Henry Mancini Mancini's Angels & The Theme Scene

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  • 1. charlie's angels
  • 2. evergreen
  • 3. car wash
  • 4. the inspector clouseau theme
  • 5. silver streak
  • 6. what's happening!!
  • 7. the moneychangers
  • 8. gonna fly now
  • 9. many rains ago
  • 10. battlestar galactica
  • 11. the children of sanchez
  • 12. heaven can wait
  • 13. star trek
  • 14. nbc nightly news theme
  • 15. fantasy island
  • 16. the cheap detective
  • 17. three's company
  • 18. the little house
  • 19. once is not enough

Fabtastically discofied, groovy film and tv cuts from the man that is Mancini.

Compiles two albums from the later part of Mancini's more than twenty-year association with the RCA Victor label, and both show that he was more than able to 'get with it' in the funky 1970s. This is borne out in Mancini's Angels (1977), which, of course, is a paraphrase of 'Charlie's Angels', the massively popular US TV show that invited viewers into the glamorous world of a trio of beautiful female private detectives. In 1978 Henry Mancini and his orchestra were back in the studio to record The Theme Scene, another exploration of film and television music. 1978 was also the year disco music took the world by storm, and its influence can be felt in various numbers throughout the album, namely Mancini's superb arrangements of the themes from Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Three's Company and Fantasy Island. Remastered from the original analogue tapes. First time on CD.