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New live CD mixtape.

Sounds of the Universe/Soul Jazz Records journey into future new music continues with this breath-taking 76 minute live/DJ mix set from Chicago house and techno visionary Hieroglyphic Being aka Jamal Moss.

Hieroglyphic Being helped kick-off our exclusive Art+Sound hand-designed 12"s (now all sold out) last year so it is an honour for us that he also helps launch our new mixtape CD editions  - recorded live in the house at our own Soho-based store Sounds Of The Universe on 27 March 2013. 

Armed with a KORG drum machine, mixer and turntables, Hieroglyphic Being creates a new beat from scratch. This live mixtape CD is EXCLUSIVE to you and only available from Sounds of The Universe/Soul Jazz Records.

This a truly, unbelievably mind-bending live CD mix of ALL unheard and unreleased new material of deep, deep progressive electronic music drawing on the history of Chicago's house past as well as throwing in some of the Hieroglyhic's exclusive disco, punk-punk/new wave edits.

Coming with Jamal's own sub-heading "Glitches, fuck-ups and warts and all mix" - this is radical music - live, raw and heartfelt. 

*Very Limited release - bespoke small -run CD pressing numbered* 

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