Andrew Wasylyk & Tommy Perman Ash Grey and the Gull Glides On

    Clay Pipe Music
      • 1. Climb Like A Floating Vapour
      • 2. Communal Imagination
      • 3. Root Grow Emerge
      • 4. Blessing Of The Banners
      • 5. The Unbearable Sound Of The Roses
      • 6. Spec Of Dust Becomes A Beam
      • 7. Unrepeatable Air
      • 8. Remain In Memory Full Of Light
      • 9. Ash Grey And The Gull Glides On
      • 10. Be The Hammer (feat. Aidan Moffat)

      ‘Ash Grey And The Gull Glides On’ is the new album by Scottish composers Andrew Wasylyk and Tommy Perman.The pair have orbited each others worlds for a number of years through audio-visual collaborations spanning record releases, films and sound installations.

      A sense of warmth, openness and curiosity floods through ‘Ash Grey And The Gull Glides On’.A document of forward-thinking artistic union from a pair at the height of their imaginations, perched over the Tay estuary.