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  • 1. Generique
  • 2. L'assassint de Carala
  • 3. Sur L'Autoroute
  • 4. Julien dans L'ascenseur
  • 5. Florence sur les Champs-ELysees
  • 6. Diner au Motel
  • 7. Evasion de Julien
  • 8. Visite du Vigile
  • 9. Au Bar du Petit Bac
  • 10. Chez le Photographe du Motel
  • 11. On Green Dolphin Street
  • 12. Fran-Dance
  • 13. Stella by Starlight
  • 14. Love for Sale
  • 15. In Your Own Sweet Way
  • 16. No Line
  • 17. Vierd Blues

Brilliant, ESSENTIAL jazz album!

This is a reissue of the US edition of the soundtrack to Louie Malle's classic Nouvelle Vague existentialist film noir 'Ascenseur Pour L'echafaud' (released as 'Frantic' in the US) plus bonus tracks!

Recorded in Paris with a French pick-up band in a dark room in front of a projection of the film, the soundtrack was improvised live to the images, and the result is simply spellbinding. Comparable in tone to the haunting, tranquil tracks from his masterpiece 'Kind of Blue' album, this soundtrack is a true classic and easily ranks among the best jazz albums of all time.

Very highly recommended!