Los Afroins A Gozar Salsomanos

    Vampi Soul
      • 1. Nazareno
      • 2. Afroinspiracion
      • 3. Virgen De La Cueva
      • 4. Conga E
      • 5. Cuidate
      • 6. Orgullosa
      • 7. Sabroson
      • 8. Aprietala
      • 9. Guayo Pellizco Y Pata
      • 10. Conciert Para Una Sola Voz

      By 1974, salsa was taking Colombia by storm and so the directors of the INS label decided to create a band that would appeal to salsa fanatics and be able to compete with labels such as Discos Fuentes and Codiscos. Thus was born Los Afroins, an obscure, short-lived combo that would release two LPs and six 45s. Their first album, "A gozar salsomanos", is a sought-after collector's item and contains ten brassy, heavy-duty salsa gems: covers of salsa hits by Ismael Rivera, Los Ahijados, Roberto De La Barrera, Cheo Marquetti and even the smash pop hit by the French modern classical and electronic music composer Saint-Preux!

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