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  • 1. Sengula Nakupenda
  • 2. Festo Amahaya
  • 3. Daudi Nyanza
  • 4. Bibi Mzuri Nyumbani
  • 5. Bibi Mama Ganzi Mzuri?
  • 6. Kuoa Utaoa
  • 7. Furaha Wenye Gita
  • 8. Raha Inopoteza
  • 9. Jared Onyango
  • 10. Tom Itabale
  • 11. Kifo Cha Mukabi
  • 12. Mtoto Si Nguo

An almost mythical giant of African guitar, whose reinvention of acoustic fingerstyle quickly spread from western Kenya throughout East Africa, before his death in 1963. Spellbinding guitar lines, sweet harmony vocals, every melody an instant classic, and a life story steeped in legend. This 12 song LP comes packaged in a deluxe spot-color jacket, with a 12-page full color booklet featuring an oral history by Mukabi's family and peers, and lyrics in English and Swahili.

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