Dub Judah Best Foot Forward

    Before Zero
    • Dub Judah – Best Foot Forward
    • Kibir La Amlak – Dub Right Up Deh
    • Aba Ariginal, I-Jah Salomon – Joshuas Anthem
    • Kibir La Amlak – Joshua Riddim
    • 1. Dub Judah – Best Foot Forward
    • 2. Kibir La Amlak – Dub Right Up Deh
    • 3. Aba Ariginal, I-Jah Salomon – Joshuas Anthem
    • 4. Kibir La Amlak – Joshua Riddim

    Dub Judah, a paragon of musical excellence, has an extensive career showcasing mastery of multiple instruments and his distinctive vocal style. His prolific output on his 'Dubtech' label, his role as the bass player for the Twinkle Brothers, and his numerous contributions to music underline his exceptional artistry.

    'Best Foot Forward' has been anthemic on the reggae sound system scene for over a decade. It began as a dubplate for Salomon Heritage Sound System on the 'Joshua’s Anthem' riddim, commissioned by Roots Arna from Kibir La Amlak in 2011. As the years passed, it became evident that the dubplate was too impactful to remain just a dub. After several revisions and collaborative efforts between Kibir La Amlak and Salomon Heritage, it evolved beyond its original form into a modern roots reggae classic now ready for public release.

    The reworked track now features contributions from Jah David and Tippy I of Zion I Kings, alongside other notable musicians such as Westfinga, Ashanti Selah, Okiel McIntyre, Zoe Brown, and Greg Jata. Produced, mixed, and arranged by Kibir La Amlak, mastered to tape and cut to vinyl by Lewis Hopkin, it is being released globally as a collaborative effort between Before Zero Records and Salomon Heritage Label.

    The B-side offers a refreshed 'Joshua’s Anthem,' with Aba Ariginal and I-Jah Salomon's solos now complemented by Okiel and Zoe’s horn arrangements, maintaining the track’s anthemic quality.

    Following the vocal track, a dynamic Kibir La Amlak dub mix emerges, infused with syncopated delays and reverberant spring crashes. A straightforward riddim cut follows the horn piece, giving listeners a deep dive into the musical composition and providing sound system selectors with the perfect canvas for vocalists and chanters.

    Other Releases by Dub Judah

    Dub JudahLampa LampaTikur Music
    1st release on Italian label Tikur Music, new vocal roots featuring Dub Judah with wicked dub on the flip.
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