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    • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Rama Rama
    • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Keshava Murahara
    • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Er Ra
    • Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda – Madhura Manohara Giridhari
    • 1. Rama Rama
    • 2. Keshava Murahara
    • 3. Er Ra
    • 4. Madhura Manohara Giridhari
    • 5. Deva Deva
    • 6. Chandra Shekara
    • 7. Om Shanti
    • 8. Rama Guru
    • 9. Hari Narayana

    Very rare absolutely mind-blowing  'lost' Alice Coltrane album!

    Super-deep, super-spiritual, heavy,  powerful and utterly awesome! 

    Vocals, organ, harp & synthesizer : alice coltrane  (turiyasangitananda)
    Vocal accompaniment & percussion : students of the vedantic center

    Orchestral accompniment.

    After her stunning Impulse albums in the late 60s and early 70s (and her later switch to Warners) Alice Coltrane retreated from secular life altogether in 1983 and founded the Vedantic Center Sai Anantam Ashram hidden deep into the santa monica mountains bordering Los Angeles.

    Most people believed she had retired from music but in fact she had instead simply given up secular music to focus on pure devotion.

    Between 1982 and 1995 she released these 'songs of worship' on cassette-only for her followers.

    These releases are a total revelation for any alice coltrane fan and a missing link of sorts in her musical story and Divine Songs,  is her best devotional record.

    100% essential album!

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    Alice Coltrane - TuriyasangitanandaInfinite ChantsABI

    Heavy, spiritual uplifting music!

    "In this Mandir, you are hearing chanting like no other chanting in the universe. I can say that with all clarity and verification by God that nobody chants like this.....I see what is occurring on the inner-plane, and it is beyond ordinary, human experience." Alice Coltrane- Turiyasangitananda

    All Musical Arrangements, organ and synthesizer by A.C. Turiyasangitananda
    Chanting and percussion by Students of The Vedantic Center
    Male vocal/Singer: John Panduranga

    • – Sita Ram
    • – Om Rama
    • – Rama Guru
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    Alice ColtraneRadha Botofasina (ft. Alice Coltrane) - Songs of the Eternal SoulShaila 2011

    Cosmic, soulful, powerful, hypnotic and really, really good!

    Harp, organ, heavy percussion, vocals, bass, strings.

    Featuring Alice Coltrane and includes with three songs written by Alice Coltrane.

    Cecil McBee on Bass.

    Completed one year after the death of Alice Coltrane, this album is by Radha Botofasina and Surya, disciples/students of Alice Coltrane aka Turiyasangitananda.

    Radha learnt the harp after being inspired by Alice Coltrane ( who features on organ on the very heavy track Vrindavana). The music is like a progression of Alice's Coltrane work moved on with an even deeper spiritualism!


    • – Vrindavana Pt. 2
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    Alice ColtraneMonument EternalThe Vedantic Book Press

    Alice Coltrane wrote this documentary on her spiritual life entitled Monument Eternal, which tells of her spiritual initiation, revelations, and austerities. Privately pressed in 1977, written by Alice (this is different from the later autobiography of the same name).

      • Book (150g)£25.00
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      Charles Cohen A Retrospective Morphine

      **Shipping for the release date of 31st March**

      The very eagerly anticipated double CD from synth genius Charles Cohen, collecting together the vinyl trilogy released on Morphine last year! Beautiful drone/ambient/jazz pieces on this one, exposing further the sonic dexterity of the music of this previously unexplored musical pioneer.

      • – Club Revival Performance
      • – Tubs
      • – UTEP2
      • – Blue Krishna
      • – Sonomama
      • – Group Motion Performance
      • – Sunrise - Women-Men
      • – In Search Of Mysteries
      • – Shopping Cart Lady
      • – Camera Dance
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      A Nicky Siano Film - Love Is The MessageA Night At The Gallery 1977Inspira

      In 2004 Soul Jazz Records released Nicki Siano's (now deleted) Gallery compilation. For any of you who were lucky enough to attend the party Nicki put on at Electrowerkz (14 years ago now!) you may have been lucky enough to have glimpsed a short clip of a film made at Nicki's New York disco/club The Gallery in 1976. What you would have seen is footage of the possibly the best party in the world!

      Well its taken ten years for Nicki Siano to finish this massive film and here it is - featuring interviews with Nicki Siano, Frankie Knuckles (RIP - who started his career at The Gallery blowing up balloons!) and David Mancuso (whose Loft parties ran at the same time in NYC) as well as the real stars - the larger than life beautiful club people who practically lived there.

      This is a massive project and comes with full length 74 minute feature film DVD + Four exclusive interviews (including Frankie Knuckles). These extra interviews do not come with the PAL version - so hurry if u want one!

      Come and join the party!

       ntsc DVD Region Free (All Regions) + CD

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        Tapper ZukieThe Man From BozrahJamaican Recordings

        Essential reissue. CD contains two bonus tracks.

        Tapper Zukie’s ‘Man From Bosrah’ album still stands up today many years after its
        initial release, as only great music seems to do. Tapper was one of the few Jamaican
        artists in the late 1970’s, that crossed over with the emerging punk/New Wave audience.
        Punk poet Patti Smith had practiced her poetry over the rhythms from Tapper Zukie’s
        ‘Man Ah Warrior’ album, before reworking them as songs with her band and her influence carried on through to this album.

        • – A Chapter A Day
        • – Man From Bosrah
        • – Prophecy
        • – What About The Half
        • – Judgement On The Land
        • – Punching Pilot
        • – Ballistic Dread
        • – Rockers
        • – Natty In Love
        • – Ship Sail
        • – Peace & Love (CD Bonus Track)
        • – Liberation Struggle (CD Bonus Track)
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        Black UhuruYouths Of Eglington (12" Extended Mix)Taxi

        One of their best tunes from 1980 with Sly & Robbie at the controls, and destroying all rhythm sections in their wake...Now with percussive dubs on SUPER LOUD 12" PRESSINGS

        • Black Uhuru – Youths Of Eglington 12" Extended Mix
        • – Youths Of Eglington Rock
        • – Youths Of Kingston Dub
        Khidja Mustafa & Abdul (Emotional) Especial

        Romanian duo Khidja return to Emotional Especial with two eastern balearic nuggets plus two excellent remixes from Fairplay and Juju & jordash. 

        "Mustafa" - shuffle percussion, swirling sirens and acid bubbles leading to a perfect horn break. In the hands of Mr Fairplay, the track takes on anthemic qualities. "Abdul" finds Khidja in a more calming mood reminiscent of Art of Noise, though the kick and bass ensure there is plenty of rhythmic emphasis, whilst the Juju & Jordash remix edges towards a Balearic digidub vibe.

        • – Mustafa
        • – Mustafa" (Timothy J Fairplay remix)
        • – Abdul
        • – Abdul" (Juju & Jordash remix)
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        Steve ReichKronos Quartet / Pat Metheny : Different Trains / Electric CounterpointElektra Nonesuch

        The two works on this disc are essential listening for anyone with even the slightest interest in Steve Reich. For those who don't know the composer, there are perhaps easier places to start - the Music for Mallet Instruments, Octet, Music for 18 Musicians, for instance. If you do know Reich - then this CD is a must - beautiful!

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          Husker DuCandy Apple Grey (RSD14)Rhino

          Record Store Day 2014 title. Coloured Vinyl limited to 500 copies. 

          Husker Du laid the groundwork for the 1990s alternative-rock boom when it became one of the first DIY-era American indie bands to land a major-label deal. The Minnesota-based power trio's influential sound expanded the parameters of punk by incorporating hummable pop melodies and introspective lyrics into a thick hardcore foundation. (Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll) Reissue of Husker Du's 1986 5th studio album and major label debut. 'Candy Apple Grey' also marks the completion of the band's transition from hardcore punk to a more well-rounded alternative rock style. Bob Mould and Grant Hart individually wrote tracks on the album. While the band's earlier, more frenetic style is still evident, 'Candy Apple Grey' also features more introverted, toned-down material, including a relatively large amount of acoustic guitar.

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            Clendon TobleroneIt Is WithinCos_Mos

            Clendon Toblerone, someone you will most likely be familiar with even if you don’t know it just yet, is responsible for the first single proper on the mysterious COS_MOS label. All three tracks are fully formed visions of a mystic house universe miles away from here.

            Title track ‘It Is Within’ has paddy kick drums down low and a pained, smeared synth line up top as tumbling toms and filtered voices fill in the spaces left behind. ‘Mystics Of Thaquitz’ is more insular and subdued, with soupy, syrupy synthesised sounds swirling round slowly and capturing you in their midst, whilst final track ‘Desert Soul’ is a lively, shiny track with manic space crafts circling, analogue percussion jamming away and plenty of gauzy textures to get lost in. This is sensory stimulating house of the highest order.

            • – It Is Within
            • – Mystics of Thaquitz
            • – Desert Soul
            House Of Doors The Dolphin Hotel Affair Vol.1 (Repress)Mood Hut

            Sleek dubby deep house from the ultra consistent Mood Hut stable. The fifth one from the label, Canadian artist Layne Brown AKA House Of Doors. 'Filter Feelings' is a slice of hypnotic music that is firmly locked in the groove. 'Moesha' keeps things deep and minimal with a percussive workout whilst 'Frakincence' extends the theme but takes the EP into tribal territory. Storming stuff!

            • – Filter Feelings
            • – Moesha
            • – Frakincence
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