Put On Your Best Dress Sonia Pottinger Ska & Rock Steady 1966-1967

    Doctor Bird
    • The Conquerors – What A Agony
    • The Valentines – Gun Fever
    • Al & The Vibrators – Move Up
    • Patsy Todd – Pata Pata Rock Steady
    • Leslie Butler – Gay Drums
    • Count Ossie – Nyah Bongo
    • Al & The Vibrators – Musical Pressure
    • Jo Jo Bennett – Living Soul
    • Stranger & Gladdy – We Shall Overcome
    • 1. The Conquerors – What A Agony
    • 2. The Valentines – Gun Fever
    • 3. Al & The Vibrators – Move Up
    • 4. Eric "Monty" Morris – Play It Cool
    • 5. Patsy Todd – Pata Pata Rock Steady
    • 6. The Valentines – All In One
    • 7. Eric "Monty" Morris – Put On Your Best Dress
    • 8. Stranger & Patsy – Tell It To Me
    • 9. The Conquerors – Won’t You Come Home, Girl
    • 10. Stranger & Patsy – Don’t Want To Be Hurt
    • 11. The Harmonizers – Go Back Home
    • 12. The Conquerors – Treat Me Right
    • 13. Stranger & Patsy – Certify My Love
    • 14. Joe Higgs – Sensation Of Love
    • 15. Webber Sisters – Stars Above
    • 16. The Conquerors – Sweet Little Angel
    • 17. Patsy Todd – A Man Is Two-Faced
    • 18. The Harmonizers – Be My Queen
    • 19. Joe Higgs – Don’t Come To My House No More
    • 20. Count Lasher – Ring Ding ’67
    • 21. Stranger & Patsy – Down The Train Line
    • 22. Leslie Butler – Gay Drums
    • 23. The Valentines – Sock It To Me Baby
    • 24. Stranger & Patsy – Your Photograph
    • 25. Count Ossie – Nyah Bongo
    • 26. Al & The Vibrators – Move Up Calypso
    • 27. The Valentines – Stop The Violence
    • 28. Hazel & The Jolly Boys – Stop Them
    • 29. Stranger Cole & Conquerers – Drop The Ratchet
    • 30. Leslie Butler – Winchester Rock Steady
    • 31. Count Lasher – Winnie The Whip
    • 32. Al & The Vibrators – Musical Pressure
    • 33. Stranger & Patsy – Give Me The Right
    • 34. Hazel & The Jolly Boys – Deep Down
    • 35. Stranger & Patsy – Tonight
    • 36. The Fugitives – Seven Heaven
    • 37. Patsy Todd – You Took My Love
    • 38. Stranger Cole & Conquerers – Oh Ye Mahee
    • 39. Aston & Yen – Skilamy
    • 40. Stranger & Gladdy – Mally Sally
    • 41. Joe White – If It Don't Work Out
    • 42. Stranger & Gladdy – One Love
    • 43. The Conquerors – On That Day
    • 44. Stranger & Gladdy – Chances
    • 45. Jo Jo Bennett – Living Soul
    • 46. Stranger & Gladdy – Rudies All Around
    • 47. The Dingles – This Is Thunder
    • 48. Patsy Todd – I Held Your Hand
    • 49. The Conquerors – Listen To Me Baby
    • 50. Stranger & Gladdy – We Shall Overcome
    • 51. Patsy Todd – Give Love A Try
    • 52. The Dingles – Thank De Lord
    • 53. Patsy Todd – Loving Love
    • 54. Rueben Anderson – Christmas Time Again

    Between the summers of 1966 and ’68, the sound of rock steady dominated Jamaica’s musical landscape, and throughout this time few producers proved more successful or influential than the island’s premiere female music maker, Sonia Pottinger.

    In recognition of her achievements, Trojan Records gathered a number of her best-known tracks in the style on “Put On Your Best Dress”, a popular long player released by the company on its Attack subsidiary in 1990.

    Now, almost 30 years later, the LP has been expanded to include the very best of Ms. Pottinger’s output from the early rock steady period, thus creating a superb stand-alone collection of high quality Jamaican sounds, which also perfectly complements the recently issued “ABC Rock Steady” 2CD set.

    Including a multitude of Jamaican hits plus over a dozen tracks new to CD, this superb compilation has been stunningly repackaged with brand new stylish artwork, ensuring it now looks as good as it sounds.

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            • Desmond Dekker – My Reward
            • Desmond Dekker – Little Darling
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