David Bowie The Deram Anthology 1966 - 1968

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      • 1. Rubber Band (Single Version)
      • 2. The London Boys
      • 3. The Laughing Gnome
      • 4. The Gospel According To Tony Day
      • 5. Uncle Arthur
      • 6. Sell Me A Coat
      • 7. Rubber Band
      • 8. Love You Till Tuesday
      • 9. There Is A Happy Land
      • 10. We Are Hungry Men
      • 11. When I Live My Dream
      • 12. Little Bombardier
      • 13. Silly Boy Blue
      • 14. Come And Buy My Toys
      • 15. Join The Gang
      • 16. She's Got Medals
      • 17. Maid Of Bond Street
      • 18. Please Mr. Gravedigger
      • 19. Love You Till Tuesday (Single Version)
      • 20. Did You Ever Have A Dream
      • 21. Karma Man
      • 22. Let Me Sleep Beside You
      • 23. In The Heat Of The Morning
      • 24. Ching-A-Ling
      • 25. Sell Me A Coat (Single Version)
      • 26. When I Live My Dream
      • 27. Space Oddity

      Very interesting collection of Bowie's 60s work with lots of rare single versions and an unreleased 'original early version' of Space Oddity which we never new existed. Anthony Newley here we come - it's the Gnome Office ...

      Other Releases by David Bowie

      David BowieThe Berlin BriefingsI.V. Media
      Featuring interviews with Bowie and those close to him, including his producer Tony Visconti, the programme chronicles the two years Bowie lived in a Berlin...
      David Bowie"Heroes"Parlophone
      Heroes, V2 Schneider, Joe The Lion - this album is the high point of Bowie's Berlin period - working with Eno, Tony VIsconti etc this really is a 100%...
        David BowieScary MonstersParlophone
        Ashes to Ashes, Fashion, Scary Monsters ... close to one of Bowie's last masterpieces. Well groovy
          David BowieStageParlophone
          Bowie in the zone - nuff killer and classic tunes in this equally classic double live LP
            David BowieLodgerParlophone
            Art-rock classic from Bowie originally released in 1979 - inspired by Eno's 'Oblique Strategies' and features the single 'Boys Keep Swinging' plus more!
              David BowiePeter And The WolfBMG / RCA Victor (1978)
              This is probably the best recording of Peter & The Wolf you can get. Dave Bowie is well groovy.
                David BowieYoung AmericansParlophone
                Bowie's ninth studio album, and his first venture into soul music, particularly Philly Soul. This spawned the hit single "Fame".
                  David BowieChangesOneBowieParlophone
                  40th anniversary reissue of the classic compilation album on 180g vinyl, featuring some of Bowie's greatest hits.
                    David BowiePushing Ahead of the DamesSmokin
                    Documentary examining the early career of David Bowie. The programme traces the artist from his formative years in London to his breakthrough in the music...
                    David BowieZiggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsEMI UK
                    David Bowie at his glam-rock best. This 1973 concert-turned-film encapsulates the era of glam-rock - it is kitsch, colourful, over-the-top, flirts with...
                    David BowieLondon BoySpectrum Music (2)
                    18 of David Bowie's legendary Sixties recordings, including the original version of "Space Oddity".
                      David Bowie BlackstarIso/RCA
                      Final LP from the late great David Bowie, who bows out in a way he only could with this dark, introspective masterpiece! 
                      • David Bowie – Blackstar
                      • David Bowie – 'Tis A Pity She Was A Whore
                      • David Bowie – Lazarus
                      • David Bowie – Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)
                      • David Bowie – Girl Loves Me
                      • David Bowie – Dollar Days
                      • David Bowie – I Can't Give Everything Away
                      David BowieLive Santa Monica '72Parlophone
                      Double album recorded live in 1972, issued here on beautifully re-mastered audiophile vinyl.
                        David BowieDavid Live (1974)RCA Victor
                        Live in Philly, 1974.
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                          David Bowie Stage (1978)RCA
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                            David Bowie Let's Dance (1983)EMI America
                            w/China Girl, Let's Dance
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                              David BowieThe Man Who Sold The World (1971)RCA
                              Nearly hard rock, recorded in 71 with a large amount of deepness, lots of references to Kahlil Gibran and such like - it's a groovy piece of history in...
                                David BowieSpace OddityEMI
                                Straight outta Beckenham comes La Davide's seminal launch into space - as well as Space Oddity you get some wicked deep folky tunes - sounding fresh! 40th...
                                  David BowieDiamond Dogs (1974)RCA
                                  Seminal classic! A kind of funky science fiction masterpiece.
                                    David BowieStation To Station (1976)RCA
                                    It's a classic. Come and meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie on the Trans-Euro ... hold on, we got that slightly wrong. Deep beyond belief.
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                                      David BowieHunky Dory (1971)RCA
                                      It's Warhol, as in hole. Unbelieveably good classic album with songs you will be humming for the next thirty years (believe us, we have been!)
                                        David BowieHeroes (1977)RCA International
                                        Seminal album. Pre-wall downfall Berlin meets Bowie's cocaine fuelled existensialism and Brian Eno's experimentalism with unbelieveably catchy songs thrown...
                                          David BowieAladdin Sane (1973)RCA International
                                          Pre-Eno artiness. This is Mick Ronson-era rocktastically fabtastic mate. David is definitely on one and ziggyed to the max. Come on baby, Let's make love...
                                            David BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars (1972)RCA International
                                            Seminal concept album with all killer tracks. So good it hurts!Special edition vinyl available - 2003 Mix at Abbey Road Studios!
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                                              David BowiePinups (1973)RCA
                                              Aladdin Sane era Bowie goes slightly left-field, with an album of groovy covers of tunes he likes! Top versions of Them, Pretty Things, Yardbirds, Easybeats,...
                                                David BowieLow (1977)RCA International
                                                Seminal album! Bowie's seminal electronic experimentalist album recorded in Berlin. Killer singles on side one and some seriously depressing (but strangely...
                                                • David Bowie – Speed Of Life
                                                • David Bowie – Weeping Wall