• 2×LP USLP34£14.99
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    • Sylvia Striplin – Look Towards The Sky
    • Sylvia Striplin – Toy Box
    • Sylvia Striplin – You Can't Turn Me Away
    • Sylvia Striplin – All Alone
    • Sylvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love
    • Sylvia Striplin – Will We Ever
    • Sylvia Striplin – Searchin'
    • Sylvia Striplin – You Said
    • 1. Look Towards The Sky
    • 2. Toy Box
    • 3. You Can't Turn Me Away
    • 4. All Alone
    • 5. Give Me Your Love
    • 6. Will We Ever
    • 7. Searchin'
    • 8. You Said

    Soul Jazz are issuing this seminal in-demand super-rare boogie-funk-soul album produced by Roy Ayers originally released on his own independent Uno Melodic label in 1981.

    This incredible one-off album produced by Roy Ayers in 1981 features the amazing vocal talents of Sylvia Striplin, one of the featured members of Eighties Ladies, who the year before had released another seminal release (“Ladies of the Eighties”) also produced by Roy Ayers. Striplin was also the vocalist in the classic jazz fusion soul group Aquarian Dream. Sylvia Striplin’s solo album features the two classic singles ‘Give Me Your Love’ and “You Can’t Turn Love Away’. Her only solo album – this has been a serious collectors album ever since it’s original release and is definitely a rare groove holy grail!

    Soul Jazz Records are re-issuing this remastered album in its entirety with original artwork, in Soul Jazz case edition CD. Vinyl is on heavyweight double vinyl and deluxe heavyweight card – even better and louder than the original!

    Other Releases on Universal Sound

    Lloyd McNeill and Marshall HawkinsTanner SuiteUniversal Sound
    Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sound are releasing here the third album from deep jazz flautist and composer Lloyd McNeill (alongside the earlier ‘Asha’...
    • Lloyd McNeill and Marshall Hawkins – Black Expatriate
    • Lloyd McNeill and Marshall Hawkins – Tanner Blue
    • Lloyd McNeill and Marshall Hawkins – Daniel In The Lion's Den
    • Lloyd McNeill and Marshall Hawkins – The Banjo Lesson
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    • CD£11.00
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    Jackie MittooThe Keyboard King At Studio OneUniversal Sound
    As Soul Jazz Records enter into the mighty vaults of Studio One, the most respected label in reggae history, we present you with this showcase of Jackie...
    • Jackie Mittoo – Get Up And Get It
    • Jackie Mittoo – Black Organ
    • Jackie Mittoo – Killer Diller
    • Jackie Mittoo – Totally Together
    • Jackie Mittoo – Hot Tamale
    • Jackie Mittoo – Reggae Rock
    • Jackie Mittoo – Oboe
    • Jackie Mittoo – Juice Box
    • Jackie Mittoo – Summer Breeze
    • Jackie Mittoo – Drum Song
    • Jackie Mittoo – P. Cafe
    • Jackie Mittoo – Henry The Great
    • Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
    • Jackie Mittoo – Wall Street
    • Jackie Mittoo – Darker Shade Of Black
    Gilberto GilLouvacaoUniversal Sound
    NOW ON CD as deluxe Jap-style hard-cased exact repro digitally remastered box edition with Obi-card. also: Superb collectors edition very limited deluxe...
    • Gilberto Gil – Louvacao
    • Gilberto Gil – Beira Mar
    • Gilberto Gil – Lunik 9
    • Gilberto Gil – Ensaio Geral
    • Gilberto Gil – Me Perdoe Maria
    • Gilberto Gil – A Rua
    • Gilberto Gil – Roda
    • Gilberto Gil – Rancho Da Rosa Encarnada
    • Gilberto Gil – Viramundo
    • Gilberto Gil – Mancada
    • Gilberto Gil – Água De Meninos
    • Gilberto Gil – Procissao
    • Gilberto Gil – Minha Senora
    • Gilberto Gil – A Moreninha
    Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom EnsembleSoul Translation: A Spiritual SuiteUniversal Sound
    Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sound are releasing “Soul Translation: A Spiritual Suite" a superb lost USA deep jazz independent private-press album originally...
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Temptation
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – The Word
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Song of Searching
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Spiritual Travelers
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Masters of The Bourchakoun
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Silent Jubilation
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Tenth Door
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Aquarian Voices
    • Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom Ensemble – Soul Release
    Oliver LakeNtu: Point From Which Creation Begins (1971)Universal Sound
    VINYL COMES WITH FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VOUCHER FROM OUR WEBSITE ONLY! Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sound are reissuing jazz composer Oliver Lake's Ntu:...
    • Oliver Lake – Africa
    • Oliver Lake – Tse'lane
    • Oliver Lake – Electric Freedom Colors
    • Oliver Lake – Eriee
    • Oliver Lake – Zip
    Louisa 'Markswoman' MarkBreakoutUniversal Sound
    Louisa Markswoman Mark’s debut album, Breakout, is a landmark in the history of British reggae music, a seminal album that defined the new genre...
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – People In Love
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Moving Target
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – 6 Six Street
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Baby Simone
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Even Though You're Gone
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Funny Guys
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Keep It Like It Is
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Dance And Feel Free
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Reunited
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – He Used To Be My Man
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Natty Go Dey Voluntarily
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Step It Brother Clem
    • Louisa 'Markswoman' Mark – Gone Out
    Carroll ThompsonHopelessly In Love Universal Sound
    Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sounds are issuing this seminal 1981 reggae album from Caroll Thompson.Thirty years on, this long out-of-print album stands...
    • Carroll Thompson – Yesterday
    • Carroll Thompson – I'm So Sorry
    • Carroll Thompson – No, You Don't Know
    • Carroll Thompson – Sing Me A Love Song
    • Carroll Thompson – Mr. Cool
    • Carroll Thompson – Merry-Go-Round
    • Carroll Thompson – Simply In Love
    • Carroll Thompson – When We Are As One
    • Carroll Thompson – What Colour?
    • Carroll Thompson – Hopelessly In Love
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    Voodoo DrumsDrummers Of The Societe Absolument Guinin (Haiti)Universal Sound
    Unique collection containing authentic rhythms of Haitian Voodoo drumming. Recorded in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by Soul Jazz Records, this album features...
    • Voodoo Drums – Yanvalou
    • Voodoo Drums – Africanadou
    • Voodoo Drums – Rongol
    • Voodoo Drums – Zepol
    • Voodoo Drums – Dahome
    • Voodoo Drums – Congo
    • Voodoo Drums – Mai
    • Voodoo Drums – Parigol
    • Voodoo Drums – Contredance
    • Voodoo Drums – Afranchi
    • Voodoo Drums – Juba
    • Voodoo Drums – Petro
    • Voodoo Drums – Kita
    • Voodoo Drums – Boumba
    • Voodoo Drums – Koye
    • Voodoo Drums – Zepol
    • Voodoo Drums – Areyen
    • Voodoo Drums – Mas Karon
    • Voodoo Drums – Ibo
    • 2×LP£17.99
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    • CD£11.00
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    Elis Regina In LondonUniversal Sound
    Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sounds Original Brazil Classics series. Legendary Brazilian vocalist Elis Regina's stunning 1969 landmark London album. An...
    • Elis Regina – Corrida De Jangada
    • Elis Regina – A Time For Love
    • Elis Regina – Se Voce Pensa
    • Elis Regina – Giro
    • Elis Regina – A Volta
    • Elis Regina – Zazueira
    • Elis Regina – Upa Neguinho
    • Elis Regina – Watch What Happens
    • Elis Regina – Wave
    • Elis Regina – How Insensitive
    • Elis Regina – Voce
    • Elis Regina – O Barquinho
    Elis ReginaSamba, Eu Canto Assim !Universal Sound
    Soul Jazz Original Brazil Classics: In 1965, Elis Regina dominated the world of Brazilian music. Riding high on her success, the powerfully-voiced singer...
    • Elis Regina – Reza
    • Elis Regina – Menino Das Laranjas
    • Elis Regina – Por Um Amor Maior
    • Elis Regina – Joao Valentao
    • Elis Regina – Maria Do Maranhao
    • Elis Regina – Resolucao
    • Elis Regina – Sou Sem Paz
    • Elis Regina – Pot - Pourri: Consolacao / Berimbau / Tem Do
    • Elis Regina – Aleluia
    • Elis Regina – Eternidade
    • Elis Regina – Preciso Aprender A Ser So
    • Elis Regina – Ultimo Canto
    Tamba TrioTempoUniversal Sound
    Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sounds Original Brazil Classics series. Following on from our earlier release ‘Avanco’ comes Tempo –...
    • Tamba Trio – Boranda
    • Tamba Trio – Nuvens
    • Tamba Trio – Se Eu Pudesse Voltar
    • Tamba Trio – Barumba
    • Tamba Trio – Pregao
    • Tamba Trio – Danielle
    • Tamba Trio – Berimbau
    • Tamba Trio – O Amor Em Paz
    • Tamba Trio – A Morte De Um Deus De Sal
    • Tamba Trio – Yansa
    • Tamba Trio – Consolacao
    • Tamba Trio – Moto Continuo
    Steve Colson & The Unity TroupeTriumph!Universal Sound
    In the early 1970s pianist and composer Adegoke Steve Colson and vocalist Iqua Colson were both members of The Association for Advancement of Creative...
    • Steve Colson & The Unity Troupe – Lateen
    • Steve Colson & The Unity Troupe – Cidigie - Dicesui
    • Steve Colson & The Unity Troupe – For Paul
    • Steve Colson & The Unity Troupe – Unknown
    • Steve Colson & The Unity Troupe – Temple at Dendera
    • Steve Colson & The Unity Troupe – Triumph of the Outcasts, Coming
    Pheeroan ak LaffHouse of Spirit : MirthUniversal Sound
    American composer and drummer Pheeroan AkLaff's celebrated ‘House of Spirit:Mirth’ features in our recent revolutionary jazz records book (compiled...
    • Pheeroan ak Laff – Ayin of Love
    • Pheeroan ak Laff – Tzaddi Vau
    • Pheeroan ak Laff – Michelle Del
    • Pheeroan ak Laff – Jarawa
    • Pheeroan ak Laff – Freedom
    • Pheeroan ak Laff – 3 in 1
    E.M.A.K.A Synthetic History Of E.M.A.K. 1982 - 88Universal Sound
    Soul Jazz/Universal Sound are releasing this stunning new compilation of underground German electronic experimentalists, E.M.A.K. (‘Elektronische...
    • E.M.A.K. – Alhara
    • E.M.A.K. – Filmmuzik
    • E.M.A.K. – Ohne Titel
    • E.M.A.K. – Biela
    • E.M.A.K. – Gewitterluft
    • E.M.A.K. – Schlammgang
    • E.M.A.K. – Bote Des Herbstes
    • E.M.A.K. – Nupsa Puntsch
    • E.M.A.K. – Wenn Mr. Reagan Es Will
    • E.M.A.K. – Aranea
    • E.M.A.K. – Sein Und Schein
    • E.M.A.K. – Tanz Der Vampire
    • E.M.A.K. – A L'Horizon
    • E.M.A.K. – Traumreise
    Travis BiggsChallengeUniversal Sound
    Following on from their recent New Thing album of Deep Jazz in USA (Sun Ra, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Alice Coltrane, Archie Shepp), Soul Jazz Records are...
    • Travis Biggs – I Wish
    • Travis Biggs – Autumn Jewel
    • Travis Biggs – Fly Like An Eagle
    • Travis Biggs – Ven A. Bailar Conmigo
    • Travis Biggs – Solar Funk
    • Travis Biggs – The Do-Do Walk
    • Travis Biggs – Stone Country
    • Travis Biggs – Tibetan Serenity
    OchoOcho 2Universal Sound
    The second of three albums by Ocho, one of the defining bands of the Latin New York Funk sound. Led by Chico Mendoza, Ocho have been featured heavily in...
    • Ocho – Oye Mi Son Cha Cha Cha
    • Ocho – La Batanga

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    • Eighties Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties
    • Eighties Ladies – Tell Him
    • Eighties Ladies – He Is Mine Forever
    • Eighties Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties (Inst.)
    • Eighties Ladies – I Knew That Love
    • Eighties Ladies – It's Easy To Move
    • Eighties Ladies – Sing Me
    • Eighties Ladies – Turned On To You
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    Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1972-83Soul Jazz Records
    Soul Jazz Records’ new Deutsche Electronische Musik 2 is our second voyage into the world of German electronic music from the 1970s and early 1980s.This...
    • A.R. & Machines – Globus
    • Can – Halleluwah
    • Roedelius – Le Jardin
    • Michael Rother – Karussell
    • Popol Vuh – Der Grosse Krieger
    • Michael Hoenig – Sun and Moon
    • Agitation Free – You Play for Us Today
    • DAF – Co Co Pino
    • Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
    • Amon Duul II – A Morning Excuse
    • Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza – Fata Morgana
    • Broselmaschine – Nossa Bova
    • Eno, Moebius and Roedelius – Base & Apex
    • Gila – In A Sacred Manner
    • Wolfgang Riechmann – Himmelblau
    • A.R. & Machines – Als Hatt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen
    • Gila – Sundance Chant
    • Neu – Isi
    • Pyrolator – Danger Cruising
    • Sergius Golowin – Die Weisse Alm
    • You – Electric Day
    • Niagara – Gibli
    • Popol Vuh – Ja Sie Sollen Gottes Kinder Heissen Agnus Dei
    • Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet
    • Electric Sandwich – China
    • Asmus Tietchens – Zeebrugge
    • Faust – Krautrock
    • 2×LP Record B£23.00
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    • MP3 Release£9.99
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    TV Sound and ImageBritish Television, Film and Library Composers 1956-80Soul Jazz Records
    The 36 track 2CD album comes with 50-page book featuring text, biographies and photography. It also comes in a limited run two volume double-vinyl super-loud...
    • Barry Stoller – Condition Red
    • Pentangle – Light Flight
    • Geoff Love – Three Days Of The Condor
    • The Tony Hatch Sound – Man Alive
    • Richard Denton and Martin Cook – Tomorrow's World
    • Brian Fahey – At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal
    • Bullet – The Contract Man
    • Syd Dale – Man Friday
    • The Laurie Johnson Orchestra – Echo Four Two
    • Keith Papworth – Hard Hitter
    • John Barry – The Persuaders
    • Roy Budd – Getting Nowhere In A Hurry
    • The Simon Park Orchestra – Dawn to Dusk
    • The Marylebone Orchestra – Fiesta Numero Uno
    • Birds 'n' Brass – Sort of Soul
    • Johnny Gregory and his Orchestra – The Avengers
    • Johnny Harris – Fragment of Fear
    • Roy Budd – Get Carter
    • Neil Richardson – Guide Path
    • Brian Bennett – Canvas
    • Wil Malone – Death Line
    • Syd Dale – Huckleberry Fine
    • The Harry Roche Constellation – Spiral
    • The Ivor and Basil Kirchin Band – Jungle Fire Dance
    • The Laurie Johnson Orchestra – The New Avengers Theme
    • James Clarke – Folk Song
    • The Reg Tilsley Orchestra – Strike Rich
    • The Barry Gray Orchestra – Joe 90
    • Keith Mansfield – Soul Thing
    • CCS – Whole Lotta Love
    • Syd Dale – Artful Dodger
    • John Gregory – Jaguar
    • Nick Ingman – Down Home
    • Barbara Moore – Steam Heat
    • Alan Parker – Angels
    • Alan Moorhouse – Face Up
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    PleasureDust Yourself Off (1975)Fantasy
    All time classic rare groove album originally released on Fantasy in 1975 now reissued
    • Pleasure – dust yourself off
    • New LP £10.99
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    Jungle BrothersStraight Out the JungleDemon Records
    C-L-A-S-S-I-C!!!! De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest may have been more commercially successful, but the afro centric, jazz political rap movement...
    • Jungle Brothers – Straight Out the Jungle
    • Jungle Brothers – What's goin' On
    • Jungle Brothers – Black is Black
    • New LP (180g)£20.99
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    Five Points EqualityApplegold
    Red-hot reissue of 1981 epic party jam ‘Equality’ by Five Points.  The only record ever released on Rissa Chrissa Records off-shoot label...
    • Five Points – Equality
    • Five Points – Equality - Part Two (Instrumental)
    • 12"£7.99
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    Soul Jazz Records 'Classic' NAVY BLUET-ShirtSoul Jazz Records
    NEW COLOUR! It's a classic! "Soul Jazz Records" T-shirt - White on Navy Blue!
    Digital UndergroundThe Humpty DanceTommy Boy
    1989 Hip Hop anthems on Tommy Boy! P-Funk sampling 24hr party jam from 2Pac's crew! Check the video, too, for a snapshot of some lucky folk enjoying unattainably...
    • Digital Underground – Radio
    • Reissue 12"£7.99
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    Jose FelicianoA Bag Full Of Soul (1966)RCA Camden
    Wicked latin sounds including the bugalu bomb "If I Really Bug You".
    • Jose Feliciano – If I Really Bug You (Then You Don't Love Me)
    • Original LP£7.99
      Vinyl condition: VGSleeve condition: VG+Original = Original UK vinyl

      100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
      Out of stock
    OsunladeI Don't KnowSoul Jazz Records
    Osunlade’s star continues to rise - Osunlade,ordained priest in the African religion of Ifa, continues to release deep spiritual nu-soul and house...
    • Osunlade – I Don't Know (Original)
    • Osunlade – I Don't Know (Joburg Mix)
    • Osunlade – I Don't Know (Yoruba Soul Mix)
      Toots & The MaytalsDog WarPrince Buster
      A.K.A. "Broadway Jungle" killer ska skinhead tune "come on boys, come on girls jump in de line, rock yu body in time"
      • Toots & The Maytals – Dog War
      • 7"£4.99
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      The Undisputed TruthThe Undisputed TruthGordy
      Fantastic album featuring the classic tracks "Smiling Faces Sometimes" and "Ball of Confusion".
        The 9th CreationBubble GumRiteTrack
        Essential rare groove including the seminal 'Bubble Gum'
          • Reissue LP£11.99
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          • CD£10.99
            Out of stock
          Tony CookThe Rap Feat. The KidsStones Throw
          Funky Drummer Tony Cook brings his sure-fire raw funk to the 7” format, featuring edits of the standout track ‘The Rap’ from his ‘Back...
          • Tony Cook – The Rap feat The Kids
          • Tony Cook – What's On Your Mind
          • 7"£6.99
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          Kev Beadle Presents Private Collection Independent Jazz Sounds From The Seventies And Eighties BBE
          Stirring up memories of Dingwalls, and the WAG club, Kev Beadle delivers a stellar collection of ultra rare funky jazz cuts for BBE. Well known...
          • Peter Giger's Family Of Percussion & Archie Shepp – Here Comes The Family
          • Kamal Abdul Alim – Brotherhood**
          • Johnny Walker – Dipping
          • Irakere – Chekere Son **
          • The Pharaohs – Freedom Road**
          • Roy Porter – Jessica (Instrumental)
          • 1. Peter Giger's Family Of Percussion & Archie Shepp – Here Comes The Family
          • 2. Kamal Abdul Alim – Brotherhood**
          • 3. Johnny Walker – Dipping
          • View full info and tracklisting
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          The Stovall SistersThe Stovall Sisters (1971)Reprise Records
          Originally released in 1970. The sister's sound was gutsy gospel wrapped in a rock music package and should have been a huge seller. Check out 'Yes to...
          • The Stovall Sisters – Hang On In There
          John HoltAli BabaTreasure Isle
          all time rocksteady classic with stealing on the b-side very clean/loud pressings!!
          • John Holt – Stealing
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          The Undisputed TruthLaw of The LandWhitfield Records
          Reissue of the amazing album originally released in 1973. Includes a string of classics such as "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone," "Killing Me Softly With His...
          • The Undisputed Truth – Law of The Land
          • The Undisputed Truth – Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)
          Leo's SunshippWe Need Each Other (1978)Lyons
          All time rare groove classic.
          • Leo's Sunshipp – give me the sunshine (vocal)
          • Reissue LP£12.99
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          YellowmanZunguzung (12")VP Records
          Classic Yellowman ! 2 of Dancehall's biggest anthems on a 12" - original extended disco mixes ! zunguzung / who can make the dance ram
          • Yellowman – Zunguzung
          • 12"£8.99
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          Soul Jazz Records presents Eddie RussFresh Out (1974)Soul Jazz Records
          Soul Jazz Records are re-releasing keyboardist Eddie Russ’s seminal debut deep jazz LP Fresh Out (and the first album ever released on Soul Jazz Records!)...
          • Eddie Russ – The Lope Song
          • Eddie Russ – All But Blind
          • Eddie Russ – Shamading
          • Eddie Russ – Hill Where The Lord Hides
          • Eddie Russ – You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
          • Eddie Russ – Watergate Blues
          D-Train Music (1983)Prelude
          Classic disco. Original vinyl
          • Original 12"£7.99
            Out of stock
          Freedom, Rhythm and Sound (Album)Revolutionary Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement 1963-82Soul Jazz Records
          This album features the work of revolutionary jazz artists who created new radical music infused with the values of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and...
          • Oliver Lake – Africa
          • Stanton Davis' Ghetto/ Mysticism – Space-a-Nova
          • Steve Colson and the Unity Troupe – Lateen
          • Mary Lou Williams – Miss D.D.
          • Joe Henderson – Foregone Conclusion
          • Art Ensemble of Chicago – Old Time Religion
          • Philip Cohran – The African Look
          • Gary Bartz – Drinking Song
          • Pheeroan ak Laff – 3 in 1
          • The Hastings Street Jazz Experience – Yes Lord
          • Gato Barbieri & Dollar Brand – Eighty First Street
          • Ralph Thomas – Big Spliff
          • Archie Shepp – Attica Blues
          • Horace Tapscott – Peyote Song No. III
          • Sun Ra – Nuclear War
          • Joe McPhee and John Snyder – Shadow Sculptures
          • Errol Parker – Street Ends
          • Amina Claudine Myers – 3/4's of 4/4
          • The Pharaohs – Freedom Road
          • Edward Larry Gordon – All Pervading
          • Michael White – The Blessing Song
          • Roy Brooks and the Artistic Truth – Black Survival
          • The Lloyd McNeill Quartet – Dig Where Dat's At
            Bo Kool / Funk Masters (Money) No Love / Love Money (1981)Tania
            Wicked independent reggae disco crossover. Check the flip for the instrumental. RARE
              • Original 12"£15.00
                Out of stock