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  • 1. Stormy – The Devistator
  • 2. Annete Poindexter and the Pieces of Peace – Mama
  • 3. Dynamite Tints – Package of Love Part 1
  • 4. Nate Evans – Main Squeeze
  • 5. Krystal Generation – Satisfied
  • 6. Velma Perkins – Yes, My Goodness, Yes
  • 7. Renaldo Domino – Not Too Cool To Cry
  • 8. George McGregor and the Bronzettes – Temptation is Hard to Fight
  • 9. Mystiques – So Good To Have You Home Again
  • 10. Sidney Pinchback and Schiller Street Gang – Soul Strokes
  • 11. Pieces of Peace – Pass it On Part One
  • 12. Dynamic Tints and Pieces of Peace – Be My Lady
  • 13. Renaldo Domino – Let Me Come Within
  • 14. Perfections – Which One Am I
  • 15. Harrison & the Majestic Kind – Can You Find Me Love
  • 16. Josephine Taylor – It's Worth a Chance
  • 17. Notations – Lonely People
  • 18. Kaldirons – To Love Someone
  • 19. Radiants – My Sunshine Girl
  • 20. Chuck and Mac – Powerful Love
  • 21. Notations – A New Day
  • 22. Dynamic Tints and Pieces of Peace – Rosemarie
  • 23. Kaldirons – You and Me Baby
  • 24. Elvin Spencer – Lift This Hurt
  • 25. Pefections – Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad
  • 26. Mystiques – Put Out The Fire
  • 27. Johnny Williams – Breaking Point
  • 28. Mist – Life Walked Out
  • 29. Renaldo Domino – Nevermore
  • 30. Nate Evans – Pardon My Innocent Heart
  • 31. Schiller Street Gang – Remind Me
  • 32. Krystal Generation – Is It Meant To Be
  • 33. Annette Poindexter and Pieces of Peace – Wayward Dream
  • 34. Velma Perkins – I'll Always Love You
  • 35. Harrison and the Majestic Kind – Tearing Me Up on the Inside
  • 36. Josephine Taylor – I've Made Up My Mind
  • 37. Jo Annee Garrett – Goin' Man Huntin'
  • 38. Notations – I Can't Stop
  • 39. Renaldo Domino – Two Years Four Days
  • 40. Jimmy Jones – Yesterday's Mistakes

Wicked double CD compilation of rare funk and soul from the Twinight label! Compiled with much love by the great Numero label! This is the Big Dig, the Tutankhamen of R&B: Twinight. After two years of interviews, cold calls, storage spaces, half truths, unknowns, and dead ends, the Numero label finally completed a large piece of Chicago’s secret soul history. Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation takes a look beyond their hit maker Syl Johnson, and instead focuses on the records that never had a shot at the charts. It’s the story of struggling disc jockeys moonlighting as producers, high school talent show winners, major label cast offs, minor label upgrades, girlfriends with decent voices, and master purchases traded for chart position. This comprehensive two CD set includes a complete label history, a bakers dozen of unpublished photos and three unreleased tracks, including two that were only rumored to exist.

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