Arawak Accadde A....... (2017 Reissue)

Golden Pavilion Records
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  • 1. Accadde A Harlem
  • 2. Accadde A Cuzco
  • 3. Accadde A Bali
  • 4. Accadde A Bahia
  • 5. Accadde A Belfast
  • 6. Accadde A Tutti Noi
  • 7. Accadde A Las Vegas
  • 8. Accadde In Biafra
  • 9. Accadde A Yellow Park
  • 10. Accadde A Lima
  • 11. Accadde Ad Atene
  • 12. Accadde A Boston

Much-needed reissue of this rare 1970 jazz junk Italian library album. Killer breaks that have been sampled by Madlib for the Quasimoto LP!

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