Betty Wright The Platinum Collection

Warner Bros
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  • 1. Clean up woman
  • 2. Girls can't do what the guys do
  • 3. He's bad bad bad
  • 4. Pure Love
  • 5. I'm gettin' tired baby
  • 6. Is it your girl
  • 7. Baby sitter
  • 8. It's hard to stop (doing something when it's good to you)
  • 9. Let me be your lovemaker
  • 10. Secretary
  • 11. I love the way you love
  • 12. I'll love you forever heart and soul
  • 13. All your kissin' sure don't make true lovin'
  • 14. I am woman
  • 15. Sweet wonder
  • 16. We the two of us
  • 17. Gimme back my man
  • 18. If you think you got soul
  • 19. Don't let it end this way
  • 20. Ain't no sunshine

20 of the best from the Queen of Miami funk 'n' soul, covering the early years 1968-73

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