Arthur Russell Calling Out Of Context

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  • 1. The Deer In The Forest Part 1
  • 2. The Platform On The Ocean
  • 3. You And Me Both
  • 4. Calling Out Of Context
  • 5. Arm Around You
  • 6. Thats Us Wild Combination
  • 7. Make1
  • 8. Hop On Down
  • 9. Get Around To It
  • 10. I Like You!
  • 11. You Can Make Me Feel Bad
  • 12. Calling All Kids

Awesome mutant disco album from the New York underground! Arthur Russell is a god like genius and you need his records!

This is an album of previously unreleased music from the mid-eighties which showcases the way Arthur Russell was able to merge his deeply personal singer/song writer-style compostions with his dance music productions, while truly stretching the boundaries of electronic dance music.


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