Sun Ra The Night Of The Purple Moon

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      • 1. Sun-Earth Rock
      • 2. The All Of Everything
      • 3. Impromptu Festival
      • 4. Blue Soul
      • 5. Narrative
      • 6. Outside The Time Zone
      • 7. The Night Of The Purple Moon
      • 8. A Bird's Eve-View Of Man's World
      • 9. 21st Century Romance
      • 10. Dance Of The Living Image
      • 11. Love In Outer Space

      Super rare early 70s set Sun Ra with John Gilmore on percussion as well as tenor sax. Includes "Love In Outer Space". Super deep and funky! As featured in 'Freedom, Rhythm and Sound'!

      Other Releases by Sun Ra

      Sun RaMonorails and Satellites - Works For Solo Piano Vol 1, 2 & 3Cosmic Myth
      'Monorails and Satellites Volumes 1 & 2' were the first commercial LPs of Sun Ra's solo keyboard excursions. Recorded in 1966 and released on his Saturn...
      • Sun Ra – Space Towers
      • Sun Ra – Cognition
      • Sun Ra – Skylight
      • Sun Ra – The Alter Destiny
      • Sun Ra – Easy Street
      • Sun Ra – Blue Differentials
      • Sun Ra – Monorails and Satellites
      • Sun Ra – The Galaxy Way
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      Sun RaThe Early Albums Collection 1957-1963Enlightenment
      Contains the classic Chicago albums Jazz, Sound of Joy, Super-Sonic Jazz, Interstellar Low Ways, Jazz in Silhouette, Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra, When...
        Sun RaOf Abstract DreamsStrut
        Another exclusive from the vast catalogue of cosmic jazz pioneer Sun Ra: a previously unreleased radio session most likely recorded at the WXPN FM radio...
        • Sun Ra – Island In The Sun
        • Sun Ra – New Dawn
        • Sun Ra – Unmask The Batman
        • Sun Ra – I’ll Wait For You
        Sun RaSecrets of the SunGrey Scale
        Mystical magical mid-sixties album from cult Saturnian jazz hero Sun Ra! Featuring a classic cast of Arkestra muscians including Marshall Allen, John...
        • Sun Ra – Friendly Galaxy
        • Sun Ra – Solar Differentials
        • Sun Ra – Flight to Mars
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        Sun RaSpaceways (RSD 16)Org Music
        LP - £28.99Record Store Day 2016 Release. Receiving its first ever vinyl release for Record Store Day 2016, 'Spaceways' features live performances by...
          Sun RaJazz By Sun Ra (RSD 16)Poppydisc
          LP - £18.99Record Store Day 2016 Release. Limited edition RSD pressing (500 worldwide) on Neon Yellow Vinyl. 'Jazz By Sun Ra' was the debut album length...
            Sun RaSpace Is The Place (1973)Impulse!
            Totally essential deep astro jazz with the full twenty minute version of the title track! One-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world, wonky space anthem! This...
            • Sun Ra – space is the place
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            Sun RaDiscipline 27-11El Saturn Records
            Released in 1973, the title track is a 24 minute slow groove of Afro-black cosmic consciousness featuring the Space Ethnic Voices of June Tyson and co....
              Sun RaContinuation (1963)El Saturn Records
              Hyper-rare El Saturn LP, recorded in 1963, early in the Arkestra's NY period. Sun Ra (piano, space organ); John Gilmore (tenor sax); Pat Patrick (baritone...
                Sun RaAngels And Demons At Play (1967)Saturn Research
                Seminal deep jazz with 'Tiny Pyramids'. Recorded in Chicago late 50s - a true high point! All-star line-up, essential recording.
                  Sun RaDisco 3000Art Yard
                  Legendary session recorded in Milan in 1978, this quartet recording gives John Gilmore, Michael Ray and Luqman Ali the space to improvise and solo more...
                  • Sun Ra – Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens
                  • LP£15.99
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                  • CD£10.99
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                  Sun RaArt Forms Of Dimensions TomorrowSaturn
                  Released on Saturn in 1965, but recorded four or five years earlier, this is often considered the first of Ra's 'outside' recordings, with a definitive...
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                    Sun RaSun Ra And His Solar Arkestra Visits Planet EarthSaturn
                    Reissue of incredibly rare 1966 album, beautifully done on 180 gram vinyl
                      Sun RaAtlantisEvidence
                      One of the first jazz releases to make prominent use of the clavinet, ATLANTIS (recorded between 1967 and '69) is another hallmark of bold experimentation...

                        Other Releases on Saturn

                        Sun RaArt Forms Of Dimensions TomorrowSaturn
                        Released on Saturn in 1965, but recorded four or five years earlier, this is often considered the first of Ra's 'outside' recordings, with a definitive...
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                          Sun RaSun Ra And His Solar Arkestra Visits Planet EarthSaturn
                          Reissue of incredibly rare 1966 album, beautifully done on 180 gram vinyl

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                              Sun RaAngels And Demons At Play (1967)Saturn Research
                              Seminal deep jazz with 'Tiny Pyramids'. Recorded in Chicago late 50s - a true high point! All-star line-up, essential recording.
                                Herbie HancockThrust (1974)Columbia
                                An essential classic! The heaviest funky jazz ever recorded. Deep, deep, deep. As good as it gets! 180 gram audiophile issue vinyl.
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                                • Herbie Hancock – Palm Grease
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                                Alice ClarkAlice ClarkMainstream
                                The Holy Grail of modern soul!  Share in the secret and find out why this album is so highly regarded! Very highly recommended!
                                • Alice Clark – Don't Wonder WHy
                                • Alice Clark – Never Did I Stop Loving You
                                • Alice Clark – Don't You Care
                                • Alice Clark – Hard Hard Promises
                                • Alice Clark – Hey Girl
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                                Archie SheppAttica BluesImpulse!
                                BACK IN STOCK!Essential, classic album! This is HEAVYWEIGHT deep jazz with soul vocals and a huge horn section. The title track is a speaker...
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                                  Dorothy AshbyThe Rubaiyat Of Dorothy AshbyCadet
                                  Classic album from jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby, originally released in 1970 on the Cadet label, and produced by Richard Evans! Her funkiest album...
                                  • Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger
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                                  John ColtraneA Love Supreme (1964)Impulse!
                                  100% essential deep jazz classic! Searching, yearning, BEAUTIFUL spiritual jazz of the highest order! This is considered by many to be his best album and...
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                                    • New LP (180g)£24.99
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                                    Doug CarnInfant EyesBlack Jazz
                                    MONSTER deep jazz with vocals from Jean Carn. Recommended.
                                    • Doug Carn – Little Bs Poem
                                    • Doug Carn – Acknowledgement
                                    • Reissue LP£12.99
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                                    • CD£11.99
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                                    Sun Ra And His ArkestraSuper-Sonic JazzEl Saturn
                                    Abstract free jazz from Sun Ra featuring John Gilmore and Juilian Priester!!!
                                      • Reissue LP£12.99
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                                      Stevie WonderTalking Book (1972)Motown
                                      Essential album, the first from Stevie's early 70's trilogy, the others being "Innervisions" and "Fulfillingness". Includes "Superstition" and "Maybe Your...
                                      • Stevie Wonder – Tuesday Heartbreak
                                      • Stevie Wonder – Superstition
                                      • Stevie Wonder – Big Brother
                                      • LP + Download Code£23.99
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                                      • Original LP£12.00
                                        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal USA Vinyl.
                                        100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                                      Mo Kolours Mo KoloursOne Handed Music
                                      Mo Kolours' self-titled album debut for One-Handed Music follows a trio of EPs that mixed soul, dub, hip-hop, afro-beat and strung-out house music and...
                                      • Mo Kolours – Brixton House
                                      • Mo Kolours – Little Brown Dog
                                      • Mo Kolours – Curly Girly
                                      • Mo Kolours – Love For You (Humbeat)
                                      • Mo Kolours – Mike Black
                                      • Mo Kolours – Take Us (Darker Side Intro)
                                      • Mo Kolours – Streets Again
                                      • Mo Kolours – Other Day House
                                      • Mo Kolours – Shepherd
                                      • Mo Kolours – Straight Ruk (ft. Jeen Bassa)
                                      • CD£11.99
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                                      The J.B.'sFood For Thought (1972)People
                                      Probably the best J.B's album in the world ! Full of great tracks.Every track on this album is a funk classic - 'Pass the Peas', 'Gimme Some More' 'Hot...
                                        • Reissue LP£12.99
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                                        Zito Righi E Seu ConjuntoAlucinolandiaSuperfly
                                        Beautiful high-quality Japanese reissue of ultra rare original Brazilian Groove holy grail LP featuring Sonia Santos, includes the killer tracks 'Berimbau'...
                                        • Zito Righi E Seu Conjunto – Somos Todos Irmanos
                                        • Zito Righi E Seu Conjunto – Once In A While
                                        • Zito Righi E Seu Conjunto – Berimbau
                                        • New LP (180g)£19.99
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                                        Gary BartzMusic Is My SanctuaryCapitol
                                        Classic jazz funk album produced by the brilliant Mizell brothers! Features "Music Is My Sanctuary" and "Carnival De L'esprit"!
                                          • Reissue LP£13.99
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                                          Gil Scott-Heron & Brian JacksonWinter In AmericaStrata-East
                                          Classic, classic album originally on Strata East and featuring 'The Bottle'. Gil Scott Heron is a legendary soul/jazz/spoken word hero and this is one...
                                            • New LP (180g)£14.99
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                                            Fred Wesley & The New J.B.'sBreakin' Bread (1974)People
                                            Essential JB's album produced by James Brown and full to the brim with funk! 'Breakin Bread', 'Rockin Watergate', 'Little Boy Black' and loads more classic...
                                              • LP (150g) + poster£17.99
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                                              • Reissue LP£11.99
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                                              Black Fire ! New Spirits !Radical and Revolutionary Jazz In The USA 1957 - 1982Soul Jazz Records
                                              Soul Jazz Records’ new release Black Fire! New Spirits! is a deluxe double CD (and limited triple LP) exploring deep, radical and spiritual jazz in the...
                                              • Yusef Lateef – Chang, Chang, Chang
                                              • The Last Poets – It's A Trip
                                              • Don Cherry – Utopia and Visions
                                              • Richard Davis – Dealin'
                                              • Archie Shepp and Jeanne Lee – Blase
                                              • Harold McKinney and The Creative Profile – In The Moog
                                              • Grachan Moncur III and The Jazz Composers Orchestra – Angela's Angel
                                              • Creative Arts Ensemble – Flashback Of Time
                                              • David Lee Jr – Second Line March
                                              • Lloyd McNeill and Marshall Hawkins – The Banjo Lesson
                                              • Tyrone Washington – Universal Spiritual Revolt
                                              • Pheeroan Ak Laff – Tzaddi Vau (Part 1)
                                              • Joe Henderson – Black Narcissus
                                              • Doug Hammond – Spaces and Things
                                              Studio One Rude BoySoul Jazz Records
                                              Rude Boys are synonymous with Jamaican Dancehall culture from the present day going back to the very early days of Sir Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid’s first...
                                              • Jackie Opel – You're Too Bad
                                              • Johnny Osbourne – Murderer
                                              • John Holt – Hooligan
                                              • Keith McCarthy – Everybody Rude Now
                                              • Owen Gray – Ballistic Affair
                                              • Roy Richards – Get Smart
                                              • Dillinger – Stop The War
                                              • Jim Brown – Love In The Dance
                                              • Desmond Baker And The Clarendonians – Rude Boy Gone A Jail
                                              • The Wailers – Good Good Rudie
                                              • Dennis Brown – Make It Easy On Yourself
                                              • Wailing Souls – Don't Fight It
                                              • Dub Specialist – Peace Theme
                                              • Mr Foundation – See Them A Come
                                              • Dudley Sibley – Run Boy Run
                                              • Dennis Brown – Johnny Too Bad
                                              • Bob Andy – Crime Don?t Pay
                                              • Soul Brothers – Mr Kiss A Bang Bang
                                              Minnie RipertonStay In Love (1977)Capitol
                                              'A Romantic Fantasy Set To Love'....features "Young, Willing And Able" and "Can You Feel What I'm Saying"! Original = Original USA Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG...
                                                • Original LP£15.00
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                                                Dom Um RomaoSpirit Of The Times (Espirito du Tempo) (1973)Muse
                                                Incredible album! Legendary Brazilian drummer, and founding member of both Sergio Mendes' group and Weather Report, gets well deep with an allstar line-up...
                                                • Dom Um Romao – Shake (Ginga Gingou)
                                                • Reissue LP£11.99
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                                                Gipsy RhumbaThe Original Rhythm of Gipsy Rhumba in Spain 1965 - 1974Soul Jazz Records
                                                Soul Jazz Records’ new release is the first album ever outside of Spain to seriously focus on the history of Gipsy Rhumba, one of the most interesting...
                                                • Rabbit Rumba – Nuestro Ayer
                                                • El Noi – Labios Morenos
                                                • Los Gitanos Polinais – En El Fondo Del Mar De Lima
                                                • Antonio Gonzalez – Sarandonga
                                                • Peret y Sus Gitanos – La Fiesta No Es Para Feos
                                                • El Gitano Portugues – Fui A Bahia
                                                • Maruja Garrido – Che Camino
                                                • Juncal y Sus Calistros – Tequila
                                                • Moncho y Su Wawanko Gitano – Orisa
                                                • Peret y Sus Gitanos – Voy Voy
                                                • Dolores Vargas – Anana Hip
                                                • Chango – El Guapo
                                                • Ramonet y Sus Rumberos – Bacalao Salao
                                                • Lola Flores y Antonio Gonzalez – Meneito Men
                                                • Dolores Vargas – A-Chi-Li-Pu
                                                • El Noy – El Loco
                                                • El Noi – Si, Compay
                                                • Chacho y Sus Rumbas – El Pan y Los Dientes
                                                • Maruja Garrido – Amaneci En Tus Brazos
                                                • Antonio Gonzalez – Levantate
                                                90 Degrees Of ShadeHot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The CaribbeanSoul Jazz Records
                                                Soul Jazz Records’ new album 90 Degrees of Shade features the music of the Caribbean – Mambo, Calypso, Mento, Merengue, Latin Jazz and much more. The...
                                                • The Eloise Trio – Come To The Caribbean
                                                • Cachao – Trombon Criollo
                                                • Duke Of Iron – Bambouche
                                                • Lucho Azcarraga – Tamboritos Panamenos
                                                • Alfredito – Timbales
                                                • King Scratch – Christmas Time In Nassau
                                                • Guy De Rosier Orchestra – Panono M'Tombe
                                                • Noro Morales Orchestra – Mississippi Mambo
                                                • Peanuts Taylor – Nassau Blues
                                                • Katherine Dunham Ensemble – Nago
                                                • Hubert Porter – Rum and Coconut Water
                                                • The Bay Street Boys – Donkey Wants Water
                                                • Guy Du Rosier Orchestra – Anatole
                                                • Sonny Burke Orchestra – West Indies
                                                • Dioris Valladares – Los Dos Merengues
                                                • Julio Gutierrez – Theme For Conga
                                                • Hubert Porter – Mary's Lamb
                                                • Count Lasha – Perseverance
                                                • Tito Puente – Swingin' Mambo
                                                • The Duke Of Iron – Fifty Cents
                                                • Katherine Dunham Presents The Singing Gods – Maiz
                                                • Fajardo y sus Estrellas – El Aguardiente
                                                • The Eloise Trio – Anna Macao
                                                • Lord Fly – Whai, Whai, Whai
                                                • Gina Martin – Omo Belli
                                                • Billo's Caracas Boys – Bombele
                                                • King Scratch – Liza See Me Hear
                                                • Cortijo – Con La Punta Del Pie Teresa
                                                • The Calypso Steel-O-Rama Band – Java
                                                • Super Ensemble Nemours Jean-Baptiste – Rinmin Ce Folie
                                                • Lord Lebby – Dr. Kinsey Report
                                                • Celia Cruz – Yembe Laroco
                                                Duke Ellington And His OrchestraAnatomy Of A Murder (Soundtrack)An Otto Preminger FilmMusic On Vinyl
                                                Ellington's first film score, urged to undertake it by the film's director Otto Preminger. Ellington was a natural choice to convey the rich and varied...
                                                  • Original LP£12.00
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                                                  • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM)£19.99
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                                                  Al GreenBack Up TrainHot Line Music Journal
                                                  So old that it's actually Al Greene...before he dropped the extra 'e'!
                                                  • Al Green – Back Up Train
                                                  • Al Green – Hot Wire
                                                  • Reissue LP£10.99
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                                                  • CD£6.99
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