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    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Sukkar, Sukkar, Sukkar
    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Om Schar Asmar Medaffar
    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Hanwil Tanza
    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Yah Nasma Yah Halina
    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Mabruk
    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Amira
    • Ali Hassan Kuban – Nouba [Bonus Track]
    • 1. Sukkar, Sukkar, Sukkar
    • 2. Om Schar Asmar Medaffar
    • 3. Hanwil Tanza
    • 4. Yah Nasma Yah Halina
    • 5. Mabruk
    • 6. Amira
    • 7. Nouba [Bonus Track]

    From a self-taught musician exploring his Nubian people’s musical roots to a professional, successfully leading his various bands into new, vibrant, international pop territory – Ali Hassan Kuban became an international star when his music finally went global in the 1980s. “From Nubia to Cairo” is the first milestone in urban Nubian Pop. The record is available in glorious audiophile format - remastered from analogue tapes with listening standards updated to contemporary levels. The first batch of Ali’s long-legendary Nubian originals, seductively praising in touching lyrics his native Nubia and Egypt, their people, in particular, their women, and life in general.

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