Arp Frique Analog People Digital World

    Colourful World
    • Arp Frique – Spiritual Masseuse feat. Sumy
    • Arp Frique – Omampam feat. Mariseya
    • Arp Frique – Jah Kingdom feat. Mariseya
    • Arp Frique – Digital World feat. Mariseya
    • Arp Frique – Go Now Wetiko feat. Americo Brito & Mariseya
    • Arp Frique – Roi Salomon feat. Mariseya
    • Arp Frique – Duncan Truffle
    • 1. Spiritual Masseuse feat. Sumy
    • 2. Omampam feat. Mariseya
    • 3. Jah Kingdom feat. Mariseya
    • 4. Digital World feat. Mariseya
    • 5. Go Now Wetiko feat. Americo Brito & Mariseya
    • 6. Roi Salomon feat. Mariseya
    • 7. Duncan Truffle

    Arp Frique returns with a new album after a string of releases, leaving the cratediggers and dancefloor tastemakers with underground classics like Nos Magia, Voyage and Nyame Ye. On ''Analog People Digital World' he embraces the digital coldness of Yamaha’s classic DX7 synthesizer to create a refreshing listening experience using only the FM synthesis-based sounds from this machine to find new heat for an analog world, reflecting on the digital revolution we are living through. The album features Ghanaian songstress Mariseya (Omampam, Jah Kingdom, Digital World, Roi Salomon), Cape Verdean OG Americo Brito (Go Now Wetiko) and Surinam funkstar Sumy, who joins the record on the opening track “Spiritual Masseuse”. Arp Frique closes the album with “Duncan Truffle”, a very intense and wobbling instrumental echoing Bootsy and Bernie Worrell on a solo exercise. Expect an analog-digital exploration of lofi funk, highlife, zouk and reggae.