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    • Scaramanga Silk – Barakatuk
    • Scaramanga Silk – Macrynimyze
    • Scaramanga Silk – Alonely
    • Scaramanga Silk – Return To The One
    • Scaramanga Silk – Life In The Faslow Lane
    • Scaramanga Silk – Blind Truth
    • Scaramanga Silk – Speak Without Tongues [With Low Poet]
    • Scaramanga Silk – Part 1: Soaring Above
    • Scaramanga Silk – Part 2: They Have Taken Control
    • Scaramanga Silk – Part 3: Day Of A New Dawn [With B-Fink]
    • 1. Barakatuk
    • 2. Macrynimyze
    • 3. Alonely
    • 4. Return To The One
    • 5. Life In The Faslow Lane
    • 6. Blind Truth
    • 7. Speak Without Tongues [With Low Poet]
    • 8. Part 1: Soaring Above
    • 9. Part 2: They Have Taken Control
    • 10. Part 3: Day Of A New Dawn [With B-Fink]

    Played by Steve Davis!!!!

    Enigmatic electronic producer, Scaramanga Silk, issues his debut album five years early! He originally intended for ‘Designer Scribble’ to come out in the year 2021 as he felt the material was ‘too futuristic’ for the current climate. Luckily, we managed to convince him to bring the release date forward so that you can experience the music of tomorrow, today…

    Hailing from an electronic core, the artist is clearly a product of the rave era but with a forward looking and experimental twist that encompasses other influences such as funk, techno, ambient, drum & bass, jazz, dub, r&b and more. When all these elements combine the resulting concoctions are heritage hybrids with a modern leftfield take.

    This one comes highly recommended! 

    Super Limited, so don't sleep!

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