• Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics – Interstella Heavy Mob
    • Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics – Cosmic Bust
    • Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics – (Guns Of Navarone) Guns Of The Martian Giants
    • Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics – Earth
    • 1. Into The Beginning
    • 2. Telstar
    • 3. Interstella Heavy Mob
    • 4. Plutonian Pogo Stick
    • 5. Jumping Jupiter
    • 6. Cosmic Bust
    • 7. (Planet Of Love) Venus
    • 8. (Guns Of Navarone) Guns Of The Martian Giants
    • 9. Approaching Earth
    • 10. Earth

    Fully remastered and licensed, liimited to 500 copies. ‘What if Lee Perry and Lex Baxter have been caught in a firetrap altogether?’ A weird experiment in dub and reggae coined in 1973, the sole album of this interstellar venture was a case in point. Jamaican rhythms (provided by the almighty Trojan records crew) with legendary prog/psych keyboardist Ken Elliot (former member of influential british bands such as Second Hand and Seventh Wave) creating groovy instrumental on top ! 10 tracks including the Joe Meek classic Telstar and a spacey rendition of The Skatalites Guns Of Navarone (aptly named Guns Of The Martian Giants) for an album that might sounds like a caribbean easy listening session on dope ! A truly gem on its own, incredible strange music for the suburbs!

    check "Interstella Heavy Mob & Cosmic Bust"

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