The Sun Ra Arkestra Thunder Of The Gods (Coloured Vinyl Edition)

    Modern Harmonic
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    • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Calling Planet Earth - We'll Wait For You (Stereo)
    • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Moonshots Across The Sky (mono)
    • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Thunder Of The Gods (mono)
    • 1. Calling Planet Earth - We'll Wait For You (Stereo)
    • 2. Moonshots Across The Sky (mono)
    • 3. Thunder Of The Gods (mono)

    **Limited, coloured vinyl edition!**

    A new Sun Ra LP touches ground in the earthly bins, 50 years after its creation!

    Sun Ra and the Arkestra weren’t a traditional studio band, and every star in the vast galaxy of their discography reflects this. The origins of these records can be hard to pinpoint at times, but when it comes to Thunder Of The Gods, it’s a bit easier. “Calling Planet Earth – We’ll Wait For You” was discovered on tapes from Ra’s, Universe In Blue, believed to be recorded in ’71. The raucous title track and “Moonshots Across the Sky” are unearthed from the ’66 Strange Strings sessions.

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