• Dennis Bovell – Sunrise
    • Dennis Bovell – Lovers Rock
    • Dennis Bovell – After Tonight
    • Dennis Bovell – Heaven
    • Dennis Bovell – Keep On Coming
    • Dennis Bovell – Man In Me
    • Dennis Bovell – Ordinary Man
    • Dennis Bovell – Movie
    • Dennis Bovell – Walk Away
    • Dennis Bovell – Picking Up The Pieces
    • Dennis Bovell –  Faded Rose
    • Dennis Bovell – Silly Games
    • 1. Sunrise
    • 2. Lovers Rock
    • 3. After Tonight
    • 4. Heaven
    • 5. Keep On Coming
    • 6. Man In Me
    • 7. Ordinary Man
    • 8. Movie
    • 9. Walk Away
    • 10. Picking Up The Pieces
    • 11. Faded Rose
    • 12. Silly Games

    AKOUSTIK is Dennis Bovell's latest release on OLD SCHOOL only available on vinyl LP or a five song download. It features some of the most popular tunes composed by the British Reggae Pioneer (Matumbi, LKJ, Janet Kay, and many more) This album shows them in a new light. As expected from the producer and engineer, top production and sound quality!"

    There've been many moons since this project commenced. My wish is that it will be enjoyed for many more to come. These songs represent some of my journey through the maze that is composition. I've always wanted to be able to present songs that I have written and co-written in an unplugged style, so when Chris Sheehan acquired a Pro Tools rig I agreed to be his guinea pig and we set out recording me playing acoustic guitar, piano, harmonium and vocals. These songs were finally mixed in One Louder Studios, with Alan Emptage. Thanks to the encouragement of Allen Jacobs....'ave a butchers'" db

    Recommended for fans of Terry Callier, Gil Scott-Heron..