Quiet Village Silent Movie

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  • 1. Victoria's Secret
  • 2. Circus Of Horror
  • 3. Free Rider
  • 4. Pacific Rhythm
  • 5. Keep On Rolling
  • 6. Broken Promises
  • 7. Pillow Talk
  • 8. Gold Rush
  • 9. Utopia
  • 10. SInging Sand (CD Only)
  • 11. Can't Be Beat (CD Only)
  • 12. Too High To Move (CD Only)

Finally, it's here at last! One of the most anticipated debut albums of recent times has now been released! Over the last few years some of our favourite records have been the three limited edition 12" singles that Quiet Village released on cult NY label Whatever We Want Records (also home to Godsy AKA Cherrystones, Rub N Tug, and the legendary DJ Harvey's Map of Africa project). These 12"s were only available for sale in a handful of shops worldwide (of which Sounds of the Universe was one!) and always sold out extremely quickly, leaving many customers frustrated at not being able to get their hands on this beautiful music - until now!

This album collects many of the best tracks from the three Whatever We Want 12"s and adds a load of equally brilliant brand new and previously unreleased material and is definitely a very strong contender for album of the year! We don't like to speak too soon, but something pretty impressive would have to come along in the following months to beat this!

Quiet Village make truly beautiful music that ranges from sun-soaked exotica, to deep 4am house-not-house, to languid druggy chuggers, to quirky poppy Balearica and beyond! This is a delight from start to finish and is definitely one of those albums you will play from beginning to end.

Very highly recommended! You need this album!

And if you're left hungry for more, don't forget that Matt from Quiet Village recorded a wicked album for us under his Rekids guise, and that we're currently selling a limited edition mix CD from Joel Quiet Village AKA DJ Zeus - check the links below in the 'related releases' section!