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  • 1. Endless Caverns
  • 2. Planetwalk
  • 3. Deep Time
  • 4. Nemesis
  • 5. Pangaea Ultima
  • 6. Logotone
  • 7. Aphelion
  • 8. Endless Mountains
  • 9. Worldbuilding

The attitude and ambition of Pangaea Ultima places this work in a similar canon as the mythic territory of Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra or the cosmic imaginations of Michael Stearns’ Planetary Unfolding, and yet it evades both comparisons as easily. There is something mysteriously self-contained, urgent that pervades these assemblages of tracks. Logotone exhibits Moore’s ability to stretch the sensibilities of melodic and chordal phrasing to limits that Schulze or Alan Hawkshaw wouldn’t have gone. The compositions on Pangaea Ultima, like Planetwalk and Nemesis are more tightly coiled even in their constant straining to explode outwards to the stars beyond.

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