Alessandro Alessandroni Alessandroni Proibito Vol.2 (Music from Red Light Films 1976-1980)

    Four Flies
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Luci Rosa (from “L'Adolescente”)
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Ragazza Di Campagna (from “L'Adolescente”)
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Snake Disco (from “Emanuelle A Tahiti”) [Reprise]
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Tahiti Joint (from “Emanuelle A Tahiti”)
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Miss X (from “Uomo Uomo Uomo”)
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Modeling (from “Uomo Uomo Uomo”)
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Ticket (from “Frittata All’Italiana”) [Versione Sexy]
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Primi Approcci (from “Frittata All’Italiana”) [Versione Sexy]
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Climax (from “Le Pornoschiave Del Vizio”)
    • Alessandro Alessandroni – Racing (from “Le Pornoschiave Del Vizio”)
    • 1. Luci Rosa (from “L'Adolescente”)
    • 2. Ragazza Di Campagna (from “L'Adolescente”)
    • 3. Snake Disco (from “Emanuelle A Tahiti”) [Reprise]
    • 4. Tahiti Joint (from “Emanuelle A Tahiti”)
    • 5. Miss X (from “Uomo Uomo Uomo”)
    • 6. Modeling (from “Uomo Uomo Uomo”)
    • 7. Ticket (from “Frittata All’Italiana”) [Versione Sexy]
    • 8. Primi Approcci (from “Frittata All’Italiana”) [Versione Sexy]
    • 9. Climax (from “Le Pornoschiave Del Vizio”)
    • 10. Racing (from “Le Pornoschiave Del Vizio”)

    **Vol. 2! Ten previously unreleased tracks from the soundtracks of 5 golden era, soft-core erotic films from the legend of Italian library music!**

    Alessandro Alessandroni is no longer remembered simply as 'the whistler' in Morricone's spaghetti western soundtracks – and rightly so, since he was the key figure behind much of Italian 'secret music' from the 60s and 70s, always there in the studio during recording sessions, whether as a multi-instrumentalist or as the leader of session vocal group I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. Today his pervasive presence and important role has been finally recognized by music professionals and enthusiasts alike, so much so that he is now considered the true father of Italian library music – a genre whose sound he shaped since 1968.

    This set features unreleased music from 5 soft-core erotic films ranging from kitsch, jazzy breakbeats and electronic disco-funk!

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