Little Ed & The Soundmasters Little Ed & The Soundmasters

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  • 1. Struggling for Survival
  • 2. it's a dream
  • 3. The Ghetto Grind
  • 4. Petite soul
  • 5. Your love had got to me

Chicago's only blues-funk family band with an eight year old drummer (!!?) gets their due in this elaborate 3 x45 box set. Stationed on Chicago's West Side, between 1965-1972, the Fisher brothers worked their novelty act at any club that was willing to bend the city's stiff liquor laws. Three 45s were cut for their homespun Fised and Fished labels, with the third featuring the first known recordings of notorious bluesman Johnny Dollar. Chock full of photos stripped from family photo albums, the 12 page booklet tells the complete Soundmaster story, from their earliest days backing J.B.Hutto to Little Ed's final snare cracks for Southside Movement. Housed in a tipped-on 7" box, the set sets a new standard for funk 45s.