Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) Corbomite Manuever EP (Clear Vinyl Repress)

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    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – War Of The Worlds (Epic Mix)
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – Siren
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – War Of The Worlds (Dark Room Mix)
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – Without A Sound (Left Brain Mix)
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – After
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – Corbomite Manuever
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – Without A sound (Right Brain Mix)
    • Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin) – Without A sound (Silent mix)
    • 1. War Of The Worlds (Epic Mix)
    • 2. Siren
    • 3. War Of The Worlds (Dark Room Mix)
    • 4. Without A Sound (Left Brain Mix)
    • 5. After
    • 6. Corbomite Manuever
    • 7. Without A sound (Right Brain Mix)
    • 8. Without A sound (Silent mix)

    Detroit bred / LA based producer Kenny Larkin has long been a force to be reckoned with, both in the studio and in the DJ booth. Under his 'Dark Comedy' alias Larkin crafted some of the deepest and most soul-searching Detroit Techno sounds to grace human ears. 'Corbomite Manuever' was originally released in 1992 and is the complete epitome of a game changer, this was Techno at it's most sensual, intelligent and human, the antithesis of a lot of what was masquerading as the real-deal at the time. These qualities are what have stood this record in it's evergreen good stead for all these years - decades, in fact. Truly genius music made by someone who lives and breathes Techno. A truly staggering collection of music that still dumbfounds today and inspires generations of producers and DJ's to this very day. The most essential of the essential, classic material from front to back.

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