• 1. what you doin?
  • 2. walk on by
  • 3. merry go round
  • 4. santana part 1
  • 5. the touch of you
  • 6. santana part 2
  • 7. ain't no sunshine
  • 8. cisco fare
  • 9. where is love?

Lost dark soul/funk masterpiece from Hampton, Virginia high school champions of Pepsi’s “New Sounds Of 1972” challenge. The stories of great high school funk bands are, thanks to an abundance of reissues, commonplace. The tales of great high school soul-bands are still rare...Enter the Equatics and this brooding masterpiece.

Tough-to-beat originals & covers of the likes of Isaac Hayes & Bill Withers!

This officially licensed reissue comes in a "Mini LP" 5x5 cardboard sleeve with resealable plastic jacket and contains Egon's extensive liner notes in an 8 page fold out booklet.