Klaus Weiss Open Space Motion (Underscores) (Coloursound)

    Be With Records
      • 1. Wide Open Space Motion
      • 2. Incessant Efforts
      • 3. Pink Sails
      • 4. Relaxed Mood
      • 5. Transiency
      • 6. Driving Sequences
      • 7. Action And Suspense
      • 8. Southern Mentality
      • 9. Hovering
      • 10. Bows
      • 11. Outset
      • 12. Constellation
      • 13. Changing Directions
      • 14. Neural Position
      • 15. Departure For Universe

      "Contemporary synthesizer sounds illustrating wide open space activities, environment and research."

      Panoramic proto-techno underwater-electro library dynamite.

      The bubbling rhythms of "Southern Mentality", at first ominous, give way to a more optimistic vibe as the movement progresses. The lush, gorgeous "Bows" is deep-sea slow-motion magic whilst the bright-eyed "Outset" feels as fresh as the dawn, and no less beautiful. How these tracks haven't been gobbled up by sample-driven producers is beyond us. Equally calming is the sweeping majesty of "Constellation", again conjuring images of being at one with and fully beguiled by the wonders of nature, of space, of underwater worlds. "Changing Directions" is another fidgety, propulsive non-Detroit beatless bomb.

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