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  • 1. ode to perfume (london live 2009)
  • 2. fragrance (remix 2009)

Never-before-released 1968 recordings from the co-founder of Can Holger Czukay!!

He played bass guitar and performed most of the recording and engineering for the group. After his departure from Can, Czukay recorded several albums. One of his trademarks was the use of shortwave radio sounds and his early pioneering of sampling in those days involving the painstaking cutting and splicing of magnetic tapes. He would tape-record various sounds and snippets from shortwave and incorporate them into his compositions. He also used shortwave as a live, interactive musical instrument (such as on 1991’s Radio Wave Surfer), a method of composition he termed radio painting.

These versions of 'Ode to Perfume' and 'Fragrance' have never been released before, found when Holger was digging through his back catalogue. These are beautiful, slo mo, subtle rhythmic chuggers, Holger has added an ace vocoder effect to the original mastertapes which add to the intensity!

Limtied to 500 copies! Don't sleep!

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