Joe Mensah Cry Laughter (RSD 16)



      Extremely rare Nigerian album available now for the first time in it's entirety since the '70s. Strictly limited to 500 copies for Record Store Day it is pressed on 180g Vinyl and housed in a tip-on sleeve.

      A rich mixture of poly-rhythmic afro-soul, jazz, highlife and afrobeat it has an undeniable Ghanaian flavour with Joe's arrangements, keyboard-playing and vocal style adding an extra sophistication to proceedings. This album, one of West Africa's very rarest, was recorded for the Decca label in Lagos and only ever released in tiny numbers in Nigeria in 1975. 2 of the tracks have featured on the Ghana Aoundz compilation.
      Tracks: Cry Laughter / Shakamo / Africa Is Soul

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          • – Canto De Pilon
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          • The Semi Colon – Isi Agboncha
          • Chuck Barrister & The Voices of Darkness – Be Kind, Be Foolish, Be Happy
          • Tony Grey & The Magnificient Zeinians – Ugbo Ndoma
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