• 1. Welcome To Brexit Britain
      • 2. Meanwhile In Wuhan
      • 3. Astrazeneca
      • 4. Herd Immunity
      • 5. Care Homes Catastrophe
      • 6. Why? Why? Why?
      • 7. Why Are They Not Testing?
      • 8. A Very Different Britain
      • 9. 15,000 Discharged From Care Homes
      • 10. No Morality
      • 11. National Health Service
      • 12. Test! Test! Test!
      • 13. Another Break At Chequers
      • 14. Jobs For The Boys
      • 15. Forget About The Floods
      • 16. Human Too Human
      • 17. Failure Of Leadership

      David Holmes (Out of sight, oceans trilogy, no sudden move, 71 , hunger, killing eve, Marlowe Good vibrations) new soundtrack to Sky limited series ‘This England’ is released via Stranger Than Paradise Records.

      The show is co-written and directed by Michael Winterbottom (A Mighty Heart, The Road to Guantanamo) and stars Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond as Carrie Symonds. The 6-part drama is based on Boris Johnson’s tumultuous first months as Prime Minister and traces the impact on the country of the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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