – Turiya & Ramakrishna
      • Phil Woods – A Taste Of Honey
      • Pharoah Sanders – Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah
      • John Klemmer – Constant Throb (Part 1)
      • Pharoah Sanders – Thembi
      • Marion Brown – Maimoun
      • Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
      • 3×LP£27.00
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      • 2×CD£17.00
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      Vibration Black FingerCan You See What I'm Trying to SayJazzman
      Vibration Black Finger return with their Jazzman debut, 'Can You See What I'm Trying to Say'. A unique album that crosses over jazz, electronic and afro-trance...
      • Vibration Black Finger – Empty Streets
      • Vibration Black Finger – Adrianna
      • Vibration Black Finger – Gutkind's Dream
      • Vibration Black Finger – Acting for Liberation, Pt. 1
      • Vibration Black Finger – Law of the Universe
      • Vibration Black Finger – Can You See What I'm Trying to Say
      • Vibration Black Finger – Acting for Liberation, Pt. 2
      • Vibration Black Finger – Persia & Cornelius
      • Vibration Black Finger – The Glory
      • Vibration Black Finger – Soul Fire
      • Vibration Black Finger – Twelve Wire Byrd
      • Vibration Black Finger – Only in a Dream
      Muriel GrossmannElevationJazzman
      This Jazzman release draws a selection from the jazz saxophonist's 2016 album 'Natural Time' ('Your Pace', 'Peace For All') and from 2017's 'Momentum'...
      • Muriel Grossmann – Elevation
      • Muriel Grossmann – Rising
      • Muriel Grossmann – Chant
      • Muriel Grossmann – Your Pace
      • Muriel Grossmann – Peace For All
      • LP + Download Code£21.99
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      • CD£12.99
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      Spiritual Jazz 11: SteepleChaseVarious ArtistsJazzman
      With the 11th edition of their exemplary 'Spiritual Jazz' series, Jazzman focus in on one of the most significant and prolific European jazz record labels,...
      • Mary Lou WIlliams – Ode to Saint Cecile
      • Billy Gault – The Time of this World is at Hand
      • Sam Jones – Jean Marie
      • Rene McLean – Aida
      • Jim McNeely – Tipe Tizwe
      • Johnny Dyani – Magwaza
      • Jackie McLean & Michael Carvin – De I Comahlee Ah
      • Ken McIntyre – Miss Priss
      • Khan Jamal – Dark Warrior
      • Jackie McLean & The Cosmic Brotherhood – Camel Driver
      • Michael Carvin – Naima
      • 2×LP£22.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      The Nat Birchall QuartetThe Storyteller: A Musical Tribute to Yusef LateefJazzman
      U.K. jazz saxophonist and Jazzman mainstay Nat Birchall delivers 'The Storyteller', his album that pays tribute to the late, great, Yusef Lateef. Includes...
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Tales of Saba
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Ching Miau
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Love Theme from Spartacus
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Mashariki
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Morning
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Ringo Oiwake
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Brother John
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Willow's Walk
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Not Yet Ornette
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Inward Flight
      • The Nat Birchall Quartet – Salaam Brother Yusef
      • 2×LP (180g)£25.99
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      • CD£12.99
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      SteamheatAustin FunkJazzman
      Jazzman continue to focus in on the 'holy grail' releases of Fable records with a reissue of Steamheat's jazzy funk masterpiece from 1975, 'Austin Funk'!
      • Steamheat – Keep Your Eyes on Your Merchandise
      • Steamheat – Love Is Not Such An Easy Game To Play
      • Steamheat – Radiator
      • Steamheat – Body Talk
      • Steamheat – Funk 'N' Roll
      • Steamheat – Since I Met You
      • Steamheat – Ghetto Tool
      • Steamheat – Groove Awhile
      • Steamheat – Frozen Tundra Lady
      • LP£21.99
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      • CD£10.99
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      Forty Seven Times Its Own WeightCumulo NimbusJazzman
      Jazzman continue their 'holy grail' series with this incredible rare album from Texas based jazz outfit, Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight. Obscure and...
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Weedhopper
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – March Of The Goober Woobers
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – 47 Tears
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Jig
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Halyards
      • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Cumulo Nimbus
      • LP£21.99
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      • CD£10.99
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      The Don Rendell / Ian Carr QuintetLiveJazzman
      Reissue of The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet "Live" LP. A classic from British jazz and the Lansdowne catalogue. Exact replica reissue!
      • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – On Track
      E.J. GarrisonTwo Sisters from BagdadJazzman
      First time reissue for this unbelievably rare, gospel jazz and funky soul obscurity. 'Two Sisters From Bagdad' was composed and orchestrated by two precocious...
      • E.J. Garrison – Happy and Blessed
      • E.J. Garrison – Two Sisters from Bagdad
      • E.J. Garrison – Fantasy
      • E.J. Garrison – Good-By Suzy
      • E.J. Garrison – Thoughs Were the Days
      • E.J. Garrison – Expecting
      • E.J. Garrison – Mr Devil
      • E.J. Garrison – Satan Baby
      • E.J. Garrison – Yes I Do
      • E.J. Garrison – Two Sisters from Bagdad (Instrumental)
      • LP£19.99
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      • CD£12.99
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      James TatumContemporary Jazz MassJazzman
      James Tatum's stunning, spiritualised Contemporary Jazz Mass is one of the only true jazz masses ever released. Inspired by Duke Ellington's Sacred Concerts,...
      • James Tatum – Introduction
      • James Tatum – Lord Have Mercy Glory
      • James Tatum – Alleluia
      • James Tatum – Offertory
      • James Tatum – Holy, Holy, Holy
      • James Tatum – Amen
      • James Tatum – The Lords Prayer
      • James Tatum – Kiss Of Peace
      • James Tatum – Lamb Of God
      • James Tatum – Communion
      • James Tatum – The Theme (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Chant, Pt. 1 (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Chant, Pt. 2 (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Blues (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – To a Rose (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Zoombah Lu (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • LP£18.99
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      • CD£10.99
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      New York Latin HustleThe Sound of New YorkSoul Jazz Records
      New York’s melting pot of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Afro-American musicians led to stunning culture clashes in the 1960s and 70s when Latin styles mixed...
      • Ismael Quininos – Control
      • Ray Barretto – Abidjan
      • Johnny Zamot – Soul Makossa
      • Cortijo – Sarongo
      • La Charanga 76 – No Nos Pararan (Aint no Stopping us Now)
      • Al Escobar – Tighten Up
      • Alexander Review – Snidely Whiplash
      • Joe Cuba – Joe Cubas Madness
      • Johnny Sedes – Mama Calunga
      • Louie Ramirez – Do It Any Way You Wanna
      • Harvey Averne – Never Learned to Dance
      • Willie Colon – Angustia Maternal
      • Tito Puente – Para Los Rumberos
      • Jose Mangual – Mai Kinshasa
      • Seguida – Om Marreo
      • Eddie Palmieri – Mi Mambo Conga
      • J Walter Negro – Shoot the Pump
      • Machito – Alex Mambo
      • Nature Zone – Porcupine
      • Candido – Dancin and Prancin
      • Family Affair – I Had A Friend
      • Charlie Santiago and Eddie Montalvo – El Bollinski in D7
      • Mauricio Smith – Doug?s Room
      • Deluxe 2×CD£12.99
        Out of stock
          Music From The Villages Of Northeastern NigeriaRecorded In The FieldSmithsonian Folkways
          Excellent recordings from the North-Eastern villages of Nigeria - varying from drums and voice to marimba type instruments and loads more. Double CD.
          • Music From The Villages Of Northeastern Nigeria – Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Xylophone Band
          • 2×CD£14.99
            Out of stock
          Prince Far IFrontline SpeechCry Tuff
          Another heavyweight late 70s cut from the late Prince Far I, pure roots play loud with a tuff dub on the flip.
          • Prince Far I – Frontline Speech
          • Prince Far I – Version
          • 7"£5.99
            Out of stock
          Baby HueyThe Baby Huey Story - The Living LegendCurtom
          His only solo album, recorded just before his untimely death: great psychedelic soul featuring a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Hard Times" and Sam Cooke's...
            • Reissue LP£17.99
              Out of stock
            Dynamite!Dancehall StyleSoul Jazz Records
            Soul Jazz Records/100% Dynamite returns with a massive slice of Dancehall bringing together music from the last 25 years up to the present. The album...
            • Dynamite! – Early B - Boombox
            • Dynamite! – Lady Saw - Nah Mix Nah Mingle
            • Dynamite! – Anthony Red Rose - Tempo
            • Dynamite! – Digital Mystikz - Earth A Run Red
            • Dynamite! – Dillinger - Dubplate Pirate
            • Dynamite! – Lady Saw - Sweetest
            • Dynamite! – King Baucho & Beenie Man - Weed And Grabba
            • Dynamite! – Wayne Wonder - Police And Bad Boy
            • Dynamite! – Cecile - Give It To Me
            • CD£11.99
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            • 2×LP Vol.1£18.99
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            • 2×LP Vol.2£18.99
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            Mutant DiscoVolume 3Ze
            Great collection of mutant disco not disco from cult New Yok indy label Ze Records!
              • CD£11.99
                Out of stock
                Dee Felice TrioIn HeatBethlehem
                Classic James Brown production. Includes "There Was A Time". Rare groove/jazz dance classic!
                • Dee Felice Trio – the crickets sing
                • Dee Felice Trio – there was a time
                • Reissue LP£10.99
                  Out of stock
                    Prince Alla Bucket BottomFreedom Sounds
                    One of his best roots tunes from 1979 produced by Bertham Brown with a full on deep end dub plus a roots lovers tune on the flip by Full Wood entitled...
                    • Prince Alla – Bucket Bottom
                    • Prince Alla – Dub
                    • Full Wood – Stop And Think Me Over
                    • Reissue 12"£10.99
                      Out of stock
                    Gilberto GilExpresso 2222 (1972)Philips
                    Essential album from the king of Brazilian psychedelia! This is the funkiest, rockiest, grooviest album from Gilberto Gil, who shot to fame as one of...
                    • Gilberto Gil – Back in Bahia
                    • Gilberto Gil – O Canto Da Ema
                    • Gilberto Gil – Sai do Sereno
                    • CD£14.99
                      Out of stock
                    Build An ArkPeace With Every StepKindred Spirits
                    REPRESS!!!!!! Back in stock after all these years....we are really happy to have this wonderful album available again. The first pressings FLEW out back...
                      • CD£10.99
                        Out of stock
                      Studio One SoundSoul Jazz Records
                      Soul Jazz Records continues it's journey into the vaults of the mighty Studio One with this next instalment featuring everything from classic ska and rocksteady...
                      • Slim Smith – Hip Hug
                      • Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus – Good People
                      • Lord Tanamo – Keep On Moving
                      • Wailing Souls – Trouble Maker
                      • Rita Marley – Call To Me
                      • Johnny Osbourne – All I Have Is Love
                      • The Martinis – I Second That Emotion
                      • Irvin Brown – Run Come
                      • The Heptones – Give Give Love
                      • Anthony 'Rocky' Ellis – Double Minded Man
                      • Jackie Opel – The Lord Is With Me
                      • Dub Specialist – Happy Feelings
                      • Prince Lincoln – Live Up To Your Name
                      • Ken Boothe – I'm A Fool
                      • Reuben Alexander – Happy Valley
                      • Larry Marshall – There's A Fire
                      • Rolando Alphonso – Rolando Special
                      • Freddie McGregor – Homeward Bound
                      B-MusicCross Continental Record Raid Road TripFinders Keepers
                      NOW ALSO AVAILABLE ON VINYL!! Brilliant compilation from Andy Votel's ace label that brought us the Selda and Mustafa Ozkent reissues! This is a compilation...
                      • AE Bizottsag – Baad Schandau
                      • Paul Kass – Roadrunner
                      • Billy Bond – Tontos
                      • Zafer Dilek – Yekte
                      • Marta Kubisova – Tak Dej Se K Ruman A Projedm
                      • Jerry Williams – Crazy Bout You Baby
                      • CD£11.99
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                      • 2×LP£14.49
                        Out of stock
                        Quantic Presents The World's Rarest Funk 45'sVolume 2Jazzman
                        Will Holland of the Quantic Soul Orchestra digs deep into the Jazzman/Funk 45 vaults to select sixteen of the heaviest, rarest and funkiest in-demand singles...
                        • Reginald Milton & The Soul Jets – Clap Your Hands
                        • Innersouls – Just Take Your Time
                        • Lil Buck & The Top Cats – Monkey In A Sack
                        • The Devastation – Congestion
                        • Rev, Jamel & Bob Johnson – Walking On The Moon
                        • Nathan Bartell – Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up
                        • Third Guitar – Baby Don't Cry
                        • CD£11.99
                          Out of stock
                        Originals 7Compiled By Rong Claremont56
                        LAST COPY! The 'lost' highly anticipated installment from Claremont 56's "Originals".  Well worth the wait - hard-to-find boogie, disco, house...
                        • SpaceTime Continuum – Transmitter
                        • Futura 2000 – The Escapades Dub
                        • Donna McGhee – You Should Have Told Me (Disco Mix)
                        • Unfinished Business – Out Of My Hands (Love's Taken Over)
                        • Aardvark – The Return Of Rasputin
                        • CD£13.99
                          Out of stock
                          Nathan DavisIfUniversal Sound
                          Soul Jazz Records continues its occasional re-issuing of seriously collectable deep jazz records from the 1970s, on their subsidiary Universal Sound...
                          • Nathan Davis – Stick Buddy
                          • Nathan Davis – If
                          • Nathan Davis – Bahia
                          • Nathan Davis – African Boogie
                          • Nathan Davis – Tragic Magic
                          • Nathan Davis – A Thought For Cannon
                          • Nathan Davis – New Orleans
                          • Nathan Davis – Mr. Jive By Five
                            The SkatalitesHello MotherRandys
                            Vincent Chin ska productions for his "Randys" label limited coloured vinyl repress!!
                            • The Skatalites – Hello Mother
                            • 7"£4.99
                              Out of stock
                            Larry HeardSceneries Not Songs : Volume 2Spiral
                            Legendary, very rare Larry Heard album reissued on a Japanese only CD with beautiful heavyweight cardboard sleeve - these Japanese releases never seem...
                              • CD£25.99
                                Out of stock