Bukkha Bukkha meets Super Hi-Fi

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    • Bukkha – LIKE A VERSHUN
    • Bukkha – DUB A VERSHUN
    • Bukkha – THE MOST HIGH
    • Bukkha – THE HIGHEST DUB
    • Bukkha – DUB SOUND AND POWER
    • Bukkha – YUH NUH READY FI DIS
    • 1. Bukkha – LIKE A VERSHUN
    • 2. Bukkha – DUB A VERSHUN
    • 3. Bukkha – THE MOST HIGH
    • 4. Bukkha – THE HIGHEST DUB
    • 5. Bukkha – BONE SOUND AND POWER
    • 6. Bukkha – DUB SOUND AND POWER
    • 7. Bukkha – YUH NUH READY FI DIS
    • 8. Bukkha – YUH NUH READY FI DIS DUB

    Early Dub-Stuy Records artist Bukkha returns to the label with a brand new collaboration with Brooklyn-based five-piece Super Hi-Fi. Formed in 2010 and led by Ezra Gale, Super Hi-Fi mixes jazz-inflected trombone harmonies with the rhythmic elements of dub, funk and afrobeat. Bukkha has been mashing up classic dub sounds with innovative bass-heavy production for more than a decade, with recent releases on Infernal Sounds, System Music and Innamind Recordings. The two came together with a mission: combine live instrumentation and analog sounds with modern digital production tailored for sound systems… a concept that was a perfect fit for Dub-Stuy!

    Across four instrumental tracks, each with their own dub version, Super Hi-Fi’s dueling trombone harmonies contrast with Bukkha’s heavyweight steppers production. Tracks such as “Dub Sound and Power” and “The Most High” deliver a sound both ominous and sharp that highlights the brawny power of Super-Hifi mixed with the 10-ton weight of Bukkha’s bass lines. On the other hand, “Like a Vershun” and “Yuh No Ready for Dis“ showcase a jazz sensibility reminiscent of Don Drummond and Rico Rodriguez. To help with mixing duty and to craft dub versions for each track, the pair called upon veteran producer McPullish. Equipped with an analog mixing console and an arcane combination of outboard gear, the Texas-based engineer adds another layer of depth through analog textures and haunting dub effects, bringing the intensity of the record to new heights.

    “Bukkha Meets Super Hi-Fi” is a powerful display of musicianship, heavyweight production and live dubbing in the tradition of Lee Perry and King Tubby. Play these dubs on a proper sound and you’ll see what we mean…

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