Junior Byles Beat Down Babylon (Expanded)

    • 2×CD DBCDD060£14.99
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    • Junior Byles – (Festival) Da Da
    • Junior Byles – I’ve Got A Feeling
    • Junior Byles – Don’t Know Why
    • Junior Byles – Demonstration (and protest)
    • Junior Byles – Coming Again
    • Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon
    • Junior Byles – A Place Called Africa
    • Junior Byles – A Matter Of Time
    • Junior Byles – Poor Chubby
    • Junior Byles – Come Da Da
    • 1. Disc 1 – Beat Down Babylon
    • 2. (Festival) Da Da
    • 3. I’ve Got A Feeling
    • 4. Don’t Know Why
    • 5. Demonstration (and protest)
    • 6. Coming Again
    • 7. Beat Down Babylon
    • 8. A Place Called Africa
    • 9. A Matter Of Time
    • 10. Poor Chubby
    • 12. Come Da Da
    • 13. Come Da Da Version
    • 14. Righteous Oily
    • 15. Ital Version
    • 16. Informer Men
    • 17. Outformer Version
    • 18. Africa Stand
    • 19. Education Rock
    • 20. King Of Babylon
    • 21. Nezbuchadnezzer
    • 22. Got The Tip
    • 23. Fever
    • 24. Lick The Pipe Peter
    • 25. Pharaoh Hiding
    • 26. Hail To Power
    • 27. Another Moses
    • 28. Rub Up Festival ‘71
    • 29. The Thanks We Get
    • 30. Disc 2 – Dreader Sounds, 1973 to 1975
    • 31. Curley Locks
    • 32. Lock And Key
    • 33. Dreader Locks
    • 34. Militant Rock
    • 35. The Thanks We Get (1973 version)
    • 36. Xylophone Rock
    • 37. Now Generation
    • 38. The Long Way
    • 39. The Longer Way
    • 40. Auntie Lu-Lu
    • 41. Fun And Games
    • 42. Motion Dub
    • 43. Mumbling And Grumbling
    • 44. King Size Mumble
    • 45. Rasta No Pickpocket
    • 46. Pick Pocket Shank
    • 47. Cutting Razor
    • 48. Pretty Fe True
    • 49. Pretty Dub
    • 50. When Will Better Come
    • 51. The Thanks We Get
    • 52. Ungrateful Skank
    • 53. Curley Locks (alternative Version)


    Released in 1972, the Junior Byles single ‘Beat Down Babylon’ provided one of the clearest indications to dateof the impending roots sound that would soon dominate reggae. The immense popularity of the Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry-produced 45, both in Jamaica and the UK, swiftly prompted a best-selling long-player of the same title, issued later that year.

    Comprising ten of the singer-songwriter’s recent recordings for the mighty Upsetter, the LP has since been re-issued on vinyl on a number of occasions, but has never been officially made available on CD until now.

    Now, at long last, “Beat Down Babylon” does finally make it onto the format, with the original track-listing bolstered by the remainder of Byles’ released work for Perry, which includes numerous Jamaican hits, most notably the 1974 smash, ‘Curley Locks’.

    Other Releases by Junior Byles

    Junior BylesBeat Down BabylonUpsetter
    roots vocal classic produced by lee perry
    • Junior Byles – Beat Down Babylon

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            • Yonachak Gaynor Clyne – Rejoice In Jah (Extended Original Take)
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            • The Upsetter – Noah Sugar Pan
            • The Upsetter – Ketch A Dub
            • The Upsetters – Black Bat
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              Keithus I & The Royal HorsesI KnowDig This Way Records
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              • Roberto Sanchez – I Dub
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              • Pablove Black – Poco Tempo
              • Lloyd Williams – Reggae Feet
              • Jackie MIttoo – Hang Em High
              • Cedric Im Brooks – Idleberg
              • Prince Francis – Beat Down Babylon
              • Lee Arab – Now
              • Soul Bros. – 007
              • Prince Moonie – See A Man's Face
              • Im And Sound Dimension – Love Jah
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