Born To Be Wild Conceived & Compiled BY Joel Martin And Mo Morris

    Born To Be Wild
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    • Born To Be Wild – sample one
    • Born To Be Wild – sample two
    • Born To Be Wild – sample three
    • Born To Be Wild – sample four
    • 1. sample one
    • 2. sample two
    • 3. sample three
    • 4. sample four

    Americana, country soul and acid-folk from deep within the canyons!


    Born To Be Wild was literally born of 2 like-minded enthusiasts of Americana as an antidote to the fast-paced, digital obsessed, downloadable lifestyle that seems to have sadly become most people’s reality.  Joel Martin (Quiet Village) and Mo Morris (Mountain of One) are well known tastemakers in the world of underground music, having delivered two of the most highly coveted and praised concept albums of the last ten years. Quiet Village’s ‘Silent Movie’ could have been the soundtrack to a lost John Ford movie, a love letter to the long forgotten dream of the original land where powerful spirits still linger in the deserted canyons of the West. Mountain of One’s ‘Institute of Joy’ on the other hand took a more song-based approach to this concept with their own Californian tinged acoustic project, reminiscent of 1970s supergroup ‘Fleetwood Mac’.


    Having been aficionados of all types of roots music, especially the vintage sounds of U.S. folk and country, the duo thought it time to share some of their personal favourites with a wider audience, and so ‘Born To Be Wild’ became their vehicle. The twelve tracks featured on the disc have been carefully selected to transport the listener back to basics. Never retro, simply timeless and ahead of the curve…


    Hand-numbered limited copies.

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    • 1. frankie valli & the four seasons – you're a song (that i can't sing)
    • 2. odyssey – our lives are shaped by what we love
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      • Godsy & Zeus Present – sample two
      • Godsy & Zeus Present – sample three
      • Godsy & Zeus Present – sample four
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