Well Hung Funk Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary - Volume 1

Finders Keepers
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  • 1. Anna Adamis & Gabor Presser – Ringasd el magad no.2
  • 2. Omega Redstar – Egy lany nem ment haza
  • 3. Metro – A penz
  • 4. Hungaria – Vagellomas
  • 5. Kati Kovacs – Add mar uram azesot
  • 6. Corvina – A tuz
  • 7. Neoton – Nora
  • 8. Tamas Somlo & Omega – Azt mondta az anyukam
  • 9. Meteor & Demjen Ferenc – Kivanj te is nekem szep, jo ejszakat
  • 10. Illes – A bolond lany
  • 11. Omega – Kergeskezu favagok
  • 12. Sarolta Zalatnay – Hadd mondjam el
  • 13. Locomotiv GT – Kergeskezu favagok
  • 14. Nemenyi Bela and Atlantis – Kinai fal
  • 15. Katie Kovacs and Gemini – Nem biztos semmi
  • 16. Piramis – Mondj egy meset
  • 17. Skorpio – Szevasz haver
  • 18. Omega – Felbeszakadt koncert
  • 19. Illes – Nekem oly mindegy
  • 20. Bergendy – Hetkoznapi balladak

Another Classic Finders Keepers Comp. Well Hung is a great collection of funky rock tunes from 70's Hungary. Featuring all the greats like Skorpio, Omega, Bergendy and of course Sarolta Zalatnay. Super tunes with a good helping of tuff drums through out! also features dense liner notes for your digestion. Highly Recommended.

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