E-Gift Voucher

    We now sell electronic vouchers which can be used across the Sounds of the Universe website, Soul Jazz Records website and the physical Sounds of the Universe record shop in Soho, London.


    Online Purchasing

    Fill in the required details then add the voucher to your cart. Proceed to checkout as with any other purchase.

    We sell them in denominations of £5, £10, £20, £30, £50, £100, £200 or £500.

    Gift vouchers will be emailed to you or the email address you specify, either immediately upon completed payment or you can specify a date.

    You can personalise the gift voucher with your message, and have it emailed to your friend either immediately when purchased, or at a time of your choosing, such as a birthdays, christmas, valentines day, anniversaries etc.


    Gift vouchers purchased on this website (or in-store) can be redeemed on the website as well as in our physical shop in Soho.

    To redeem the voucher on the website, simply order the items you wish to buy as if you were paying normally and then enter the voucher code in the box provided when you get to the basket page

    To redeem the voucher in the physical shop, you can do any of the following: bring a print-out of the email you received; write down the code; or just bring in your phone or computer to access your email.

    If less than the full voucher amount is used, the balance will be updated and can be used at a later point

    To check the balance on your voucher, enter the voucher code on the basket page. You can always remove it should you not want to use it.


    What can I buy with an electronic gift voucher?

    Anything we sell – vinyl (both new and secondhand), cds, downloads, books (both new and secondhand), t-shirts, bags, singles etc. In short you can buy anything we sell across the Sounds of the Universe website, Soul Jazz Records website and the Sounds of the Universe store in Soho, London.

    Is there an Expiry date?


    How do I buy a gift voucher online?

    It’s easy, fill in the basic form above including your name and email address, the recipient’s name and email address and the value of the voucher you would like to purchase for them.

    You can then decide whether to notify them of your gift as soon as you have completed the checkout process or at a pre-determined date of your choosing, say for instance to coincide with their birthday.

    Once you have filled in your own personal message the process is complete and you can add the gift voucher to your cart where it can be bought just like any other item.

    Can I personalise the gift voucher?

    Yes, you can include a personal message with the gift voucher. You can see a preview of your message before you finalise your purchase.

    How do I redeem a gift voucher online?

    It’s easy. Once you’ve found the items you wish to purchase, add them to your crate, create an account by following the on-screen instructions (or alternatively if you’ve already got an account with us just use your existing login).

    Once at the final confirmation screen you will be asked if you have a gift voucher to redeem and, if so, you will be able to enter your unique gift voucher code in the space provided.

    How do I buy a gift voucher in the Sounds of the Universe shop in Soho?

    Easy. Just go into the shop and say ‘Can I buy a gift voucher’ and they will process and print a voucher for you and place it in a gift card. This voucher is redeemable in-store and online.

    How do I redeem an electronic gift voucher in the Sounds of the Universe shop in Soho, London?

    It’s also easy. Simply take in your phone or something you can access your voucher number, or a print out of the voucher, or even just write it on a piece of paper. We will then put the voucher into our system and you can buy what you want. We will let you know if there is any credit remaining which you can use at any later date either instore or online.

    Can I redeem more than one gift voucher online per order?

    No, you can only use one gift voucher code per purchase.

    Can I buy more than one gift voucher?

    Yes, you can buy as many as you like.

    Can I arrange to send a gift voucher on a pre-determined date?

    Yes, you can choose to send the gift voucher immediately on completion of your purchase, or at a pre-determined date of your choosing.

    How long will it take my friend to receive the gift voucher I’ve bought them?

    They will receive your gift voucher on the date of your choosing.

    My friend doesn’t have a Sounds of the Universe/Soul Jazz Records account, can they use the voucher?

    Yes, we can send anyone with an email address a voucher. However, they will need to create an account with Sounds of the Universe/Soul Jazz to redeem it.

    How do I find out what credit is left on my voucher?

    When redeeming your gift voucher at Sounds of the Universe/Soul Jazz Records the checkout process will inform you of the credit available to you, and any credit remaining will be left on the voucher after the purchase has been completed. You can also do this in-store by asking a member of staff to check.

    What happens to the credit left on my voucher if I cancel an order?

    For physical goods, if we haven’t dispatched your order yet we will cancel it and the amount will be automatically credited to your voucher. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders for music downloads.

    What happens if items I have bought using a gift voucher are unavailable?

    The value of any out of stock items will be re-credited to your gift voucher.

    Can I also buy a physical voucher?

    Yes easy, go here and we can put one in the post to yourself or anyone you choose.

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