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  • 3. Ceremony
  • 4. Everything's Gone Green
  • 4. Temptation
  • 4. Blue Monday
  • 5. Confusion
  • 6. Thieves Like Us
  • 8. Perfect Kiss
  • 11. Subculture
  • 11. Shellshock
  • 11. State Of The Nation
  • 11. Bizarre Love Triangle
  • 12. True Faith
  • 13. In A Lonely Place
  • 15. Procession
  • 16. Mesh
  • 17. Hurt
  • 18. The Beach
  • 18. Confused Instrumental
  • 19. Lonesome Tonight
  • 20. Murder
  • 21. Thieves Like Us Instrumental
  • 22. Kiss Of Death
  • 23. Shame Of The Nation
  • 24. 1963

Essential compilation of this classic Factory Records band's early singles which includes all their early Martin Hannett produced a and b sides! These are some of the most perfect, moving, cathartic, and magical post punk songs ever recorded, and this album would count as a "must buy" on account of these tracks alone! However, this 2CD compilation also includes all the band's other fantastic early eighties classics, such as the Divine-sampling Blue Monday! I can't recommend this enough! Get clicking and buy one now!

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