• 1. Description Automatique D'un Paysage Désolé
  • 2. Souvenir De L'OIseau
  • 3. Souvenir De L'OIseau (Autre Version 2)
  • 4. Description Automatique D'un Paysage Désolé (Autre Version)
  • 5. La Tour Saint-Jacques
  • 6. Souvenir De L’OIseau (Autre Version)

Cacophonic present a first time vinyl reissue of a pioneering album of French free jazz, François Tusques's Free Jazz, originally released in 1965. Comprising some of the earliest, uninhibited performances from musicians behind groundbreaking European records and films, Free Jazz captures the birth of an exciting movement that would soon earn its Parisian birthplace as the go-to European spiritual home of improvised and avant-garde music.  

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