• Dreamcast – Sail On
    • Dreamcast – Ground
    • 1. Sail On
    • 2. Ground

    Electronic funk from the talent known as Dreamcast! Two tracks given a contemporary R&B twist amongst the hazy, spectral production...

    Other Releases on Peoples Potential Unlimited

    Mix-O-RapEyes Of A KeyPeoples Potential Unlimited
    Apparently written, produced and recorded whilst being incarcerate. Old school go-go myth, Mix-O-Rap, blends rap, go-go, early house any other styles into...
    • Mix-O-Rap – Busting Off
    • Mix-O-Rap – Eyes Of A Key
    • Mix-O-Rap – Writing With A Pen
    • Mix-O-Rap – Can You Represent
    • Mix-O-Rap – Breaking Off
    • Mix-O-Rap – I Get Paid
    • Mix-O-Rap – I Am The DMR
    • Mix-O-Rap – Spitting Game
    • Mix-O-Rap – I Don't Play
    • Mix-O-Rap – Stop Sweating Me
    • Mix-O-Rap – Leaving Scars
    • Mix-O-Rap – I Got That Fire
    DohnnieDancin Is Your LovePeoples Potential Unlimited
    1979 self-release, roller-skate boogie jam by Donald 'Dohnnie' Walker, originally pressed as a 7inch single on his own imprint Posh Records/Plush...
    • Dohnnie – Dancin Is Your Love
    JuneiLet's RidePeoples Potential Unlimited
    First time on a 12"! Reissue of this absolutely ESSENTIAL electro-boogie / proto-techno instrumental from Junei that was initially released on the sought-after...
    • Junei – Let's Ride
    • Junei – You Must Go On