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    • Son Swagga – Dark Magic
    • Son Swagga – Namnesi
    • Son Swagga – Wayra
    • Son Swagga – Neith
    • Son Swagga – Sage
    • Son Swagga – Nahuel
    • Son Swagga – Golem
    • 1. Dark Magic
    • 2. Namnesi
    • 3. Wayra
    • 4. Neith
    • 5. Sage
    • 6. Nahuel
    • 7. Golem

    Led by the light of imagination, Son Swagga creates a jazzy, musical realm of magic and wonder. The nine-headed kinship tells tales of warring tribes, forces of nature and cosmic sorcery.

    The band draw upon a repertoire of fusion and spiritual jazz to create a sound backed up by a tight rhythm and horn section; Son Swagga fanfares the coming of a new age in jazz music!

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