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  • 1. To Prove My Love
  • 2. Think Like A Lover
  • 3. Labor of Love
  • 4. Thinking With my Heart
  • 5. Guess Who’s Looking For Love Again
  • 6. The Devil In You
  • 7. Funky Love
  • 8. If Only You Knew
  • 9. Sweet Friction

Quality limited reissue of this classic LP from Californian singer/songwriter, Ned Doheny. Though beloved of the recent Balearic scene with fans including Harvey, Lexx, Moonboots et al, Ned was under-appreciated during his own era with this superlative LP only ever securing a vinyl release in Japan, making it a seriously hard to get hold of album but definitely worth the effort.

Following on from his iconic Hard Candy LP, 1979’s Prone is again bursting with Californian sun-soaked gems showcasing Doheny’s signature laidback funky musical style and relaxed unpolished vocals. From quality soulful groovers such as Think Like A Lover and If You Only Knew through to the sophisticated disco sounds of Sweet Friction and Funky Love, there’s not a filler in sight but the icing on this tasty West Coast cake has got to be DJ’s favourite - the great jazz-funk floor-filler To Prove My Love. An essential album - don’t miss!