Palm Unit Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore!

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    • Palm Unit – Amir
    • Palm Unit – Homme Rouge
    • Palm Unit – Les La-Bas
    • Palm Unit – Simone Signoret
    • Palm Unit – Le Piroguier
    • Palm Unit – Mad Nomad
    • Palm Unit – Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore!
    • Palm Unit – La Companera
    • 1. Amir
    • 2. Homme Rouge
    • 3. Les La-Bas
    • 4. Simone Signoret
    • 5. Le Piroguier
    • 6. Mad Nomad
    • 7. Don’t Buy Ivory Anymore!
    • 8. La Companera

    French psychedelic jazz outfit Palm Unit follow up on recent tribute to Jef Gilson by highlighting the revolutionary side of French jazz figurehead, Henri Texier, and his fascination with different folkloric traditions from around the world. Cosmic jazz territory exploring classic Texier compositions!

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