1 October 2017

    Alice Coltrane special!

    Check out these exclusive Alice Coltrane Books, Photographs and more here


    Alice ColtraneLaminated Swamini A. C. Turiyasangitananda Colour Photo
    Laminated 5' x 7" original photograph!
    • Photo£9.99
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    Alice ColtraneTuriya SpeaksDivine Discourses
    Turiya Speaks offers counsel for those seeking to better understand themselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, and their true purpose...
    • Book (150g)£25.00
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    Alice ColtraneMonument EternalThe Vedantic Book Press
    Alice Coltrane wrote this documentary on her spiritual life entitled Monument Eternal, which tells of her spiritual initiation, revelations,...
    • Book (150g)£25.00
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    Alice ColtraneRadha Botofasina (ft. Alice Coltrane) - Songs of the Eternal SoulShaila 2011
    Cosmic, soulful, powerful, hypnotic and really, really good! Harp, organ, heavy percussion, vocals, bass, strings. Featuring Alice Coltrane and includes...
    • Alice Coltrane – Vrindavana Pt. 2
    • CD£18.99
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    Alice ColtraneSwamini A. C. Turiyasangitananda Sepia PhotoInner Path
    5" x 7" Original speia tones photograph!