David Hess Original Soundtrack: The Last House On The Left

One Way Static
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  • 1. Intro and Opening Credits
  • 2. Little Cows Lookin' For Some Grass
  • 3. Wait For The Rain
  • 4. Baddie's Theme (Instrumental)
  • 5. Mari's Birthday Surprise
  • 6. Water Music Sadie And Krug
  • 7. Phyllis Spills Her Guts
  • 8. Now You're All Alone
  • 9. Ada's Chickens
  • 10. The Chase
  • 11. Daddy, Put Your Coat Of Many Colors On
  • 12. Mayhem Montage (Including Rape And Spaghetti Dinner)
  • 13. Ice Cream Song
  • 14. Urban Snatch
  • 15. Blow Your Brains Out
  • 16. Etude For Chainsaw Goodbye, Dick
  • 17. Aftermath and End Credits

Soundtrack to one of the most controversial of all the 'video nasties', Wes Craven's 90 minute horror/sleaze classic of 1972 found a contrast to the blood n guts spilt in David Hess' (who also stars in the film) ardent songwriting skills. Beautiful, tender in places, Hess counjures wistful, psychedelic songs as a backdrop to Craven's ultravoilence.

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